14 Great Multiplication Games for Kids

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Through playing games, math can be fun for your kids instead of feeling like a chore. Finding fun and exciting multiplication games for kids to play is a great way to help your kids keep their math skills sharp. If they aren’t quite ready for multiplication there are many other cool math games they will love as well.  

Math is a skill that your child will use every day of their life. As your child has fun learning math through games they will become faster and more confident in math.

Multiplication Games for Kids

Multiplication Games for Kids

Multiplication War

Multiplication is like the real card game with a math spin. Start with a deck of cards. Each player then flips two cards and multiplies the two cards together. The kid with the highest product gets to keep the cards. The kid with the most cards once the deck has been used wins. Having a winner can help motivate your kids to play this multiplication game!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Multiply

Instead of doing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot have two kids playing against each other. Have each kid put up any amount of fingers they want and they duel each other to see who can multiply the number of fingers they both have up the fastest. The one who calls out the product the fastest gets a point.   

Line Up Dominoes

Dominoes are a great way to help with multi-digit problems. Just take two dominoes and place them horizontally. This is now the multiplication problem that needs solving. For example, you have one domino that has 5 and a 2 and the other has a 3 and a 6 then the problem is 52 x 36. 

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This game is a great multiplication game for kids to help with multiplying double digits. 

Slapjack Multiplication 

Take two decks of cards and take only the lower digits out of the decks and make one large deck off lower number cards. Now your kids can play against you or another child and find the product of two cards that are placed down. When they have the product they slap the cards and if they give the correct answer the cards are theirs. 

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Multiplication Bingo

To play multiplication bingo you will need to make multiple bingo cards with different numbers in each square. This is a little different than your normal game of Bingo. 

Instead of calling out B2 you would call out problems like 5×2 and they would find the square that is the product of the problem you called you. As you call out the problem your kids can cover their square that has the correct number as the answer with a tile or bean. They can also use a marker or crayon to fill in the square instead of an object. The first one to fill a row wins!

Egg Carton Multiplication Generator

Use an empty egg carton and write numbers at the bottom of each section. Grab two marbles and place them inside the egg carton and close shut. 

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Have your kid shake the egg carton and open it back up and see where the two marbles landed. The numbers the marbles are in they will now multiply them together. 

Your kids will love shaking the marbles in the egg carton and then solving the math problem. 

Math Cup Towers

Plastic Dixie cups are a great way to play this multiplication game for kids. 

First write a multiplication problem on the outside of a cup with a black sharpie. You will also write the answer inside the bottom of the plastic dixie cup. 

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Your child’s goal is to build the tallest tower. They do this by answering the multiplication problems correctly. 

For every correct answer they get to add the cup to their tower. The more correct answers the higher the tower. 

If you have multiple kids you can have them compete against each other to see who can build the tallest tower the fastest. 

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Multiplication Master Electronic Flash Card

Having an electronic multiplication game is a great way to increase multiplication fluency by having your child answer as many math problems as they can in 60 seconds. Since this game is handheld it can be a great way to keep them engaged and learning while on trips in the car.

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Multi Clash Addition & Multiplication Board Game

If your child isn’t a fan of flashcards then Multi Clash Addition & Multiplication board game is a great way to spark your child’s love of learning and of numbers. 

You can enjoy this game at your next family game night or you can even play this game one-on-one with your child. With 100 coins, 4 dice, and a colorful game board this is a great multiplication board game to play and learn while at home. 

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Prime Climb

Prime Climb allows you to multiply by combining colors with 2 to 4 players playing. Simply roll the dice and add, subtract, multiply and divide your way to the center of the board. Prime Climb is a great game for older kids to learn how to multiply and divide through a fun board game. 

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Multiplication Games for kids Online

We know how much our kids love technology and are more willing to learn when it is interactive and on a computer or tablet. Here are a few multiplication games for kids online that you may find your child will love and enjoy playing all while learning at the same time!


A great way to practice multiplication skills is ABCya online. You will find fun and educational games that allow your child to master their time tables all while playing interactive fun games. 


Looking for a great way to motivate your child to increase their math knowledge and work on multiplication skills than Prodigy is a great online platform. Prodigy also helps keep track of your child’s learning progress and accomplishments. Prodigy is free to play however, a premium membership is available for families to purchase that gives you more resources.

Math Playground

Math playground is a great online platform for grades 1 through 6th. When you subscribe you will find many options for multiplication games your child can play to help increase their multiplication skills and even other math skills as well. 

Adventure Academy 

Geared for ages 8-13 Adventure Academy is an amazing online platform for older kids to learn through games and videos. It will not only help their math skills through multiplication and division, geometry, fractions and decimals, as well as word problems and much more. You will also find that Adventure Academy offers fun activities for science, reading, and more. 

What other multiplication games for kids do you enjoy playing in your home? Share in the comments below!

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