50 Ice-Cream Jokes for the Upcoming Summer

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If you’re looking forward to summer, there’s likely another event you’re anticipating! Yes, that favorite tasty, frosty treat that complements a hot day so well – ice-cream! 

Before the season arrives, though, let’s crack some worthy ice-cream jokes! Let see if these funny, occasionally dad-joke worthy, and downright punny jokes float your ice-cream boat!

Cracking Summer Ice-Cream Jokes

Why are pigs the worst to share ice-cream with?

They’re always hoggin’ daaz ice-cream!

What did the choc-mint ice-cream say to the chocolate sauce?

We’re mint to be together!

Why do ice-creams always get invited to all the best parties?

They’re so cool!

What type of ice-cream is a spider’s favorite?

Eyes scream!

Why were the other flavors of ice-creams jealous of the mint ice-cream?

He was minted!

Where do little ice-creams go to learn at the weekend?

Sundae school!

Why did the ice-cream cone lose the tennis match?

He was a soft serve!

What kind of weather is common in the land of ice-creams?

Clouds, sprinkles, and pours!

Why did the ice-cream cone get sick?

He spent too much time in the freezer!

Why did no one want to be friends with the popsicle?

He was a little frosty!

Who’s the most famous ice-cream football team?

Icelona FC!

Why does the ice-cream always get out of trouble?

He is so sweet!

Where does chocolate ice-cream come from?

Brown cows!

What does no one want to eat and smells fishy?

A sardine ice-cream!

Who’s the most relaxed ice-cream flavor of them all?

Matcha green tea!

How do ice-creams get to work?

The ice-cream van!

Why was the ice-cream nauseous?

He was churning!

What do you get when you cross an ice-cream, a dog, and a cow?

A milk-shake!

Why was the ice-cream kicked out of the party?

He was rum and raisin’ hell!

Why did no one take pistachio ice-cream seriously?

He was nutty!

Which ice-cream flavor is always on the move?


Why do ice-creams make great writers?

They’ve always got the inside scoop!

What happened to the popsicle when he saw his crush?

He melted!

Why was the ice-cream so successful?

He thought anything was popsicle!

What do you say to an ice-cream who just got promoted?


Why do people like ice-cream whether it’s in a carton, a cone, or a cup?

You can’t help but love ice-cream un-cone-ditionally!

What did the ice-cream cone say to the ice-cream scoop?

You’re legendairy!

Which ice-cream flavor is always celebrating?

Birthday cake!

What do you get when you cross teacher’s pets with ice-cream cones?

Teacher’s flavorites!

What hit song is a favorite amongst all the frozen treats?

Life is but a cream!

Why did Mr. Ice-Cream scold his students?

He couldn’t cone-done their unruly behavior!

How many flavors of ice-cream are there?

As many as you can cream of!

Why does the little boy always buy vanilla ice-cream?

It is his flavorite!

Why was the ice-cream cone misunderstood?

She was always waffling!

Why was the ice-cream so nosy?

She wanted to know the whole scoop!

Which shapes are an ice-cream’s favorite?

A cone and a sphere!

Why did the ice-cream bend down?

To tie his shoe-lace – it had cone undone!

Why did the kid cross the road?

There was an ice-cream van on the other side!

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

I scream!

I scream, who?

I scream for ice-cream!

Why do chocolate and mint ice-cream go so well?

Some flavors are just mint to be together!

Which is the most difficult flavor of ice-cream to eat?

Rocky road!

Why was the choc-dipped cone so popular with the ladies?

He was rich, mysterious, and a hard one to crack!

How do ice-cream flavors get promoted?

By selling out!

Why was the ice-cream always sad?

He was blue-berry flavored!

What do chickens and ice-cream have in common?


What type of ice-cream is the worst?

One that falls on the floor!

Which dance do ice-creams prefer?

The Creamarena!

Why was the popsicle rude?

He was stuck up!

Why do ice-creams make the worst hosts?

He was always giving everyone the cold shoulder!

Why did no one laugh at the frozen yogurts jokes?

They were a little cheesy!


Few things bring a smile to kids’ and adults’ faces and as much joy to summertime as ice-cream does. Hopefully, these funny (sometimes punny) ice-cream jokes were just as sweet!

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