12 Back to School Tips [To Prepare You and Your Kids]

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It is that time of year again. Time to get back to school which can be both exciting and fun for your kids. As a parent, you may also find yourself wondering what to do while their kids are back in school with a new school year approaching. Here are some back to school tips for both parents and kids to help ease you back into your back to school routine. 

Back to School Tips

12 Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids

Prepare Mentally 

I start preparing my kids about two weeks before the first day back to school. We start talking about the upcoming school year as well as getting back on a regular sleep schedule.

As we chat, I encourage my kids to talk about the first day of school. This helps them express their feelings and helps you to know how to better support them on that first day back to school. 

Back to School Tips

Set a Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine also helps your child prepare mentally for back to school. Start two weeks before the start of the new school year and have your kids going to bed early.

This is important especially after a long fun summer of no bedtimes and fun activities. When you establish and set a bedtime routine it will help your child transition easier into the new school year. 

Back to School Tips

Schedule A School Physical 

Depending on your child’s age they may be due for vaccinations. Your school will require your child to be up to date on their immunizations before they can attend. Be sure to get an eye exam scheduled as well. 

For older children a sports physical will need to be done as well if they plan on playing any school sports. 

Back to School Tips

Read Everyday 

Just because the school has been out, it does not mean your kids shouldn’t be reading. A new school year is approaching and your kids should start if they have not been reading already every day. Block off just 30 minutes of their day for reading. 

 If your child is not reading on their own, take time to sit down and read a book with them. This will help keep them engaged with learning and ease them back into the routine of everyday school. 

Back to School Tips

Play Games

When you play games with your kids you are helping them prepare for their new school year. While your child is playing a board game they are keeping their mind engaged and focused on learning new skills or refreshing old skills they have already learned. We love playing monopoly, phase 10, Uno, and dominos in our home. 

Back to School Tips

Shop for School Supplies and Clothes

Start by inventorying your kids closets and dresser drawers to see what clothes they have that still fit. Make a list of things that need to be purchased. You want to do this with school supplies as well.

You likely already have plenty of pencil boxes but perhaps you are out of markers. Replace old supplies with the new ones on the new school supply list. 

Back to School Tips

Create a Homework Space

To help with time management you will want to set a certain place in your home for your child to do their homework assignments. This will help remove distractions that can distract them when doing their homework. 

Try creating a homework space away from TV’s, and high traffic areas in your home. You may also want to schedule a block time each afternoon that homework should be done within. This will help ease any transition issues your child may have to go from playtime to homework time. 

Back to School Tips
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Tour the School

If your school hosts a back to school night or a school tour be sure to attend. Familiarizing your child with their new school and classroom can help them know where to go and ease any nerves they may have about the first day of school.

If you have older kids you may want to help them walk to their schedule once they have it. That way they know where each classroom is and help refresh their memory and see if any teachers switched rooms. 

Back to School Tips

Connect with Friends

When starting a new school year connecting your child with a new possible friend that will be in their class can ease the first day of school jitters. Once you have met the teacher try reaching out to another mom in the class and setting up a playdate. 

When your child has a friend that they know will be in their class the first day of school can help them be excited and make all the difference in their attitude about the first day of school. 

Back to School Tips

Do Everything the Night Before

Your mornings before departing for school will go a lot smoother when you do all things that need to be done the night before. Here are few things you can do the night before to help for a more successful morning routine:

  • Pack lunchbox with creative lunch ideas
  • Pack Backpack
  • Set out clothes
  • Put shoes by the door
  • Fill up water bottles
  • Band Instruments by the door
  • Sports bags packed and by the door
Back to School Tips
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Make Healthy Meals

If your child is hungry throughout the day they likely can not focus and learn the materials being taught. When your child has a healthy breakfast and lunch they will do much better in school assignments. 

Start each morning off with a balanced breakfast. If the classes allow you to pack a snack for the afternoon choose an item that can fuel them, fruit or granola bars are great options.

Back to School Tips

Get Organized

The best back to school tip I can suggest is to get organized. Have a place in your home that collects all the important school papers that need signing. This bin can also hold all the papers that you need to refer back to when it comes to a school project or school event. 

Have a planner already purchased for when those back to school dates start rolling in to help you stay organized so you can easily track all the homework assignments, extracurricular activities, and other school related commitments you have made. This would also be a great place to mark the dates the school is closed for breaks, teacher work days, and Holidays. 

Back to School Tips
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With these back to school tips, you and your child can have an awesome start to your new school year!

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