50 Ways Kids Can be Kind

When parenting, we sometimes view kids as just, well, kids, but childhood is a pathway to adulthood. It’s often a desire to prepare our kids for the future, the sometimes tough and unfriendly world we have encountered. We want to protect them from unhappiness and pain. Instead we should be looking to raise our kids with how we desire their future — a kinder place and it starts with our kids.

Incorporate kindness with these 50 easy ways kids can be kind everyday:

  1. Simple act of saying please and thank you
  2. Point out when someone’s shoe is untied or their backpack zipper is open
  3. Greet your neighbours when you see them
  4. Say hello to a classmate you don’t normally talk to
  5. Donate to your classroom library, books that you no longer read but are in good condition
  6. Support brands that are supportive. We love Kind Snacks for this reason for their social impact and economical sustainability. #kindawesome
  7. Print off a fun puzzle for a friend to do when they are home sick
  8. Invite a schoolmate sitting on their own to join in your game
  9. Say something nice about someone, just because
  10. Write a small note of thanks for someone who has done you a favour
  11. Wash the dishes or take out the garbage at home without being asked
  12. Let your brother or sister choose the TV show to watch with the family on Friday night
  13. Draw a cheery chalk drawing on the sidewalk
  14. Speak up for someone that others aren’t being kind to at school
  15. Read a story to someone who has read a story to you
  16. Write a note to a distant relative and send it in the mail
  17. Keep a journal and write a happy thought in it every night before bed
  18. Bake cookies for your teacher
  19. Wave at kids driving by on a school bus
  20. Donate toys you no longer use to a local shelter
  21. Thank your teacher for being patient teaching the class today
  22. Smile at everyone
  23. Pick up some additional food items when grocery shopping and donate to the food bank
  24. Sit next to someone you don’t normally eat lunch with
  25. Tell your sister/brother that you love her/him
  26. Count to 10 in your head to avoid yelling at someone when you get angry
  27. Ask mom/dad how her/his day went
  28. Pick-up litter you find outside, around your house
  29. Make an easy bird feeder to welcome birds in your yard
  30. Forgive someone who did something you didn’t like
  31. Hold the door for someone
  32. Share a riddle with someone to cheer them up
  33. Leave the mail carrier or courier a thank you note
  34. Carry an extra granola bar or Kind Snack with you to give to a homeless person you pass
  35. Clean your room without being asked
  36. Use kind words when speaking to others
  37. Leave colouring books and crayons in your Dr’s waiting area for other kids to use
  38. Volunteer at your local Humane Society to spend time socializing with the animals waiting for their new forever home
  39. Send postcards or letters to veterans thanking them for their service
  40. Give positive feedback in class when someone is making a presentation
  41. Donate to the local hospital, family-friendly DVD movies or TV shows you don’t watch anymore
  42. Rack leaves or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor
  43. Leave kindness rocks in the park or playground
  44. Start a compliment jar or positive memory jar for your family
  45. Make a meditation chain for your daily positive thoughts
  46. Start a Little Free Library outside of your house
  47. Bring school supplies with you on your next family vacation as part of the Pack for Purpose initiative
  48. Encourage your school to acknowledge those who are kind through simple award certificates or school announcements
  49. Get out of bed on a school day when your parents wake you, without complaining
  50. Give those people you care about a hug, right now.

The act of being kind is simple and has such a positive ripple effect. Your kids can actively impact their future by encouraging kindness.

If you happen to see an act of kindness don’t forget to send that person #kindaweseome card, a great initiative to encourage others to pass it on. How do you encourage your kids to be kind?

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  1. Jessica Lee May 7, 2017 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    I think the act of saying thank you goes further than many people can thins

    • Carrie Anne May 12, 2017 at 8:12 pm - Reply

      Agreed Jessica and it’s such an easy thing to do.

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