Family Game Time: Nintendo 3DS on the Road

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On long road trips your kids will probably ask to use technology. Earlier I shared a few multiplayer apps perfect for playing in the backseat with siblings but as I mentioned in our Disney World road trip video I love to bring my Nintendo 3DS in the car. You can play both 3DS and earlier version games plus you can purchase digital games in the e-shop.

I don’t want to fill my bag with too many things so I’m only bringing a few games and these are my picks for the road:

Mario Kart 7. Most of you will know this but for the people who don’t this game is about racing cars with your favourite Mario characters. It’s not a new game but it’s perfect for the car. The car moment can make you feel like you’re racing the game in real life.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

. In this game you play as Kirby, a small pink figure, trying to save the king. I think this game is good for a road trip because you are exploring new areas sort of like you are on a road trip. Finding bonus items always has me replaying levels so the game seems to last a long time.

Little Batters Experience (LBX).

This is a really new game that’s just been made available in Canada. I like this game because of the build your own robot concept. You then battle other robots to win more pieces to upgrade your robot. This game also has a great storyline. I’ve just started playing and it’s hard to put down.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

. I do not have this forth game but if I did I would be bringing it. I like the idea of ghost hunting, like the movie Ghostbusters. You get to explore different levels inside different haunted mansions.

You can play older versions of games on the Nintendo 3DS but the games I’ve included above are based on the 3DS version. That means you can switch the game to use the 3D feature. This is really cool and makes you feel like you’re in the game but I can only use it this way for a short period of time. If I play 3D it can hurt my eyes after awhile but it’s worth it for short periods of fun.

amily Game Time Nintendo DS Games Road Trip

I love my Nintendo 3DS because of the fun you can have even without digital or cartridge games:

  • Built-In Camera. Taking photos Is one of the aspects that you have on the 3DS whether you are taking selfies or photos of scenery on your road trip.
  • AR Cards. Using the AR (augmented reality) cards that come with the 3DS gives you a few mini games to play, brining items on the card into your space.
  • Face Raiders. This is a great game to play when your brother or sister is driving you crazy. Simply take a photo of someone’s face and the program builds a game around it where you shoot that face.
  • Art and Sound. Drawing on your photos can be fun and it is cool to see what you come up with. You can also record sounds and play around with them too. Yes, there is a headphone jack.

Family Game Time Nintendo 3S Face Raiders

Too bad Animal Crossing: Home Designer doesn’t come out until September 25, 2015 since this looks good too. I know Verity (Junior Style Blogger) can’t wait to get her hands on this.

Bringing my Nintendo 3DS on a road trip means less fighting with my siblings and I won’t be bugging my mom about being bored. Along with cartridge games and downloadable digital games plus all of the extra elements on the 3DS turns a long road trip into a short fun one.

Nintendo Canada compensated me to write about their newest game but all opinions and experiences are my own.

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Sharing is Caring!