14 Concrete Signs a Guy Likes You at Work

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The workplace can be pretty stressful for individuals for different reasons. Perhaps you have an assignment due the next day, and you’re still stuck midway, or you don’t like the people around you. However, certain factors can make your office a much better place for you.

Having colleagues who are more like your family, seniors who guide you, and a non-toxic boss are some of those factors that make work a pleasurable experience. Another element that can surely make your work life interesting is if you have the possibility of a romantic experience.

Yes, we agree that office romances can be slightly tricky, but if handled cautiously, they can truly be a blessing.

Do you have a colleague who is constantly around to help you out in sticky situations? Or who sticks up for you, no matter what? Have you been wondering whether he’s doing so just because he’s a nice and friendly person or perhaps because he has romantic feelings for you?

Well, it can indeed get confusing to categorize these feelings and decipher whether they have a different intention or are purely coincidental. Hence, we’re here to help you out by discussing the subtle, interesting, as well as straightforward signs a guy likes you at work.

Are you interested in learning about them to find out if your coworker can be a potential partner? If yes, then keep reading.

Unmistakable Signs a Guy Likes You at Work

There’s a feeling every girl gets when she believes a guy likes her. Call it a woman’s instinct, if you will. However, determining the same in a workplace setting isn’t an easy task.

Take a look at these unmistakable signs to give you all the proof you need that a guy at work, likes you:

1. He Keeps Bumping Into You Quite Often

He Keeps Bumping Into You Quite Often

Do you often bump into him multiple times during the day? Do you keep seeing him everywhere, no matter where you go? Well, it might seem like a coincidence at first, which is how we would want to portray it. Still, chances are that he has memorized your schedule and times his appearances accordingly.

You could be wondering to yourself how is it that he needs to get a printout at the same time as you? Or how come he goes for a coffee run just when you’re craving caffeine? The truth is that he observes you closely and tries to be around you as much as possible.

Have you ever found him trying to be friends with the colleagues you’re close to? That’s another hint that he has feelings for you. This is why you’re most likely to find him walking past your desk now and then, even if it’s just to catch a glimpse of you or exchange a pleasant smile.

2. He Sneaks Glances at You

We can never get enough of someone when we like them, pushing us to find ways to look at their beautiful face just to feel happy and content. If a male coworker is attracted to you, he’s bound to do the same thing.

Whether your cubicles are located close by or far away from each other, he will somehow come up with ways to sneak glances at you. This could mean coming up to your desk to ask for a pen, approaching you to discuss a project, or even meeting you at the cafeteria.

If you look up and find him looking at you already, trust us when we say that the man has fallen deeply for you. His eyes might also wander to your lips and the rest of your face as you talk to him, making you realize how much he adores you.

3. He Always Helps You Out

He Always Helps You Out

Helping someone out in times of need is basic good behavior and an indication of a kind heart. However, it takes on a more beautiful meaning when we dream of someone romantically. In a workplace, this could translate to a man helping you in strenuous situations.

No matter the problem, he always shows up and is more than willing to lend a helping hand. It could mean helping you complete a project or solving issues with a coworker. He will also stand up for you and speak about you gracefully in the presence of other people.

If you hear yourself being mentioned positively by him, it’s an excellent sign for you to take the next step and perhaps ask him out.

4. He Asks About Your Day

How many times have you felt that someone isn’t sincere when they ask you about your day? It’s quite rare to find a person who is genuinely interested to hear what you have to say, isn’t it?

So, if your coworker listens intently when you describe your daily activities to him, it’s a sign he likes you.

Regardless of whether you’re talking about your dinner, how stressful the drive to work was, or how your dog got sick last evening, he will hold on to every word of yours and respond accordingly, letting you know that you have all his attention.

He won’t just want to know about what you did at work but will also enquire about how everything is at home, how your family is doing, and so on. The guy will make you feel cherished and seen, which is a fabulous feeling.

5. He Remembers Details About You

He Remembers Details About You

Has a male coworker ever brought your favorite cupcakes to work for you? Has he listened to a song and exclaimed how he knows you love it? Has he memorized your coffee order without you repeating it to him?

You know what all these signs point to, don’t you? Yes, it’s a clear fact that this guy is very much into you because he remembers all the minute details about you, no matter how long ago you discussed them with him.

He will remember your fondest childhood memories, the movies you used to love as a teenager, or even who your best friend was in middle school. It’s utterly endearing to know that someone likes you so much that they remember even the seemingly mundane details about you.

If you like him, you will reciprocate by remembering his favorites, habits, and memories.

Don’t we all wish to have someone in the office with whom we can have personal discussions and work-related debates? Someone who can not only give us advice regarding an assignment but also hear us out when we’re going through a difficult time.

Now, what if that person was someone who also liked us romantically? Wouldn’t that be just perfect? We all hope for a partner who takes an interest in whatever we have to say and initiates discussions that lead to healthy and enlightening conversations.

If you have a male colleague who you believe has feelings for you. If you witness him displaying all these traits, it confirms that he likes you more than a colleague and wishes to have you in his life as a partner.

Even if you think it’s professional to stick to work discussions, he will seamlessly drive the conversation toward topics that are a mix of lighthearted and crucial. Everything will seem easier when he is around, even when you talk about emotional or challenging subjects.

7. He Flirts With You

He Flirts With You

Let’s come to a not-so-subtle sign that a guy at work likes you: He keeps flirting with you. Hear us out: If a man is willing to flirt with you even amidst a work ambiance – albeit tastefully – it’s a direct declaration of his feelings for you.

You will find him cracking jokes around you 90% of the time. Making someone fall for you through humor is one of the oldest tricks in the book, after all. He will playfully annoy you and then do cute little things to make it up to you.

He will comment on how gorgeous you look, how a particular color suits you the best, and tease you consistently. You might also find him trying to be near you physically while also ensuring you’re comfortable while he does so.

Take these instances as a sure-shot sign that he truly likes you.

8. He Compliments You

Who doesn’t love compliments, right? While they’re great to hear from pretty much anyone, they sound sweeter when it comes from someone who might secretly like you.

If a male colleague is interested in you, he will compliment you throughout the day. It could be about the attire you’re wearing, your performance during a presentation, or how you generally are.

When a man is in awe of you, he can’t help but adore every little move of yours, and compliments are a brilliant sign that this man hopes you will realize how much he likes you.

9. He Admires You And Respects You

He Admires You And Respects You

Many elements are needed to make a relationship work. Similarly, several of them are imperative to transform a friendship into a romantic bond. Some of them include respect, mutual admiration, and kindness.

If you find the perfect blend of these qualities in a man at your workplace, just remember to say thank you to the lords above because you’ve surely hit the jackpot.

A man who likes you will admire every little thing about you, be it your professional competence, your victories, or anything to do with your personality. He’ll tell you that he loves how courageous you and how compassionate you are and make you believe that you deserve the world.

This is because he genuinely admires you and is in awe of you, making him respect you more. He will hold the door open for you, especially when you’re carrying files of work or more than one cup of coffee.

He will pull the chair for you and be respectful in his mannerisms and language. Doesn’t all of this sound like a dream come true? We bet it does.

10. He Often Gets Jealous When Other Men Talk to You

When we like someone or have a crush on them, it’s pretty annoying and upsetting to see them being close to someone else. It’s worse when you find others hitting on them. Jealousy is a sentiment that is just unavoidable, and it’s a clear indicator that a guy at work likes you.

Has it happened with you that every time a male coworker approaches you – be it for work or something personal – this guy behaves slightly weirdly? Does he actively avoid the conversation about whom you like or would like?

Do you know why that is? It’s because it makes him sad and uncomfortable, and he doesn’t want to imagine you being with someone else. You may have noticed him excusing himself from situations where you discuss your previous relationships or potential partners.

After all, none of us would like our crush to have a soft corner for someone who isn’t us. He might try to hide it, but jealousy shows itself in more ways than one, letting you know that a man in your workplace likes you more than just a friend.

11. He Gets Teased About You by Others in the Office

Remember those days in your childhood or college when the boy who liked you would get teased by his friends about you? And how would they all smile at you and be extra nice just because their friend wanted you?

Well, guess what? Times haven’t changed because people somehow behave in pretty much the same manner when they know someone likes another person in their close circle. It’s the same case when a guy likes you at work.

Have you ever noticed how the colleagues he is close to tease him in a friendly way every time you walk by or are around? Do they talk him up in front of you or leave you two alone so you can chat?

These are some clear signs that the man is pretty smitten with you and discusses you with other people. You have to admit that it’s really cute to discover that someone talks about you fondly with those who are close to him.

12. He Gives You Company at Lunch

He Gives You Company at Lunch

Sharing a meal with someone is mostly a very intimate experience. Although it may not feel that way in an office setting, if a guy at work is constantly keeping you company during your lunch hour, just know that he’s really into you.

Do you find yourself having lunch with him in the office daily? Does he sit with you as you finish your meal even though he is done with his lunch? Does he request you to grab a bite outside the office?

If yes, then he’s a keeper, and he wants you to see how much he likes your company.

Asking you out for seemingly friendly lunch dates is a big sign that your coworker is interested in you and is looking for excuses to spend time with you outside of work. If you feel that time just flies by while chatting with him over a meal, do give this relationship a go.

13. He Sits Beside You in Meetings

Office meetings can often be a little intimidating, especially if they take place in a tense environment or when you know that your boss is upset about something.

However, they become much easier to handle with a friendly face around, and what do you think happens when a guy who likes you knows you’re worried about a meeting? Oh yes, he comes and sits next to you to help you relax.

Does this happen to you as well? Is there a guy at work, who you believe has a crush on you, and who always ensures to sit next to you during a work meeting? Whether it’s to help you as a colleague or just to play the role of a support system, it’s a strong sign that he cares about you and wishes to ease your nerves.

If that isn’t sweet, we don’t know what is.

14. He Has a Different Tone and Body Language Around You

People who like you will always use a softer, gentler tone with you, and the same holds for a male coworker who likes you romantically.

You might find him being strict and more serious with others in the workplace, but the minute you show up, his face relaxes, and he breaks into a smile. He doesn’t speak to you in the same manner he interacts with the other people in the office.

He’s funny around you, and you can notice him being himself in your presence. Along with his tone, see his body language when you’re both together. Is his body aligned with yours? Are his feet pointed towards you? Is he looking directly at your face while you speak?

If the answer to all these questions is a big yes, then just know that your male coworker really likes you.

Benefits of Dating a Guy at Work

One might wonder if dating a guy from work is a good idea. However, new studies have revealed that inter-office bonds are more beneficial than you might believe. Here are some advantages of dating a guy from your workplace:

1. Increases Loyalty

If your partner is at the same workplace, it pushes you to work harder to remain in the same office.

Once you have informed the respective people in human resources and received the respect you deserve from them as a couple. It is bound to make you more loyal to the company. This encourages you to do whatever you can to stay employed by them.

2. Boosts Productivity

When you’re in a happy relationship, it automatically makes your heart and minds healthier, causing you to become more productive. The more energetic we are, the more work we’re likely to get done, making us better employees.

The bonus point is that if your boss notices how hard you and your better half have been working, they are more likely to reward you professionally.

3. Reduces Distractions

We often tend to take some breaks in the middle of a workday to speak to our beloved over the phone or exchange some text messages with them. However, if you date a coworker, they will be around you all the time, allowing you both to have lunch together along with work-related discussions.

As a result, you will be much less distracted and can focus on your work better, knowing that your partner is nearby if you ever need them.

4. Provides Insider Knowledge

Have you thought of the great inside scoop you will be exposed to if you date a colleague? It will help you tremendously in bettering your rapport with your seniors and learning about various projects and clients before most people in your office.

5. Get Instant Help

There are often times when we face hurdles at work. It could be in the form of a presentation that we can’t seem to finish or an awkward encounter we’re hoping to avoid.

Having your romantic partner at work means you can get instant help from them and get out of such difficult circumstances much more easily.


Navigating romantic feelings in the workplace can be a risky affair. Still, it becomes much easier when you’re 100% sure that the coworker who has been friendly with you all along is the same guy who likes you romantically.

If you’ve been looking for signs to make a move, then the ones listed in the article are surely an indication that someone is interested in you as a romantic partner.

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