8 Reasons to Own Super Mario Maker

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If you’re looking for a great video game for the family, Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker should be on your list and I share 8 reasons why:

Two Games in One. Super Mario Maker is a platform game you’ll love playing but that’s only half of what you get. This game also invites you to get creative and build your own levels. So you get to play and make all in one game.

Family Friendly. Nintendo’s Super Mario games are great for families because there’s no blood and battles. You can loose a life but your character just flashes off the screen and respawns.

A Little Nostalgia. Some people think video games are just for kids but Nintendo Super Mario as a character is probably a game parents played when they were younger. This might encourage parents to try some gaming with the kids.

Get Creative. The “make” portion of the games encourages players to come up with their own levels. You can start from scratch or build off of levels you earn in “play” mode. Something that is cool about the 10 Mario challenge is that after you play a level it saves it to the course bot. Plus you earn added features to add to your level, like sound effects, the more you play.

Community. I love playing the Nintendo levels in the 10 Mario Challenge but it’s also great to play some of the community levels in the 100 Mario Challenge. You can find new game creators you like and see how people use the game platform to do some interesting things. One community creator game used the tools to make music in the game. I like the fact that you can leave comments on the levels other people create that I find cool.

amiibo. Unique to Nintendo is the amiibo characters and Super Mario Maker lets you use your characters to add to your level. Tap the characters you own and you can add different character costumes as Mystery Mushroom items. That means those who play your level can enjoy this bonus without having the amiibo.

Encourages Exploration. Nintendo is great at rewarding game players by exploring. You can see this in the “make” mode of the game as you earn bonus material the more you play around and explore the tools. In the “play” mode you can also find hidden treasures if you just move your character around.

Extended Play. Sometimes you get a game and you play all the levels and then that’s it. The “make” mode as well as the community created levels extends the playability of this game far beyond just the standard levels. There’s always something new to try.

I shared a video highlighting some of these fun features families will love about Super Mario Maker as well as giving you a peek at the levels.

So as you can see Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker is more than just a video game and it should definitely be part of your family game library.

Nintendo Canada compensated me to write about their newest game but all opinions and experiences are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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