25 Definite Signs He is Flirting With You

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Ah, dating. It’s been said time and time again that dating is hard. And it really can be. Before you even begin dating someone, it can be challenging to tell if a guy is actually flirting with you already and expressing interest in you. But honestly, the struggle starts even before then, am I right?

Not everyone is good at understanding when someone is flirting with them or not. Even if you’re skilled at deciphering it, the other person may not be a good flirt, or the signs are perhaps so vague that it can leave you wondering.

The entire period of worrying and thinking if a man really is into you or not can be quite torturous.

So you’re single, and a colleague or an acquaintance or even a friend starts to pay more attention to you. He’s always around, and he gives you little flirty comments; he smiles at you a lot. Is he just being extra friendly? Or is something more brewing beneath the surface? Wondering if he is simply being friendly or already being flirtatious can be pretty agonizing!

You may be wishing there were definite signs he is flirting with you that you can try to identify to help ease your confusion. Well, there actually are signs!

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of signals and tells that you can observe to help you get a better idea of what his intentions indeed are and if he’s feeling feelings for you already.

Check out our list of signs he is flirting with you to aid you in figuring out what his actions may actually be trying to tell you!

Signs He is Flirting With You

Signs He Is Flirting With You

These 22 definite signs he is flirting with you will help you know just what his intentions truly are — and if he’s into you!

1. He Makes An Effort to Impress You

One of the tell tale signs he is flirting with you is when you notice that he is trying to impress you. When a guy likes a girl and flirts with her, he usually will not stay humble but will instead talk himself or his accomplishments up. This is in the hopes that this will catch your attention and make you like him. It’s human nature to want to show one’s best side to someone he is trying to win over. So if you notice him talking about his work, his new car, his music, his basketball skills, or any other talent of his, then don’t immediately take that as bragging — he may, in fact, be really crushing on you. This may just be his way of trying to impress you!

2. He Gives You Compliments

He Gives You Compliments

This is another obvious one when it comes to signs he is flirting with you! Complimenting someone is a big sign of flirtatious behavior, particularly if he compliments your appearance or frames those compliments as being attractive to him. A guy who’s genuinely into you may tell you you’re looking gorgeous today or that you smell nice. He may tell you that you’re very charming and effortlessly win people over (hint hint, he may be referring to himself too!). He may even compliment you on little things like how nice your ponytail looks or how the color of your dress brings out your eyes.

He may not frame it as a direct compliment sometimes. But if you find that he’s putting in effort and paying a lot of attention to you or to the slightest change to your appearance. Then you know, that’s a man who is giving you extra attention because he likes you. Guys don’t tend to dole out compliments freely. If he’s complimenting you, he’s getting his flirt on.

3. Texting You Has Become a Habit For Him

A pretty good indicator that a guy is not just a friend who is being nice to you but is actually someone who is flirting with you is the amount of effort he makes to stay connected with you. A friend will generally check up on you and catch up with you as one does. But a man who is flirting with you will go above and beyond. When he’s not physically with you, he will text you throughout the day. He will ask you if you’ve eaten, what you had for lunch, what you’re up to, and even if you want to meet him afterward.

No matter how busy he may be, he will make a lot of effort to stay connected with you. This is a crystal clear indicator that you are always on his mind. If you look closely enough, some text messages of his may even have some flirty compliments or subtle hints of his feelings for you. That guy is hung up on you!

4. He Tries To Find Out Your Current Relationship Status

He Tries To Find Out Your Current Relationship Status

Oh, come on, this one’s pretty obvious too, right? A guy who is interested in you will, of course, want to know if you are single and available. He won’t make that much of an effort to figure out your relationship status unless he himself wants to be with you! Otherwise, it won’t really matter to him whether you are single or in a relationship with someone.

Is he saying things like: “A girl like you can’t be single,” Your boyfriend is one lucky fellow,” “I hope I’m not keeping you from your boyfriend,” “Are you here alone?” Well, he is checking out your relationship status and seeing if he can move things further along with you!

5. He Establishes Eye Contact With You

You know how they say that the eyes are the window to the soul? It’s no secret that the eyes can tell a lot about a person. This is why eye contact is something that is very significant. It establishes a connection between two people and creates a shared vulnerable moment. So if he establishes eye contact with you, that is a pretty big sign he’s flirting with you.

When you and he maintain eye contact, it’s something that nobody else is part of, just you and him. It is something that can become intimate quickly. In instances like these even without verbal flirting, he is communicating his true feeling for you. Take note when he gives you a flirty compliment, even if he tries to pass it off casually. If he maintains eye contact with you while doing so, that’s a huge indicator of how he feels for you! And if he tries to hold eye contact with you when you talk for just a tad longer than most people, he is super into you. Eye contact is one of the more subtle but quite certain signs that a man is flirting.

6. He Is Nervous Or Flustered When He’s Around You

He Is Nervous Or Flustered When He’s Around You

You know how you can get when you think about your crush and you get all flustered? Guys get that way too. A man can find himself feeling those butterflies when they are around the girl they fancy!

Each guy portrays nervousness in a different way. Some may appear to be all cool but are super flustered on the inside. Some guys stutter when they speak with you. Some start to cutely ramble on and on. Some even turn beet red, or get sweaty. And some start to fidget, which is another big indicator of nervousness. He may start to fidget with his clothes, tap on the table, keep running his hands through his hair, and so on. Any of these behaviors can indicate a feeling of nervousness that comes with him being around the person he likes — you!

With this one, though, you do have to practice a little discernment. There are guys who are just naturally shy, after all. But if he’s even more shy than usual with you, or he’s normally a confident guy who turns into an adorable bumbling mess around you, he totally likes you and is maybe trying to flirt with you.

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7. His Body Language Shifts Around You

There’s a well-known saying that goes, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ Girl, that is true — and even more so when it comes to feelings! One of the biggest signs he is flirting with you is body language. Flirting is not just about the words he tells you or the things he says. A big part of the flirting game is body language, which is a nonverbal tactic that can show what they can’t say for now.

A man may actually be sending you many visual clues that show you he is interested in you. When he is flirting with you, he may lean closer towards you while you and he are speaking. He may angle his body towards you, make eye contact, keep his feet faced in your direction, or tilt his head while he talks to you. These body language cues signal one thing: He is very much into you!

8. He Subtly Makes Physical Contact With You

He Subtly Makes Physical Contact With You

A man who likes a girl can’t help but try to be closer to her or even touch her. Playful touches are a way for a guy to show affection in a subtle way. He may do it in small ways, like a high five that somehow lingers a little longer, a hand on your knee, brushing something off of your sleeve, or adjusting your bag as you wear it. He can also employ playful touches such as brushing your arm, touching your hair, or maybe have your knees lightly touch while you sit together.

It can even be a bit more playful and less subtle, like “casually” throwing his arm around you, holding your hand as you cross the road, or placing his hand on your lower back as you walk. He may pull you a little closer when you’re strolling together, or give you a lingering hug. If you find him being quite unable to keep his hands off of you, he is very much into you and just wants to be near you.

9. He Keeps Finding Ways To Start Conversations

A man who likes you will put in a bit more effort to talk to you. He can turn something that begins as a friendly chat or small talk into more of an intimate and deep discussion. This will also give him the chance to learn more about you and give you the chance to learn more about him. He’ll try his best to pave the way for more good and meaningful conversations between you and him. And while you are talking, he can also manifest visual clues that he likes you, such as head tilt or nods, prolonged eye contact, and smiling at you.

Also, when you are in conversation, a man who is into you will be very present in the conversation. He will respond positively and will keep the talk going for as long as possible. He will also use his listening skills and pay close attention to what you say, using that as cues to continue the discussion. He is interested in what you have to say, and he loves talking to you. Yup, he likes you!

10. He is Happy When He’s Around You Or With You

He Is Happy When He’s Around You Or With You

Another very good way to know if a guy is flirting with you is simply by reading his demeanor when he is with you or around you. Think about his mood when you two are together. Does he smile at you a lot, does he laugh often, does his mood lighten up? If he seems happy when he is around you and is very much in the present, he is totally into you. If you pay very close attention, a man’s facial expressions when he is with you are pretty great indicators of how he feels about you.

11. He Turns Into Mr. Nice Guy

As far as signs he is flirting with you goes; this one’s pretty basic. A guy who likes you will always want to be on his best behavior when he is around you, because he is trying to get you to like him too. So when you are out together, he will offer to buy you drinks, he’ll pour on the flirty compliments at any opportunity that presents itself. He’ll bring you back home and make sure you are safe.

Remember this: Men will usually very much go out of their way so that they can take care of women they care for. So do you find that he is going out of his way to look after you, do things for you, and make sure you are okay? Those are telltale signs he likes you and is flirting with you.

12. He Always Tries to Make You Laugh

He Always Tries to Make You Laugh

A guy who likes you will always want you to feel comfortable around him. He will always want to see you smiling or laughing. So it goes that guys will tend to crack jokes when they are flirting with you so that you feel comfortable with them. It’s also a great and fun way for them to break the ice with you. A man who is flirting with you will pull out all the stops. He’ll be sharing his funniest stories, punchiest anecdotes, cleverest quips and wittiest jokes. Whatever it takes to get you smiling and laughing, he will do it.

He will try to be his most charming and witty self to grab your attention and make you enjoy being in his presence. It’s a very obvious sign of flirtatiousness. He knows that if you feel comfortable with him and are drawn towards him and if he makes you laugh or smile, he’s got even a small shot at getting even closer to you.

13. He Good-Naturedly Teases You

It’s basically the grown-up version of pigtail-pulling. You know how they say that as kids, a little boy who likes a little girl will pull her pigtails in the playground? Grown-ups aren’t really all that different! Teasing is a big neon sign that a guy is into you. Guys will always, always have that instinct of teasing a woman that they like.

Of course, when we say teasing, we mean gentle and good-natured teasing. It’s the kind of teasing that may refer to inside jokes between the two of you or playful and lighthearted quips that will make you smile. This sort of teasing is in no way mean-spirited, mocking, or hurtful. It’s all just sweet and fun, something that will make you laugh and get you to pay attention to him.

So if he’s given you a cute little nickname that only you and he will get: teases you about that boyband you love or your favorite teen show; lightly and sweetly points out your lopsided smile or that mole on your nose, he is so, so, so into you.

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14. You Have His Undivided Attention

You Have His Undivided Attention

Isn’t this pretty self-explanatory? If you are very interested in something or someone, then you will give them your undivided attention. It’s the same way with men when it comes to a woman they like!

A man who is flirting with you will focus solely on you. He will direct his attention, his energies, his charms, his eyes, completely towards you. He will talk to you, listen to you, engage with you, and only you. Even if you are in a crowd, he will manage to make you feel like you and he, are the only ones in the room. You are the apple of his eye. You are the only one he wants to be with. He can’t get enough of your voice and your smile and your laugh. He’s got it for you really bad!

15. He Always Makes Time For You

This is yet another obvious indicator. When you like someone, proximity is always a good thing. So a man who likes you will always find the time and make excuses to be around you. He’s find ways to spend time with you. In a group hang, he’s the one who will choose to talk to you and interact with you more than with those around you. When there are other men around, he’s the one who will stay close by you and give you his undivided attention.

No matter what he has going on in his day, he will make time for you. He will find the time to see you. He will find opportunities to go grab a coffee or a beer with you. He will find time to talk to you. That is a man who always has you on his mind and maybe even his heart.

16. He Treats You Differently

He Treats You Differently

Some guys are just naturally flirtatious and charming. They will flirt with everyone and charm them, because that’s just how they are. But when a man likes you, his manner of flirting will be quite different. It may be little, subtle differences, but they will be there. So pay close attention. If his flirty compliments are: more thoughtful and sincere, and he is especially sweet and attentive, eager to make you happy, that shows you mean a lot to him. If he looks at you and smiles at you differently than he does other women, and goes out of his way even more so for you and makes more of an effort, you are special to him indeed.

17. He Likes Being Around You

Does he act like a little puppy who’s always around you and just wants to be near you? That is a huge indicator of his feelings for you! He is that way because he totally adores you and just wants to always be in your orbit. He longs to be with you, craves your presence, and just wants you to be part of his life.

And if he wants to be near you, he will keep finding ways to make it happen. He will. And you’ll know it, and you’ll feel it. If a man goes out of his way and makes the extra effort to be with you, it is because he is very much into you. He likes you, and being around you is what makes him happy. How sweet is that!

18. He Makes Plans To See You

He Makes Plans To See You

Because, as we mentioned earlier, a guy who likes you will want to be around you, then, of course, he will always try to make plans to make that possible. A man who is flirting with you will attempt and attempt to make plans so he can see you again. It’s something that he may say jokingly. It may be something as silly as walking your dog with you or going with you to a theme park. It doesn’t matter how, it doesn’t matter where. He will pave the way to see you again. That, my dear, is a big sign he’s only got eyes for you.

19. He Remembers Everything

One of the biggest signs he is flirting with you and one of the most major tells that he is very into you is when he remembers everything. A man who likes you will remember every little detail you share with him. He will remember your favorite color, the names of your parents and siblings, how you like your drink. It’s because he pays attention to everything you say and he truly is listening.

So if he remembers even the smallest details and cherishes the things you say, he truly adores you, and he’s got some big feelings for you. This one’s a keeper!

20. He Flashes You That Special Smile

He Flashes You That Special Smile

Picture this: You catch his eye, even from across the room, and just like that, his smile changes. Or you’re with a group of people, and he’s already smiling, but when he turns to you, that smile becomes even bigger. Notice how that smile he gives you is somehow different from the smile that he flashes everyone else? Does his face light up whenever you are around? Does a certain gleam enter his eyes? Do you find that he can’t seem to stop smiling when he is talking to you? He likes you; he really likes you!

21. You’re Feeling That Familiar Flutter

When the two of you are together, there’s a strange, undeniable sort of enchantment. There’s a crackling electricity that cannot be denied. You feel drawn to each other, and it’s just… different. That indescribable, magnetic thing is the chemistry that is between the two of you.

You know he’s flirting with you when the way he interacts with you is just unlike any other. There’s a sizzle, a cackle, a definite spark. You feel light-headed and your heart feels happy. And the butterflies! You feel the fluttering of the butterflies in your tummy. He definitely is all in for you.

22. He Says it

He Says it

After all those signs he is flirting with you are said and done, the one, crystal clear sign is not even a sign: It’s when he comes right out and lets you know! When he tells you how he truly feels about you. When the words come straight from the heart and out of his mouth. When he is direct with his emotions and feels so certain about them that he says the words and expresses his love. If that is how he is, you can believe that it really is love. Girl, he wants to be with you and only you!

23. You Catch Him Looking at You

It’s all in the eyes, they say. This holds true when someone likes you or tries to flirt with you. You will often find them looking at you secretly from the corner of their eye or when they believe you’re not looking.

It’s almost as if they can’t get enough of your face, which is always a sweet sentiment.

24. He is Fidgety Around You

He is Fidgety Around You

Do you know how nervous we get around someone we have a crush on? So, when someone is trying to flirt with you, they might be fidgety around you too. It’s like they don’t know how to contain that nervous energy because they’re so wonderfully overwhelmed by you.

25. His Eyebrows Go Up on Seeing You

You know when you see someone truly stunning or someone you’re crushing on, your eyebrows go up? Almost in amazement or sheer praise because we feel like we’re looking at a piece of art.

If you’re around a man whose eyebrows shoot up while looking at you, they’re flirting with you.

Workplace Flirting Signs

Workplace Flirting Signs

The workplace can often be a stressful environment. However, if you have a friend to turn to for comfort, it becomes much easier to deal with. If this person also likes you romantically and flirts with you, things become more interesting.

Here are some signs to know for sure that someone is flirting with you at your workplace:

1. He is Open About It

If someone likes you and wants a future with you, they will openly flirt with you, even in an office environment. They won’t be secretive or coy about it but will be unabashedly honest about how much they like you.

2. His Tone is Different Around You

His Tone is Different Around You

When we’re at our workplace, our voice and mannerisms are different from how we are with our friends and close ones. We use our formal, professional tone. However, if a man at work likes you, his tone will change around you, and he will sound happier and more casual.

3. He Alters His Schedule to be With You

We have a fixed schedule for work, such as attending meetings, preparing for presentations, finishing assignments, etc. it’s all usually quite strict. This is why if a person alters their schedule just to talk to and spend time with you, that’s a way to flirt with you.

4. His Body Language Changes

His Body Language Changes

You know someone likes you or is flirting with you when their body language changes around you. They will become more relaxed, look directly at you, lean in closer, and have their feet pointed towards your body while talking to you.

5. He Steals Secret Glances

If we truly like someone, we can’t get enough of their beautiful face. This is why a major sign indicates that someone is flirting with you. It is when they keep stealing glances whenever possible.

They will walk around the office or lurk around your seat just in the hope of catching a glimpse of you.

6. He Asks For Your Help

He Asks For Your Help

He will ask for your help over little things as a way to flirt with you. Even if he knows how to do a particular thing or get a specific job done, he will still come to you, ask for your opinion, and request your help to spend a few more moments with you.

7. He’s Your Loudest Cheerleader

At times flirting can come in the form of support and encouragement. You will know someone at your workplace is attracted to you if they cheer you on and are immensely happy for you over every little achievement of yours.

Their pride and joy for you will be visible in their eyes.

8. He Supports You on Your Bad Days

He Supports You on Your Bad Days

You could be having a very bad day, either due to work or something happening at home. Regardless of your foul mood, if he is there to support you and be by your side, he is surely attracted to you.

9. He’s Curious About Your Love Life

Someone flirting with you will always try to find out about your dating situation. They will sneakily ask you if you like someone or if you’re seeing someone, and if they find out you’re completely single, their flirtatiousness will happily increase.

10. There is Eye Contact

There is Eye Contact

It’s said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and when someone likes you romantically, this saying comes true in the form of eye contact. They will look you directly in the eye while flirting with you or even talking to you.

As they look at you, you will find yourself blushing and feeling shy due to how intense their eyes are.

11. He Notices Little Things About You

When someone is flirting with you, they will notice every little thing about you. Whether you change your hairstyle, put on a new perfume, wear a new dress, or even don a color you haven’t before, they will drink in all those changes and appreciate it too.

12. He Grooms Himself For You

He Grooms Himself For You

If a man likes you and tries to flirt with you, he will groom himself for you. He will do his best to make you notice him. Whether it’s styling his hair, putting on fresh shirts, applying a new cologne, or indulging in skincare, he will make efforts to his appearance for you.

13. He Follows You on Social Media

If a colleague just wishes to remain your friend in the office, they won’t follow you on other digital platforms.

However, a man who flirts with you will follow you on them all. They will also make sure to like every post and leave flirty comments.

14. He Tries to Make Moments to be Alone with You

He Tries to Make Moments to be Alone with You

He will try to create scenarios just to be alone with you. The man will do everything in his power to ensure that the two of you can get some alone time together where he can put his charm on and flirt with you.

Whether it’s meeting you at the pantry or making your coffee with you, he won’t leave a single chance to have a one-on-one conversation with you.

15. He Makes You Laugh

A man who likes you will make you laugh the hardest. After all, it’s a feature most people look for in their partners. If you find him cracking little jokes and being superbly comical, just know that he’s flirting with you.

16. He Compliments You

He Compliments You

A man who flirts with you intending to have a date with you will always compliment you. He will say how good you look in a dress and how a particular color suits you. He will also comment nice things about your work ethic since it’s a professional environment you’re in.

17. He Attempts to Sit Near You Whenever Possible

Remember those days as a teenager when you would find excuses to sit near your crush? In the workplace, this cute gesture exists whenever a man who likes you tries to sit next to you, be it during meetings, meals, or even when you’re all casually hanging out.

18. He Can Often Get Awkward Around You

He Can Often Get Awkward Around You

Almost all of us are casual and laid back in front of our friends. When it comes to someone we like, however, we tend to get slightly awkward. Someone liking you in your workplace might also display this adorably awkward behavior.

19. He Bonds with You Outside Work as Well

If he likes you, he won’t just talk with you at work. He will plan lunches or meetups to know more about you and get closer to you.

20. He Tries to Collaborate With You Professionally

He Tries to Collaborate With You Professionally

He will try to collaborate with you at the workplace through projects. The man will also suggest your name for group work to spend moments with you.

21. He Gets Respectfully Physical with You

Being respectfully physical is an important part of when you like someone because you need to be cautious of the other person’s feelings and boundaries. If you find him doing that, just realize that this man likes you.

22. He Genuinely Asks About Your Personal Life

He Genuinely Asks About Your Personal Life

You know someone likes you when they ask about your personal life. They will want to know how your day was, how your work is going on, and also what’s bothering you. Their worry and concern will be genuine, and you will want to open up to them.

23. He Tries to be Good for You

A man who wants to be with you forever romantically will always treat you well. If there is someone like that in your workplace, he will be genuinely good to you and for you. He will behave kindly, respectfully, and compassionately.

24. He Gets Jealous

He Gets Jealous

The minute you start talking about your ex-boyfriends or potential boyfriends, they will immediately get jealous or appear uncomfortable. Chances are they will excuse themselves from the conversation just so that they don’t continue to feel bad about it.

25. Your Coworkers Tease You Both

Remember those days back in school and college when your friends would tease you by taking the name of the person you had a crush on? That holds in adulthood, too, and when someone is flirting with you at work.

You will find his friends, especially teasing him whenever you walk past him or appear to have conversations with the group.


We all wish that dating was an easier game, but sadly it isn’t. It can often be a maze of confusion and anxiety till you can finally figure out if someone reciprocates your feelings or not. This becomes even tougher when you can’t really understand if a man is flirting with you or just being nice.

Why is he texting you a lot? Why does he brush your hair off your face? Why does he pay attention to your needs when you’re out in a group? Why does he always hold your gaze while teasingly giving you a compliment? So many questions — and these signs he is flirting with you can help you get to the answers you need! Of course, the best and surest way to know for sure is if and when he gets the guts to tell you how he feels. But for the meantime, let these signs be your guide as you navigate this confusing yet thrilling stage!

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