Simple Math Activities for Preschoolers

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Preschoolers are very curious and always wondering how things work and why something is the way it is. This is because preschoolers want to learn and their brain is developing rapidly. They are just trying to soak up everything they see and hear.  Not only that, but they are trying to understand everything as well. Doing Math activities for preschoolers as well as other preschool activities in your home can help them have a fun and easy learning experience.

Math is all around us and in everything we do. These are some great ways to get your preschooler started learning about numbers and math.

Simple Math Activities for Preschoolers

How to Teach Math to Preschoolers

Young children love to play. It is through play where you will be able to teach math to them. While these moments may seem like playtime for your child it is where connections are being made in their brains about math and how math works!

Easy Math Activities for Preschoolers


Since Uno is about recognizing numbers and colors this will be a great way to help your preschooler learn their numbers as well as count. If they happen to get a draw 4 then they will need to be able to count out 4 cards to complete the task. 

Math Activities for Preschoolers
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Playing a family game of Uno can help increase your preschooler’s math skills without them even knowing it. 

Number Tracing Workbook

There are plenty of workbooks out there for preschoolers. Having one that focuses on numbers is a great idea. 

Math Activities for Preschoolers
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Keep one at home and in the car. As they trace numbers and practice writing them they will improve their math skills by being able to read and recognize numbers.

Number Puzzles

Number puzzles are a simple way to work on counting skills as well as matching. While matching and ordering numbers they are getting a better understanding of sequences.  

Math Activities for Preschoolers
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Sorting Jelly Beans

Sorting helps kids learn how to group which in return will help them later on when they are learning how to add and subtract. 

Buy a big bag of jelly beans and have them sort them into colors. After they have sorted you can have them count each color as well! 

Mosaic Math Art

Mosaic math art is a great way to practice math as well as fine motor skills. To make mosaic math art:

  1. Start by using scissors to cut paper squares. 
  2. Next, let them color the squares any color they want. 
  3. Now take the colored squares and glue them to a solid piece of construction paper. 
  4. Let them be creative by arranging their squares to make your own patterns.

As they make the mosaic pattern art they are learning while having fun. Talk to them after they glue their squares about any patterns they may have made. You can even help them recognize patterns by starting one and having them finish. 

Symmetry Snowflake Craft 

Using crafts to learn and explore symmetry is a great math activity for preschoolers. They get to craft and make snowflakes. Each snowflake is different but be sure to point out that each side is symmetrical. Visual examples help increase their math knowledge and skills. 

Broken Numbers

Think of this math activity for preschoolers as a puzzle game. You will need to prepare this in advance. To make broken numbers you will need the following supplies:

  1. Construction paper
  2. Black Marker
  3. Scissors
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To make broken number pieces:

  1. Drop multiple different shapes onto your construction paper.
  2. Write a number on one side, and then make large dots to match the number on the other side.
  3. Take the shape and cut it out. 
  4. Now cut down the center to make a jagged piece like a puzzle
  5. Repeat these steps for all the shapes you have drawn. 
Math Activities for Preschoolers
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Now mix up all the broken number pieces and have your preschooler match them like they are solving a number puzzle. Once they have made their matches have them point to the number and count the dots to make sure they are correct. Math is all about checking your work. This is a great way to teach them to check their work and verify they are correct! 

Counting Bears

Using math manipulatives are so helpful for math activities for preschoolers. You can sort, count, or use them for patterns. Create some pattern cards to help them with this activity.

 You can teach them an AB pattern, meaning you use two colors and alternate the pattern. Once they have mastered the AB pattern you can start making ABC pattern cards. 


Graphs are a great match activity to introduce to preschoolers. They do not need to be complex.  They can be simple graph types like a bar graph using objects. Some examples to graph are: 

  1. Types of transportation
  2. Colors of Jelly Beans
  3. Shapes
  4. Fruits and Vegetables

Supplies Needed for graphing math activities

Math Activities for Preschoolers
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Once you have your objects to graph gathered, take your white piece of paper and write the items you want to sort at the bottom of the paper. Next, draw lines vertically to separate them. Label each area. These areas will be where your preschooler will place the objects on the graph. (If doing a transportation graph your labels will be: cars, trucks, airplanes, trains) When they have placed all their objects on their graph help them read what the graph says. 

Dice Game

Grab some dice and have them practice counting by adding up the number of dots on each dice when they roll it. 

This can be a fun game. Start by prewriting numbers on a piece of paper. Once they rol that number have them cross it off. Once all their numbers have been crossed off then they have completed this math game!

Estimation Game

Math involves being able to estimate. Turn this skill into a game so they have the knowledge they need to estimate as they explore their math abilities. You can use water to help learn how to estimate. Take a medicine dropper and a cup of water.

Have your preschooler guess how many medicine droppers of water it will take to fill up certain objects. These objects can include:

  •  Large cup
  • small bowl
  • plastic ice cube tray
  • Small dixie cup

 Once they have made their estimation let them see how well they guessed. 

Be sure to compare their guesses to the actual number of times it took them to fill the object with the medicine dropper. 

You will be surprised once they see how off or well they made their estimations they will want to challenge themselves again!

Math activities for preschoolers are a fun and great way to help teach math skills your child will need and use the rest of their lives. 

What math activities do you enjoy doing with your preschooler? Share in the comments below.

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