14 Lovely Love Poems for Husband

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Expressing our love is essential to building long-lasting, loving relationships – and beneficial for our health, too! Love poems are an excellent way to tell your partner you love them!

So, why not try out some of these unique love poems for husbands! You can slip them into a birthday or anniversary card, a handwritten love letter, or recite them aloud!

They’re perfect if you’re stuck for the exact words to express your emotions. Or perhaps I have just never been good with writing rhyming verses to make a poem.

Love Poems for Husband

Here are some original love poems to revive the romance in your relationship!


Our love is like a drizzle of honey,
Golden and sticky, sugary, sickly,
It’s such a sweet treat!
I need to be wary I don’t overdose on it.
Without it, I wonder,
Where the sunshine went?
Luckily, I don’t have to think about such things,
As long as I’ve got you, my honey bee!


Sunshine is a temporary thing,
Disappearing at the slightest threat of rain.
Your smile shines much brighter every day,
And beckons me to drift away.

Money may buy all the heart desires,
Riches, jewels, and treasures bountiful beyond borders.
But, without you, the house is cold and empty,
Like a palace without any warm lit fires!
You’re priceless, my dear!

I Wonder

How I wonder, where we’d be,
If we didn’t meet that day.
Would I be sad,
Would I be wondering,
“Where is the woman of my dreams?”

For sure, it’s true,
There’s few like you,
It’s unlikely I would have found any as true,
Had destiny and fate not come along,
And played a sweet role,
In giving me a gift like you!

The Path on Which you Stray

Every man has a weakness,
Though not for all is it, true love, regardless.
Perhaps you played some part in that, my love?
For there are many paths a man can stray upon,
especially when the days are hard, long, and grim.

And, not may, no, not many at all,
No matter how virtuous, handsome, or tall
May have the unusual occurrence upon them befall,
To meet a woman so strong and yet so delightful.

So stubborn yet sweet,
So angelic, yet so human,
So elegant, yet so combative,
That she could him and his demons meet and defeat!

How Could I Ask?

When I first met you, I asked myself,
“How could I ask her on a date with me?”
When I had done it, I asked myself,
“How should I ask her at which restaurant she’d like to eat?”

Once we had gone on that first date, I asked myself,
“How could I convince her to meet up again with me?”
Once we had met again, I asked myself,
“Do you think one day she’d be the one to marry me?”

Once I had spent more time with you,
I knew I didn’t need to ask myself,
If you’d be the one who’d marry me.
All I did was ask myself,
“How wonderful will our future together be?”

Angels are Real

Angels are real, but they don’t have wings,
After all, who really needs such silly things?
Real angels have hearts of gold,
But gold too is useless,
Not more valuable than a lump of coal,
Simply a metaphor.

Angels are real, but they die just like the rest.
Because they need to take a rest, need a moment of bliss,
To wipe away the blood, sweat, and tears,
That doing such kind deeds and loving acts,
Removes from them through stress and years.

Angels aren’t always perfect, forgiving, or selfless,
Because sometimes they need to use their swords, instead.
To cut away the things that are dangerous and selfish.

Angels look much like you, my dear,
A double-edged sword that loves and gives,
As much as it cuts and forgives.
A stupider man would see that as a curse,
But I see it as a gift.

Growing is, after all, a painful series of exercises,
That lead to strength beyond our years.
Learning can often give you a pain in the head,
But, wisdom is garnered through it to no end.
Loving is sometimes taking a journey that is selfless and arduous.
But in these moments, we love to those we give!

I love you, my angel, as much as I can,
I’ll learn, grow, and give!
One day I’ll understand.


Hush, the cat is napping on the sofa.
Hush, the fire is crackling in the hearth.
Hush, my heart is beating softly,
To the rhythm of this bliss.

Quiet is not as it’s chalked up,
Boring, uncomfortable, or awkward,
When a man has the presence of a woman,
Who makes even the quiet a golden moment.

With nothing but her commitment,
To be there through sickness and in health,
In spirit and in the flesh.

Even though you are not home yet,
Just the knowledge you will be soon,
Can make this quiet, a truly golden moment.

Tempestuous Tempest

We’re not all taught to love danger and risk,
No, we’re taught to walk the well-known, well-beaten path,
The civil one, where roses bloom,
And wild animals never stray,
Lover kiss, the time after sunset brings only gloom.

Then, why, my dear,
So wild and free,
Do I want only to walk with thee,
Down dark and scary, moonlit paths,
Where brambles grow,
Pretty frocks, petticoats, and dresses get torn agast?
Where we may only be just a throw of a stone,
Away from a ditch, a gully, a cliff, a big fall,
Down to a beach,
Where waves smash and frolic away?

Is it not, why is it, the woman,
Who fights for those she loves,
The warrior, the powerhouse,
The one to fear and follow,
The only one who my heart does arouse?

The simple answer is,
Tempestuous as you are,
I love your inner fire!
May it never die or get cast asunder.


Nothing compares to you,
I truly mean it; it is true.
As much as it sounds like a cliche,
I even love you more and more each day!

Days turn into weeks,
Weeks into months,
And months into seasons
I still love you more and more each day!

The most handsome bouquet,
Cannot outshine a single picked Spring flower
Placed precariously in your bonnet!

The sweetest fragrance,
It does not compare,
To your warm skin on a Summer’s day!

The most luminescent fall leaves,
I cannot take my eyes away,
From the smile on your face on an Autumn day!

And, the most expensive jewels,
Cannot outshine the frost, snowflakes, and icicles,
On which you crunched and trod on on a Winter’s foray!

The Price

The price of loving you is steep,
I mean,
How much joy can a man’s heart hold or keep,
Before it has to weep?

The price of holding you is costly,
I mean,
What will I do,
When you become a ghost to me?

The price of feeling as I do,
Is terrifying, I mean,
How do I make sure,
To let you know,
That I do and will always love you?

The price of having you as a wife,
Is enough to cause me unbearable strain and strife,
Because I just can’t settle with not giving you,
All the beautiful things you justly deserve, too!

The price of loving you is,
As you can see,
Is a price I’m tenfold willing to pay,
Just to have you here with me,
Every single day!

Over the Moon

Over the moon, there is a sky,
The stars shine and twinkle here.
Under the moon, there is a cloud,
The birds fly free there, not a worry in the world.
Beneath all this glory, I lie still.
But, all I can think of is your face still!

Sweet Thing

It’s such a sweet thing to sit here and think,
About the day we met so long ago,
When dreams were something we just dreamed of,
Not somewhere we could truly go?

Now I can safely say,
That I no longer need to daydream or imagine any day,
Because every day with you as my wife,
Is bliss beyond my imagination,
And yet, it’s real, no need to agonize!

All That Glitters

All that glitters is not necessarily gold,
Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t so flashy,
Those are more valuable.

A hunk of shiny metal,
Or your heart so warm?
I think I’d pass over the gold anytime!

All that glitters,
I can’t necessarily care,
About the matters and daily affairs,
Of troubled men with,
Less than exciting stresses and fears.

What use then, my dear,
It is a shiny hunk of metal,
That cannot listen intently,
As it has no ears, then?!

All that glitters,
It Maybe glamorous,
But what about when those things remove the glamours,
On which they solely rely upon to make others amorous?

You are a rock more valuable than gold,
A heart warmer than any lump of metal or coal,
A woman of true substance!
It’s true,
That is why I truly love you!

Pinch Myself

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself when I wake,
To see if my life is real.
To see if you’re alive and breathing,
Not just a fantasy, a fake!

Sometimes, I hate to fall asleep,
And lose precious moments,
Of you breathing gently beside me.

Sometimes, I feel like my real life,
It is more beautiful,
Then my most fantastical dreams, I dreamed,
One day long ago.

Because at the end of the day,
These are temporary and fade away,
Sometimes completely forgotten,
Unlike all of our memories,
Which live here in me!


You need not settle for another generic love quote or a love poem for husbands. I’ve penned these unique poems just for your eyes and ears!

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