Family Game Time: Kirby Planet Robobot

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I have worked with Nintendo Canada before but I still get excited when invited to their game release events. Most recently I was invited to the release of the new Kirby game, Kirby Planet Robobot, at the Ontario Science Centre. I was excited.

You could get your photo taken with Kirby but the big thing was being able to play the game. I didn’t play too much because I wanted to be surprised when I played the game at home.


It’s one of my most recent favourite games and here’s why:

Scrolling Platform Game Play: This game like other Kirby games is a side scroll adventure but what makes the games unique is that there are two layers. You explore the front part of the screen but then portals take you to the back part of the screen. It’s really cool. You’ll also find six levels/stages in each world (four normal levels, one boss battle, and one secret level — but I don’t want to spoil the surprises).



Robot Amour: With the stickers you earn in the levels you can customize your robot. Plus the robot armour can absorb any character Kirby can and use that character’s abilities.

Multiple Saves and Mini Games: In the main story line you can have multiple saves. This means you don’t have to worry about your sister continuing your game; she can play her own. There are also two mini games that can be played by yourself or you can play with a friend. These games are separate from the story mode that takes you through the full game. These are great if you are just looking for a quick game too.


Local Multi Player, One Cartridge: Kirby Planet Robobot uses the Nintendo’s ability to play local multi player games. The two included mini games can be played with another 3DS XL player using your game cartridge. Your friend doesn’t need to own the game in order to play.


Taking amiibo Abilities: When playing a level Kirby can absorb amiibo abilities when you scan them into your game. Along with these amiibos that are designed for Kirby Planet Robobot, my sister and I tried scanning other amiibos from our collection into the game, like Bowser and the stone ability. All these copy abilities also exist in the game but scanning amiibos means you can use that ability now instead of waiting to find a character to copy it from.

Collect All the Stickers: A lot of games have a trophy section, things you discover and collect when playing, In this game the trophies are stickers. You find stickers throughout the levels to expand your collection. Some stickers are obvious but some rare stickers you have to look for hidden areas.


Puzzles Play: Kirby Planet Robobot isn’t just about getting from A to B while avoiding being attached. Sometimes there are puzzles you need to complete in order to move on.


Kirby Planet Robobot is a great addition to my Nintendo 3DS collection. Like many Nintendo games, this one also encourages you to explore the game world in order to find rare stickers, hidden rooms and characters with abilities to copy. What part of this game do you like most?

Game On,


Sharing is Caring!