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Family Game Time: Suspend

Lately I’ve been spending more time playing video games. Did you see our Nintendo game preview video? But board games are really fun too and I’ve got another great game for the family. It’s called Suspend and it is a balance game. It’s not one of those games made of plastic, looking like something that will break after one game. The rods are metal with rubber covering the ends.

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Family Game Time Road Trip 3DS Nintendo

Family Game Time: Nintendo 3DS on the Road


On long road trips your kids will probably ask to use technology. Earlier I shared a few multiplayer apps perfect for playing in the backseat with siblings but as I mentioned in our Disney World road trip video I love to bring my Nintendo 3DS in the car. You can play both 3DS and earlier version games plus you can purchase digital games in the e-shop.

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Family Game Time – Monopoly 5 Ways

My last post was about app games you can play with a brother or sister. After I was done I declared that I was going to do my next post on board games. A game that most families enjoy playing together is………………. Monopoly! If you’ve never played it before it’s basically a game where you buy properties and collect money from other game players in the form of rent. There are many different versions of monopoly and these are 5 of my favourite to play with my family.

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Family Game Time: 6 Multiplayer Game Apps

I have a lot of games on my iPad that I love playing but most of them are single player only. Sometimes I like to play these games with other people but not all apps can provide this type of experience. I found some multiplayer games that can be played on one device (so two people can play on one iPad) and these 6 are some of my current favourites. Some are free and some cost money but all of them are worth the download.

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