Best Acne Treatment for Teens

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At some point in all teen’s lives, they will face acne. Even if you do a good job of taking care of your skin you will probably still get acne. Finding the right acne treatment for teens can be beneficial and give you a boost of self-confidence because you are not always worried about your acne. 

Best Acne Treatment for Teens

Why do teens get acne?

Acne usually begins when teens begin puberty. During puberty, teen’s bodies begin producing more hormones, one which is androgen. 

This hormone causes the skin to produce more oil which mixes with dead skin cells in your skin’s openings called hair follicles.

The skin cells, the oil, and your hair create a lot of build-up and pressure which can burst and cause swelling. Once this swelling occurs you will see acne appear on your face or other parts of your body.

Medications, genetics, and oil-based makeup are all causes of acne as well.  

Types of Acne

  • Whiteheads- These are normally small and are under the skin
  • Blackheads- Blackheads are visible on the surface of your skin. They are black, giving them the name blackheads.
  • Cysts- Another form of a zit, but these are very visible on the skin, very painful, and are full of pus. You must be careful with these because they can cause a lot of scaring. 

Best Acne Treatment for Teens to help with breakouts

Best Acne Treatment for Teens

If you are facing acne problems, try these tips to help with breakouts.

  • Wash face at least twice a day. Gently run in circles, do not scrub.
  • It is tempting to pop pimples, but this causes more harm than good. So try to let them go away on their own.
  • If you wear glasses wash them often to make sure there is no oil sitting on the frames causing acne.
  • If you love hats, take a break occasionally. Let your skin breathe.  
  • Wash hair often. The oils from your hair on your face are a major cause of acne.
  • Easier said than done, but stress causes acne, so try to relax whenever possible.
  • Avoid oil-based makeup products.
  • If you have severe acne that over the counter medicine does not help you should consult a dermatologist for more acne treatment ideas for teens.  

Best acne products for teens

When searching for acne products for teens you want to start off with a gentle cleanser. Look for one that has salicylic acid or sulfur. This helps remove dirt and bacteria off the skin. Also, use a good sunscreen that is designed for skin that is prone to acne, like Elta MD.

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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Morning Acne Routine- use a gentle cleanser, light moisturizer, and then sunscreen.

Night Acne Routine- wash your face and then moisturize your skin. 

Highly recommended over the counter acne products for teens

Neutrogena Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit Cleansing Acne Wash

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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This Neutrogena acne wash has the salicylic acid that you need to help gently scrub away the dead skin cells. This helps keep breakouts away. Also, the grapefruit gives your skin an extra boost of vitamin C. It is also oil-free and paraben-free. 

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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For mild acne, try CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is suitable for all types of skin. It removes dirt and oil without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. 

Oil-Free Acne Scrub

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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This oil-free acne wash is tough on bacteria, dirt, and oil, but soft on your skin. It is an acne-fighting exfoliating face wash that uses salicylic acid to help with breakouts and help unclog pores. 

Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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If you are looking to fight blemishes, have a balanced completion, boost your skin with vitamins and help fight teen acne then look to Insta Natural Vitamin C Cleanser. There is a reason this is a best seller on Amazon with rave reviews for fighting acne. 

Proactive 3-step Acne treatment

Best Acne Treatment for Teens
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If teen acne needs a more intense treatment this proactive 3-step acne treatment can be a real lifesaver. It targets the root problem of the acne with benzoyl peroxide which is proven to be effective and work fast on acne. 

Finding the best teen acne treatment can take some time to find the right regiment and product to help, but once you find the right treatment your teen will be on their way to beautifully clear skin. 

What teen acne treatment have you found that works? Share in the comments!

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