50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

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I remember when I first became a parent I was asked, “What do you hope for the most for your child?”

The answer was simple… “I want him to be kind and good.”

15 years, and 5 kids later I still want my kids to be kind and good. 

Teaching our kids to be kind is becoming increasingly more difficult as the years pass. The world changes, kids change, and it seems it is harder to teach our kids to be kind. 

We now not only have to teach them to be kind in person but also on the Internet. How do we teach our kids to be kind?

50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

Teaching Kids to Be Kind

Teaching kids to be kind is not always easy, but there are some easy steps we can take to help them to learn to be a little kinder.

Lead By Example

50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

The first thing we can do is lead by example and be kind to others. 

When we are out and about smile at others,  say hello, hold the door open for people, say please and thank you. 

As we modeling kindness our kids will naturally want to be kind just like us. 

Limit Teasing

50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

Teasing always seems like such a harmless thing to do, but we must be careful when teasing. While families may love to tease each other, sometimes we need to be careful because some kids don’t understand it.

If your child cries or leaves the room when you tease them, then they may be feeling degraded or unsure of themselves. Teach kindness by being kind to each other and find other ways to have fun and be playful with one another, without teasing.

Teach Kids to Help One Another

50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

To encourage kid kindness it is important to teach them to help one another, even with the smallest acts of kindness. These simple acts go a long way.

Explain to your child why you held the door open for someone else or why you helped someone with their groceries at the grocery store.

Explain that you were being kind by being helpful and explain why it is good to give even when you may not receive a thank you in return.

These random acts of kindness may be just what your child needs to see so they can emulate that behavior and be kind to others they meet.

Encourage Kindness

50 Ways For Kids To Be Kind

The last thing we can do is to encourage kindness through random acts of kindness activities. We have compiled 50 kindness activities for kids to help them practice being kind to others.

50 Ways for Kids to Be Kind

We are sharing 50 ways for kids to be kind that are easy to do and come naturally after a little while.

  1. The simple act of saying please and thank you.
  2. Point out when someone’s shoe is untied, or their backpack zipper is open.
  3. Greet your neighbors when you see them.
  4. Say hello to a classmate you don’t normally talk to
  5. Donate to your classroom library, books that you no longer read but are in good condition.
  6. Support brands that are supportive. We love Kind Snacks for this reason for their social impact and economic sustainability. #kindawesome.
  7. Print off a fun puzzle for a friend to do when they are home sick from school.
  8. Invite a schoolmate to sit on their own to join in your game.
  9. Say something nice about someone, just because.
  10. Write a small note of thanks for someone who has done you a favor.
  11. Wash the dishes or take out the garbage at home without being asked.
  12. Let your brother or sister choose the TV show to watch with the family on Friday night.
  13. Draw a picture with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk that will brighten other people’s day.
  14. Speak up for someone that others aren’t being kind to at school.
  15. Read a story to someone who has read a story to you.
  16. Write a note to a distant relative and send it in the mail.
  17. Keep a journal and write a happy thought in it every night before bed.
  18. Bake cookies for your teacher.
  19. Wave at kids driving by on a school bus.
  20. Donate toys you no longer use to a local shelter.
  21. Thank your teacher for being patient teaching the class today.
  22. Smile at everyone.
  23. Pick up some additional food items when grocery shopping and donate to the food bank.
  24. Sit next to someone you don’t normally eat lunch with.
  25. Tell your sister/brother that you love her/him.
  26. Count to 10 in your head to avoid yelling at someone when you get angry.
  27. Ask mom/dad how her/his day went.
  28. Pick-up litter you find outside, around your house.
  29. Make an easy bird feeder to welcome birds in your yard.
  30. Forgive someone who did something you didn’t like.
  31. Hold the door for someone.
  32. Share a riddle with a fellow kid (or adult!) to cheer them up.
  33. Leave the mail carrier a thank you note.
  34. Carry an extra granola bar or Kind Snack with you to give to a homeless person you pass.
  35. Clean your room without being asked.
  36. Use kind words when speaking to others.
  37. Leave coloring books and crayons in your doctor’s waiting area for other kids to use.
  38. Volunteer at your local Humane Society to spend time socializing with the animals waiting for their new forever home.
  39. Send postcards or letters to veterans thanking them for their service.
  40. Give positive feedback in class when someone is making a presentation.
  41. Donate to the local hospital, family-friendly DVD movies or TV shows you don’t watch anymore.
  42. Rake leaves or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor.
  43. Leave kindness rocks in the park or playground.
  44. Start a compliment jar or positive memory jar for your family.
  45. Make a meditation chain for your daily positive thoughts.
  46. Start a Little Free Library outside of your house.
  47. Bring school supplies with you on your next family vacation as part of the Pack for Purpose initiative.
  48. Encourage your school to acknowledge those who are kind through simple award certificates or school announcements.
  49. Get out of bed on a school day when your parents wake you, without complaining.
  50. Give those people you care about a hug, right now.

These 50 ways for kids to be kind are so easy to do! I love teaching kids to be kind is simple and has such a positive ripple effect. Your kids can actively impact their future by encouraging kindness.

As we continue teaching kids to be kind we are making the world a better place. One random act of kindness at a time!

If you happen to see an act of kindness, don’t forget to send them a #kindaweseome card, a great initiative to encourage others to pass it on. What are some other ways for kids to be kind? Share ways you are teaching kids to be kind in the comments!

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Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that I can teach my kids to be kind just by incorporating it in my ways by simply smiling at other people, saying hello, please, and thank you, and other small gestures that say kindness all throughout. My husband and I have finally decided that it’s time to start my child’s formal schooling next year, and although I know we’ll eventually arrive at this point, I’m still worried about how my daughter will act around other kids once she’s left at school. I’ll try doing these tips you have mentioned before deciding through these charter enrollment packages I am seeing online.

  2. nice points covered. Some parents ignore these facts which makes their kid angry. In my daily routine i am trying to apply these things on my 5 years old daughter.

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