50 Romantic Ideas

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Sharing is Caring!

Remember when you two first met; remember that fluttery butterfly feeling you would get in your tummy? Just because you have been together awhile does not mean you cannot still feel that way. Here are 50 simple ideas to inspire.

  1. Call her at lunch – just to check in.
  2. Hold hands more often
  3. Hire a sitter and go for a grown-up date out-in-the-world
  4. Instead of turning the tv on after the kids go to bed turn him on instead
  5. Buy him a treat – just because
  6. Shower together (saves water)
  7. Poke him on Facebook
  8. Go for a walk together
  9. Open the door for her
  10. Tell her she looks nice
  11. Watch a steamy movie together
  12. Cuddle on the couch
  13. Smile more
  14. Enjoy a sweet snack together
  15. Don’t nag
  16. Say “I love you” everyday
  17. Bring home flowers for no reason
  18. Take dance lessons together
  19. Ask “How was your day?” at the dinner table
  20. Celebrate birthdays
  21. Steal a kiss in the playground
  22. Enjoy a weekend getaway
  23. Eat by candle light
  24. Watch a romantic movie (“Like Water for Chocolate” for example)
  25. Take a surprise day trip – just the 2 of you
  26. Meet for lunch (at home or out in the world)
  27. Schedule a monthly date night
  28. 3 words: full body massage
  29. Make a CD or iTunes play list of his favourite music
  30. Turn the Blackberries and iPhones off and enjoy a night of talking.
  31. Put a note in his lunch bag saying “I love you”
  32. On bad days, give her the night off by taking over bedtime routine with kids
  33. Use a camera to record moments with kids when he is away
  34. Shave
  35. Tell the kids to wait 2 minutes and give him a hug
  36. Open a bottle of wine
  37. Do something steamy
  38. Text “I’m thinking of you”
  39. Set the alarm 5 minutes earlier to allow for morning cuddle time
  40. Pour him a glass of chocolate milk after his run
  41. Wink more
  42. Don’t talk money or in-laws in bed
  43. Write down “10 things I like about you”
  44. Make love
  45. Let him sleep in
  46. Take the kids out so she can tweet/have a shower/read a book
  47. Be his biggest fan
  48. Pick out her pjs
  49. Make space for surprises in your life
  50. Dance together in the living room


Sharing is Caring!

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