Family Game Time: Telestrations and Wonky

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Sometimes you want to play a game with the family but maybe you’re bored with traditional board games. Wonky and Telestrations are two great family games that are a little different and everyone will enjoy having a laugh.

Telestrations is like mix of Pictionary and that party game, Broken Telephone. ‌There’s no board to set-up and no long list of rules to learn. You have a deck of play cards, the “drawing board” and a dry erase marker. Once you determine who will start, that person picks a card from the play deck and chooses an item to draw based on the number on the dice. There is an easy and a hard side but we always stuck with the easy side.


The starter draws the item and then passes it to the next person who has to write down their guess. The board is then passed to the next person who draws the previous person’s guess. Draw. Write. Draw. Write. The board moves around the circle to the last person and they you find out how wrong (or right) you were. One time when we played the word NACHOES ended up as ROAD KILL when it went around the circle.


Don’t worry if you can’t draw. It just means funnier pictures. There is no winner in this game which means countless arguments can be avoided.

Wonky is a little like Jenga except instead of taking away blocks in the tower, you add them. You may think that sounds easy but the blocks make things a little trickier with their three straight sides and three curved sides, plus there are three different sizes.


Cards in your hand determine which size and colour of block to add to the tower. You want to get rid of all of your cards OR be the person to add the last tower block. Even with just nine blocks in the game we have never been able to make a full tower. You can turn the tables on your opponents by switching the order or by making them pick up extra cards. There’s no real skill needed, except a steady hand, so the whole family can play. It may be a little competitive but you will have lots of fun.


Both Telestrations and Wonky would be my family game night pick on those evenings when we don’t have a lot of time. These games don’t take long to set-up, there aren’t a whole bunch of rules to learn and game play is pretty quick. What I love most about these games is how everyone in my family ends up laughing and having fun.

Here’s a video on how the two games are played:

Game On,


Sharing is Caring!