A Month of Love Notes

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We don’t just start loving those important to us when February rolls around but sometimes we need reminders. Sometimes we take for granted those closest to us and Valentine’s Day is that nudge we may need to express our feelings. I’m not really one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maybe its because my husband and I have been married for so long, or perhaps it’s because the date has evolved into something more about the kids than my husband and I. This year will be different.

A Fun Gift Idea for Valentine’s Day

Of course Hallmark Canada has the holiday covered with adorable stuffies, lovely cards, and sweetheart mugs.


I could send my husband a note but when I saw the I Love Us note set another idea grew. This February would be a month of love notes.  I don’t doubt my husband knows I love him just like I know he loves me. Sometimes it means showing our love in subtle ways that we appreciate but I think everyone craves that butterfly feeling in their gut from your first kiss or smile and blush from a sweet whisper.

If you’re the creative type, you could pen your partner a love letter but the I Love Us note set takes away the brain freeze many of us may feel when expressing our feelings. This month I will make sure my husband knows I’m thinking about him by surprising him with a new note each day.


By the coffee machine when he makes a cup in the morning. In his sock drawer when he goes to get dressed. On his pillow before he goes to bed. Tucked in his jacket pocket when he head out for a meeting.

The note set contains over 100 different messages, some romantic, others flirty and even a number of steamy ones.


Each day he’ll find something new from me knowing he’s on my mind even during our rushed mornings to get everyone out the door, when we’re juggling making dinner and helping with homework, or sitting beside each other quietly after the kids have gone to bed.

You may be thinking that if I really cared I would take the time to write a new message each day but for me it’s all about the continued surprise. Each message doesn’t have to be a long note pouring out my feelings. It’s about the little thoughts and the I Love Us note set makes it easy to express those anytime, anywhere, in which has been a busy routine lately.


If you’re looking for something personal and fun, try filling out the questions in What I Love About Us book. Have fun with your answers and you’ll even have a keepsake to look back upon in future years.

Whether it’s for Valentines Day or just because, remember how you felt at the start of your relationship when you treated each other with little surprises and unexpected moments of flirtation. Try sending a few love notes of your own to surprise your partner.

Sharing is Caring!

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