How to Make Him Want & Fall in Love With You?

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So, you like a guy. He is the man of your dreams. You love looking at him. You love how he talks. You love how he smiles. And you want him to be with you, right by your side. You want him to get attracted to you, chase you, and fall head over heels in love with you.

BUT the sad thing is that he doesn’t know any of these feelings of yours! Because you are very sure that he doesn’t see you the way you see him. And so, you have not confessed your feelings for him, as you fear rejection.

And now you want him to love you back with all his being.

Is this your story? Do you want to know how to make him want you?

Well, girl, you have landed on the right page! I understand how you are feeling right now as you are not with the love of your life.

But, hey, cheer up! I am here to help you come out of this situation. I will share some effective ways of getting the guy you like so much. All you need is to follow my tips. You can thank me later, honey!

How to Make Him Want You And Fall in Love with You?

It may seem like a huge undertaking as you want a guy to fall for you. But, you know, if you truly love him and follow these tips, you sure are going to land him!

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the tips!

1. Be Approachable And Smile Often

Be Approachable And Smile Often

Did I tell you how guys love cute smiles on girls?

And the cherry on the top would be your pleasant behaviour. He will love it, no doubt.

If he asks you any awkward questions, tuck your hair behind your hair while answering. Act a little shy when he compliments you. If he tells something funny, laugh at it. Laugh even if he tells you a joke that you have already heard before.

If your crush finds you attractive, he will try to impress you with his jokes – no matter how silly they are. And if you laugh at his jokes, he will feel that you are having a good time with him and enjoying his company. This will keep him satisfied, and he will like to be around you. After all, who doesn’t want to satisfy their ego!

2. Dress Nicely

You may have heard it numerous times, but let me say it again. Men are visual creatures. They like what they see.

If you are out with your crush, make sure to dress your best. Did you catch him grinning widely? Or, did you notice him looking at you every now and then?

Then girl, know that you have hit the right button!

But that is not it. You need to make him see that other guys are checking you out. This will make him realize your importance, and he will start desiring you.

You know, guys become all the more interested in a girl when they see that there are other guys trying to woo her too because they love competition!

3. Maintain Eye Contact

Yes, maintaining eye contact with your crush is the key to making him fall for you!

Haven’t you seen in romantic movies how the hero and the heroine stare into each other’s eyes and fall in love?

The reality is pretty much the same.

So, the next time when you are talking with each other, make sure to maintain eye contact throughout. Let him notice that you are staring at his eyes deeply.

I am not asking you to flirt or smile. But of course, it would be great if you could do so!

Even if you are just silent, let your eyes do the talking. It is enough to make your guy feel all warm and blushed. And did I tell you that it can stir his heart too?

4. Don’t Show That You Are Always Available

Now, this can be a bit tricky. But, girl, you have to figure out when to be available and when not to!

I know that when you are in love with someone, you want to spend day and night with that person. And it is true that if you spend more time with someone, it will make them like you more.

But, if you want the guy to fall for you too, you will have to play a bit wittily.

You need to make the guy stay alone so that he can feel your absence. This will make him understand how important you are in his life, and he will value you more, and eventually, he will fall for you. Isn’t that what you want?

5. Touch Him Accidentally yet Purposely

Touch Him Accidentally yet Purposely

Did I tell you that guys love the touch of girls?

So, if you want to make this guy want you, use your brain and play intellectually. Be flirty. Shower him with soft lingering touches. But of course, don’t go overboard with it. He will love it, even if he doesn’t tell you. You can trust me on this!

The next time you are with your crush, hold his hands when you cross the streets, clasp his palms when you express your happiness or hug him goodbye.

The touch of your soft skin will excite him. And it can even create a romantic spark between you in no time.

Do you want to go a bit far with your flirt game?

Wear satiny or soft fabric when you go out with him. This will give him a hard time staying away from you!

6. Develop Intellectual Connection

Do you want to make him understand that you are the one for him?

Then, try to connect with him on an intellectual level. You know, having a flirty conversation is cute. But if you want this relationship to go beyond flirting and be long-lasting, you have to have serious conversations too.

When you go out with him, apart from having some light-hearted conversations, try talking about his ambitions and career goals apart from having some light-hearted conversations. And don’t forget to share yours too.

This will make him realize that you have beauty with brains and that he can have meaningful conversations about life with you too. And he will find himself getting closer to you. Happy?

7. Don’t Always Nod Yes to Whatever He says

It becomes a happy relationship when you are in a relationship with a guy you are compatible with. But that doesn’t mean that you both always have to be in agreement on whatever the issue is.

No two persons are the same. Your crush needs to understand that. So, if you disagree with something he says, he will be taken aback for a moment. But he will respect you for having your own point of view. He will not take you for granted. Instead, he will want to have a serious conversation with you. And he will respect you.

After all, who doesn’t want to be with a girl who has her own voice!

8. Laugh When He Says Something Funny

Now, it’s a no-brainer. When he says something funny and cracks a joke, laugh.

It becomes easy if his jokes are really funny. So you don’t have to laugh just to show him. What if his jokes are actually funny?

Then, great, you can have a natural laughing session!

What if he cracks lame jokes?

Well, girl, you have to laugh at them too! Doing so will make him feel happy, thinking that he can make a girl laugh. This will boost his confidence. And he will want to spend more time with you, as he will think that you get him.

Good for you, isn’t it?

9. Don’t Let Him Understand That You Love Him

Guys love challenges. They love to win over a girl. Most guys don’t fall for a girl easily, but they are totally into her when they do. In short, there are some typical stages of love for guys.

What if the guy you like knows that you like him?

That is cool. If he understands that you find him interesting to spend your time with and that you kind of like him – that will do no harm. But don’t make him know that you are madly in love with him.

Let him be curious about what is in your mind and where you exactly see him in your life. Guys love a little bit of mystery in the girl they like. He will be more interested in you when he gets to chase you.

But try not to make the first move. Let him approach you with his feelings first. Also, make sure not to push him away and give him the wrong signal. All I’m saying is to play hard to get so that when he gets you as his reward, in the end. Then he will value you even more.

10. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

This is the best advice that I can give you when you ask me how to make him want you – be yourself!

Yes, girl. Always know and believe that you are the best and you can’t be any better. So, in order to make your crush fall for you, don’t ever do anything that you would otherwise not do.

Go out with your friends, enjoy your life as it comes, and work to fulfil your career goals. Don’t leave everything just because the guy you love doesn’t love you back.

Remember, you don’t have to be a different person to make someone fall for you. He needs to love the person you really are.

11. Show Him Your Passionate Side

Don’t you find it attractive when you see some guy talk about his passion?

The same is the case with your crush too! So show him that side of yours.

What are you passionate about? Do you love painting? Or, do you love any specific kind of business? Or, is there something about your job you are passionate about?

Whatever it is, just talk about it in front of your guy. Let him see the fire in you when you talk about your passion.

This will definitely bring him closer to you.

12. Ask Him For Advice

Do you know how guys love it when you ask for their advice?

And it plays a big role in making your guy fall for you!

Guys like to help. So, whenever you have a problem, ask him for advice. It can be about literally anything – from life issues to career goals. All you need is to make him feel needed.

He should get this feeling that he is important to you and that he is your first choice when it comes to asking for some advice.

This will make him happy. He will want to be with you more. And in not much time, he may fall for you too!

13. Let Him Know That You Admire Him

Let Him Know That You Admire Him

When I ask you to admire him, I don’t mean just in your mind. You need to show him that you admire him.

No guy can read your mind until you tell them what actually is in your mind. Is it his down-to-earth nature that you like? Or is it his hardworking trait that you love?

Whatever it is, you need to let your guy know. Most guys feel insecure about things related to dating. So, you need to tell him how you feel. If he knows that you admire him, it will give his confidence level a boost, and he will admire you back.

14. Support His Goals And Dreams

Don’t you love it when someone says they are with you in your good and bad times? Or, don’t you feel good when someone supports all your decisions and goals?

The same is the case with your guy too!

Ask him about his passions, his interests, his hobbies, his goals, and his dreams. Then, stand by him and support him in everything he does – no matter how big or small it is. And don’t forget to be his biggest cheerleader!

When he realizes that you are there with him, supporting all his dreams, he will want to have you for the rest of his life!

15. Create a Good Rapport With His Friends

Create a Good Rapport With His Friends

Let me tell you something. Guys love their friends – a lot more than we girls generally do!

So, if you want a place in your guy’s heart, you have to think of a way that is through his friends.

Talk to his friends. Spend time with his friends. You need to let his friends know the real you. And if you gel well with them, it is not far that your guy will fall for you too!

A small tip. When you meet his friends the next time, take some food with you for them. Then, your guy will fall for your thoughtful gesture.

16. Be Confidence

Nothing shines as bright as your confidence!

When you have full trust in yourself and you are full of confidence, no one can ignore your radiant presence. And by no one, I meant your crush too!

A girl who wears her confidence with a strong will is a sight to behold. Everyone wants to be in contact with her. And if you be that girl, your guy can’t stay away from you for long.

17. Have a Sexy Undertone

Well, you don’t have to be out and out sexy. But, of course, if you can be, that would be great!

Here, I’m asking you to be sexy but not in a too obvious way. There must be some vibe of mystery. This will make your guy curious about you. He will want to know you more while he gets attracted to your sexiness.

After all, guys are visual creatures. And when your crush sees how hot you are, he can’t stay away from you for long.

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18. Make Him Notice You Even Before You Start Talking

Tell me something. Have you guys already talked? Or, you have fallen for him without even talking to him?

If your answer to the last question is “yes,” then girl, you sure have some advantage!

Your goal here is to attract his attention even before you start talking to each other. And he must be the one to say “hello” first.

19. Buy Gifts For Him

Buy Gifts For Him

Now, who doesn’t love to get pampered!

No, I am not asking you to buy expensive gifts for the man of your dreams. Instead, I am talking about the little ones.

For example, you can buy your guy his favorite soft drink when you are at the convenience store. Or, you can gift him his favorite candy. This will make him realize how you know all about his likes, and he will start thinking about you more.

And with time, he may fall for you too!

20. Match Your Activities With Him

What would you do if you saw the same guy at the gym during your workout hours or your stroll at the park every day? You will start being curious about him, right?

The same goes for the guy you like too!

Suppose he starts seeing you during his regular activity hours. In that case, he will naturally want to talk to you and know about you.


These are some tips on how to make him want you. So follow these and make him fall for you too!

And don’t forget to let me know which of these tricks worked for you!

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