11 Signs He Will Come Back: Clues That He’s Ready to Rekindle Your Connection

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Have you parted ways with your boyfriend recently?

Breakups are, no doubt, painful. But once you get over it, a new chapter of your life unfolds. You meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy your life.

When it comes to breaking up, there can be many reasons behind it. It may be serious, such as toxicity, cheating, breaking of trust, incompatibility, and no respect in the relationship. Or it may be something not-so-serious such as misunderstandings, family issues, anger, or hurtful comments against each other.

When you break up due to serious issues, the chances of getting back together are dim. In such cases, you feel happy that you have gotten rid of that person. But when you break up for a trivial reason, there is a high chance of getting back together.

What if you still have romantic feelings for your ex-boyfriend and want him back into your life? How will you know if he’s still interested in you?

No, you don’t have to scratch your head in confusion. Our article will help you know the signs that may indicate your ex-boyfriend will return to your life.

Read on.

Definite Signs He Will Come Back

When you are in a relationship, you spend months and years together. You care for each other, love each other, and experience many beautiful moments together.

All these memories don’t go away right after you break up with your boyfriend. It takes time. And during this time, you may realize your or your ex’s mistake and long to be together again.

But that doesn’t mean your ex-boyfriend must feel that way too.

Maybe he has moved on, is no longer interested in you, and is seeing someone else.

So, how will you know if he has the same feeling as you?

Look for the following signs!

1. Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Talks With Your Family

Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Talks With Your Family

When you are in a relationship with a guy for a long time, it is natural for both of you to introduce your significant other to your family. And it is from then that you stay in touch with their family as well.

But things change when you break up.

You break your connection with your partner and his family, as you are no longer together.

But does your ex still talk with your family members? Does he still call your brother and talk like he used to?

It means he hasn’t gotten over you, dear. He calls your family members to know how you are doing. It means he cares for you and believes you will be together again soon.

2. He Blocked And Then Un-Blocked You on Social Media

Social media is a tricky thing, you know.

Had your ex-boyfriend blocked you on all social platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, right after your breakup? But has he unblocked you lately, now that a couple of weeks have passed after your breakup?

When you break up with your partner, no matter the reason, you tend to stay away from that person in every way possible. You don’t want to see him, talk to him, or want to mention his name.

And as we all know, social media is a place where we all connect and communicate. Blocking each other is one of the first things most couples who have broken up do.

But if your ex has unblocked you again, it means he still has feelings for you now that his anger or mental pain has gone away.

It suggests he is ready to come back into your life.

3. He Has Not Given Back Your Things

He Has Not Given Back Your Things

When you are in a relationship, you use each other’s things. For example, you might have been using your ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt, which has become your favorite t-shirt, or you might be using his hoodie.

Well, if you ask me, I never buy T-shirts for myself, as I love wearing those of my husband! I don’t know what it’s, but whenever he buys something for himself, I’m always the first to use it.

It’s absolutely normal, especially if you have been in a long-term relationship.

But when you break up, you tend to return all those belongings to your partner, as you don’t want to stay with something that may remind you of your past relationship.

However, if your ex-boyfriend has not returned the things that belong to you, it may mean he still misses you. And there’s a high chance he will return to your life.

4. He Has Not Started Seeing Anyone Else

This is a tricky one. You have to be very careful before jumping to any conclusion.

It’s not easy to forget everything in a moment when you break up with the love of your life after spending a long time together. It takes time to get over a relationship. And that phase is very painful.

So, if your ex-boyfriend has not started seeing anyone else even months after your breakup, it could mean two things.

One is that he’s still not able to forget you. He misses you and regrets breaking up with you. And he wishes to be with you again.

And the other reason can be that he is taking his time to forget you completely and start afresh.

Now, you must find the real reason before taking the next step.

5. You Broke Up Because Of Misunderstandings

You Broke Up Because Of Misunderstandings

There can be plenty of reasons behind a breakup. Now, why did you break up? Was it something serious such as your ex-boyfriend cheating on you, lying to you, or becoming toxic?

If your answer is “yes,” then the chances are you and your ex are never going to be back again.

But if the reason behind your breakup is simple misunderstandings, then there’s a fair chance that your ex will want a second chance.

It’s because when the misunderstandings go away, you both will feel love for each other again and want to be together.

6. He Talks About You to His Friends

Friends play an important role in romantic relationships. When you are with your partner for a long time, your partner’s friends become your friends, and your friends become his.

You hang out together and become so close to each other that even after your breakup with your partner, you remain friends with his friends.

Is this your story too?

 Have his friends told you how he opened up to them about you and your breakup? Have those friends told you that your ex still misses you?

If your answer is “yes,” the chances are that your ex-boyfriend wants to come into your life again.

7. He Wishes You on All Your Important Dates

He Wishes You on All Your Important Dates

Some dates in our lives hold a special place in our hearts, such as birthdays and anniversaries. And when we are in a relationship, we celebrate those dates with our partner.

He wishes you, plans surprises, and showers you with gifts.

But things don’t stay the same when you break up with your partner. That’s when all these dates lose value in both of your lives.

Now, do your ex-boyfriend still remembers all those dates? Does he still wish you on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or your birthday? Does he text you some special message on your anniversary?

It means he’s cherishing the time he has spent with you. He still remembers you and wants to be back in your life.

8. He Always Finds a Way to Make You Remember Him

So, you have broken up with your boyfriend and are now single.

But has it ever happened to you that you are trying hard to forget your ex, and then, one day, he does something that you are forced to remember him?

Well, this is something most guys do after a breakup when they want to get the girl back in their life. Yes, I have seen this happening with one of my friends.

And if this happens to you, too, know that it’s one of those clear signs he will return to your life.

9. He Has Positive Feelings About You

He Has Positive Feelings About You

When you are in a relationship, you love and respect your partner. You both held each other in a positive light.

Things change after your breakup. Depending on the reason for your breakup, you start losing respect for your ex, you have only negative things to say about each other, and you don’t love each other anymore.

But does your ex-boyfriend still respects you? Is he telling only positive things about you to his closest friends?

If the answer is yes, it means he has thought about what has gone wrong and realized you were not guilty. He now understands his mistakes and is ready to be in your life again.

10. He Is Curious About You

You are now separated from your boyfriend and trying to be happy in life. You have made new friends, are going places, and taking life as it comes.

But recently you discovered that your ex-boyfriend has been enquiring about you from your friends. He wants to know how you have been and if you are seeing someone else.

His curiosity about you says it all. It suggests that he’s still interested in you. He misses the time he has spent with you. And he wants to be back in your life if you give him the chance.

11. He Talks About The Time He Has Spent with You

He Talks About The Time He Has Spent with You

So, you and your ex are still on talking terms. You guys text and call each other occasionally. But when you do, your ex-boyfriend never fails to bring up things from the past that you have done together.

He may talk about the time when you had a fever, and he took care of you the entire time, or when you both got drenched in the rain for the first time together.

Many people still talk to their exes after breaking up. And they do that because of their respect for their past relationship.

But suppose your ex-boyfriend is being nostalgic about the time you have spent together and reminds you about it from time to time. In that case, there is a strong possibility that he’s still not gotten over you. He misses those wonderful moments you had together and wants to relive them.


Breakups are hard. And forgetting the person you have spent so many special moments with is harder.

If you didn’t break up for a serious reason, the chances are that you will rekindle your connection. The signs that your ex will return will help you understand what your ex wants – has your ex moved on, or is your ex still interested in you?

Do you want me to add more signs?

 Tell me in the comments!

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