Riddle Me T Puzzle

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In case you haven’t figured it out from our riddle post (we share 120 riddle and brain teasers to try as a family), we love a good riddle. Brain teasers can also take the form of a puzzle too and recently I had fun stumping my family with this T Time puzzle.

The task itself seems simple enough, especially when there are only four pieces involved with completing the puzzle. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the hardest. I speak from experience because when first presented with the puzzle that’s exactly what went through my mind. I tried all sorts of different configurations with these four pieces to no avail.

Riddle Me T Puzzle

Then I realized I was applying preconceived notions around how the pieces should go together. I knew the shape I need to create, the bends and angles that had to occur, so I played with the pieces that way. It wasn’t until I convinced myself to toss these notions away that the solution came to me.

I don’t mean to sound cryptic in this post. I don’t know how else to provide some guidance in solving the puzzle without giving the solution away.

This type of puzzle I had to manipulate with my hands to solve and having the little wooden pieces helped. Seeing as you don’t have the physical puzzle pieces to help you, I’ve created them on paper. You can download and print this image, cut out the pieces and challenge your family.

Printable puzzle pieces

Along with showing some of the configurations we went through to try and solve the puzzle, the video below does give you the solution. Don’t give up too soon. Try a few options, get different family members to give it a go before you watch the video.

Who knows, maybe you’ll solve it without the provided solution. Let me know what you thought about this puzzle in the comments below and I’ll try to find other ones like this to share.

Sharing is Caring!

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