What to Get Your Husband for a 20th Anniversary Gift?

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So, you are going to hit the 20th year of your marital bliss?

Well, first, a big congratulations to you and your husband! You are going to hit an incredible milestone.

What are your plans for the day? Are you going to cook something special just for the two of you? Are you going to throw a huge anniversary party? Or, are you planning for a weekend staycation?

Whatever you are planning, an anniversary is not complete without a meaningful gift for your husband, isn’t it?

I just had my 5th wedding anniversary last month. We celebrated at home – just the two of us. My husband decorated our room with fairy lights, played soft romantic music to set the mood, and ordered mouth-watering cuisines. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go out as our one-year-old baby was not keeping well. Nevertheless, it was the best dinner of my life!

He gifted me a diamond ring, and I bought him perfume from a luxury brand. Choosing the gift was not an easy task at all. I had so many things in mind that I wanted to do for him. But there was no time left, and I ordered the perfume at the last minute.

When you stay with a person for a long time, you get to know their likes and dislikes really well. But, you know, no matter how well you know a person, you got to plan things when there is still time. Otherwise, you may not get to celebrate the way you wanted.

This makes it really important for you to choose the right 20th-anniversary gift for your husband! And to help you with that, I have suggested some of the best gifts you can give your husband on your special day.

Have a look!

20th Anniversary Gift for Husband

20th Anniversary Gift for Husband (1)

These gifts are of different price tags. Check to see if they match your needs.

Timex Men's Chicago Chronograph WatchTimex Men's Chicago Chronograph Watch• Leather strap
• Blue dial
• Date window

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YouNique Designs Coffee MugYouNique Designs Coffee Mug• Ceramic material
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
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3D Crystal Photo3D Crystal Photo• LED light base
• 3D crystal
• 3 sizes
Check Price
Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted FigureWillow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure• Resin material
• 9”h
• Hand-painted
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Hallmark Our Anniversary CardHallmark Our Anniversary Card• Printed card
• High-quality paper
• 5” x 7.2”
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Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting KitLuna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit• Easy
• Safe
• Wiggle-friendly
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Crystal Whiskey Glass SetCrystal Whiskey Glass Set• Brown color
• Crystal cut glass
• Steel cooling stone
Check Price
Engraved Pocket Watch with ChainEngraved Pocket Watch with Chain• White dial
• Stainless steel
• High-quality chain
Check Price
RAPICCA BBQ Grill Oven GlovesRAPICCA BBQ Grill Oven Gloves• Waterproof
• Fireproof
• Oil resistant
Check Price
Engraved Wooden WatchEngraved Wooden Watch• 100% natural wood
• Hand-made
• No harmful chemicals
Check Price
 ZLUXURQ Luxury Soft Leather GlovesZLUXURQ Luxury Soft Leather Gloves• Color options
• Size options
• Premium quality material
Check Price
VNOX Personalized Engraved Love Quote Link BraceletVNOX Personalized Engraved Love Quote Link Bracelet• Engraved
• Personalized message
• Adjustable
Check Price
Watch Box with Valet DrawerWatch Box with Valet Drawer• Large watch compartments
• Slide-out drawer
• Two colors option
Check Price
BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf BallBenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball• Real golf ball
• Made in the USA
• Freezer safe

Check Price
Dragon Glassware Whiskey GlassesDragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses• High-quality glass material
• 10 ounces fluid
• Gravity-defying design
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1. Timex Men’s Chicago Chronograph Watch

Timex Men's Chicago Chronograph Watch
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Are you looking for some classic gift for your husband?

Then this gorgeous watch from the house of Timex is just what you are looking for!

It is a real catch, I must say. The quartz movement, stick index dials, and the date window – all scream fashionable. And did I tell you how functional it is?

I loved the classic chronograph watch face, the brown leather strap, and the blue dial to the core! The brass case comes in dual tone with mineral glass crystal.

And it is sure to last many more future anniversaries. Get it today!

2. YouNique Designs Coffee Mug

YouNique Designs Coffee Mug
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband drink a lot of coffee throughout the day? How about gifting him a coffee mug that has some funny yet meaningful writings on it?

This coffee mug from the house of YouNique Designs is the one!

This ceramic mug comes with this text printed on it, “After 20 years, you’re still the best husband. Keep that up.” Isn’t it cute? It is enough to bring a big bright smile to your husband’s face. Trust me.

The black print against the white color of the mug makes it look super cool.

And did I tell you that this coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe?

3. 3D Crystal Photo

3D Crystal Photo
Click Here to Check the Price

Are you looking for some customized items for the 20th Anniversary Gift for Husband? How about this 3D crystal photo?

All you need is to choose a picture of you with your husband and it will be transformed into 3D with a personalized engraving.

The LED base of the picture will illuminate all the finer details in your photo and portray it as a 3D photo.

And did I tell you that you get to choose between the three sizes that are available – small, medium, and large?

4. Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
Click Here to Check the Price

Do you want to gift something to your husband that shows your love for each other and that he can put on a shelf to display?

Have a look at this hand-painted sculpted figure from the brand Willow Tree!

The sentiment that it portrays is, ”Hold dear the promise of love,” and you will get this written on the Enclosure Card.

Made of resin, this is a hand-painted figure of a couple dancing or embracing each other. The man is wearing dark-colored pants and a cream-colored shirt. The woman is wearing a cream-colored gown.

It is a perfect expression of love and care that you have for your husband!

5. Hallmark Our Anniversary Card

Hallmark Our Anniversary Card
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Anniversary cards hold a different level of love in our hearts, right? So, how about gifting your significant other a special “Our Anniversary” card?

On the cover of the card, there is a picture of a table set for two. Above that are some romantic bistro lights – accented with natural twine and glitter.

The inside of the card reads, “Today is the anniversary of the day we made it official, but our love was already real and true a long time before that. And I’m celebrating all of it—not just our big day but all the little days before and after, all the joys, all the laughter all this time I’ve been lucky enough to love and be loved by you.”

Isn’t it cute?

6. Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit
Click Here to Check the Price

Now that you have spent twenty years of togetherness, how about casting your hands together and keeping it as a beautiful memory of your marital bliss?

This keepsake hands casting kit comes with a plastic molding bucket, molding powder, casting stone, coarse sandpaper, fine sandpaper, detailing pin, demolding stick, and an instruction book.

With this kit, you get to preserve each and every precious detail for a one-of-a-kind, treasured gift!

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7. Crystal Whiskey Glass Set

Crystal Whiskey Glass Set
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband love drinking whiskey? How about gifting him a set of whiskey glasses?

This luxurious present shows how much you love your husband. And not to mention that he will enjoy drinking a lot from it, as it will remind him of your love for him.

The set contains a rustic wooden box, crystal glasses, tongs and velvet bag, steel cooling stones, and slate coasters – all of which speak of its premium quality.

And did I tell you that it comes in a delicately engraved box that reads, “To My Husband – I Loved you then, I Love You still?

Sweet, isn’t it?

8. Engraved Pocket Watch with Chain

Engraved Pocket Watch with Chain
Click Here to Check the Price

How about gifting your husband something on your 20th wedding anniversary that can light up his eyes?

This is a one-of-a-class pocket watch that is classy, super elegant, and practical! It comes included with a matte and soft gift box in color black.

When your husband is not using it, he can put it on display on the desk or the bookshelf and admire its beauty.

It is stylish and sleek and comes engraved in a beautiful message that says, “To my husband. I will love you until the end of time. Happy anniversary.

9. RAPICCA BBQ Grill Oven Gloves

RAPICCA BBQ Grill Oven Gloves
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband love grilling? Do you guys arrange BBQ at home quite often?

Then these gloves are all that he needs!

Food-grade neoprene rubber is used in the making of these grill gloves. They are stain, fire, and water-resistant. In addition, the textured non-slip design allows you to manage greasy and wet meat in your BBQ and smoker.

They are very comfortable to wear as double-layer soft cotton is used in the making of these functional gloves. They make your hands stay cool while you are using them. In addition, they protect your hands around grill flames, fires, and smokers.

And did I tell you how easy and fuss-free the cleaning of these grill gloves is?

All you need is some soap and water, and they will be as clean as new.

Gift these gloves to your husband, and he will thank you for this!

10. Engraved Wooden Watch

Engraved Wooden Watch
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband love to wear watches like most men? How about gifting him something unique, something amazing that will always be close to his heart?

Then this wristwatch is what you need to get for him! It is made from 100% natural wood. So, if your husband loves wooden things, then this would be the perfect 20th wedding anniversary gift for him.

Also, it is hand-made, and no harmful chemicals are used in the making of this classy and elegant watch.

And did I tell you that it comes engraved with a heart-touching message for your husband?

It says, “To my husband. You are my always and forever. My happily ever after. My soulmate, my best friend. Our journey so far has been an amazing ride. The best part is that you and me have been side by side. Being together gives me life’s best views. I wish I could turn back time. I would find you sooner and love you longer.”

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11. ZLUXURQ Luxury Soft Leather Gloves

ZLUXURQ Luxury Soft Leather Gloves
Click Here to Check the Price

Are you up for gifting something premium for your beloved husband this 20th wedding anniversary?

Have a look at these luxurious leather gloves!

They are made using a superior blend of cashmere lining and authentic sheep skin – perfect for use for years to come. I loved the classy design that it comes with. The elegant cut and the luxury feel can match any kind of outfit your husband chooses to wear, and he will look sophisticated in all.

The material of these gloves is perfect for wearing in cold winter and late autumn weather. They will keep your husband warm and comfortable. The leather is flexible, soft, and malleable – offering all the coziness your husband needs.

And did I tell you that you can get these amazing gloves in various pretty colors and multiple sizes?

12. VNOX Personalized Engraved Love Quote Link Bracelet

VNOX Personalized Engraved Love Quote Link Bracelet
Click Here to Check the Price

Do you want to gift your husband something that he can wear and that can have a personalized message written especially for him?

This engraved bracelet is what you are looking for! It is made with high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to rusting, scratching, and tarnishing. Also, it is extremely durable.

Do you know what I liked the most about this classy gift?

You can customize the engraving! This means if you want to say something to your husband, you can ask the seller to do that for you. Your husband will be reminded of you every time he sees the bracelet. Isn’t it amazing?

13. Watch Box with Valet Drawer

Watch Box with Valet Drawer
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband have a collection of watches? Do the watches lack proper storage because of which they often fall on the floor from the table or elsewhere? Then how about gifting your husband a luxurious watch case?

It will not only help him declutter his watches but also keep them safe. This watch case comes with twelve compartments where you can store both small and large watches neatly.

It also has a slide-out drawer that you can use to store additional watches, watch straps, tie clips, rings, cufflinks, money, sunglasses, and your watch tools. It has an elegant mid-century design – a perfect blend of functionality and class.

Each watch box has a wooden frame that is wrapped in premium quality PU leather.

And you get a warranty of one year with this luxurious watch case!

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14. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball
Click Here to Check the Price

Do you want to gift your husband a beer glass that is one of a kind?

Have a look at this beer glass!

It has a unique design that is sure to mesmerize everyone who looks at it. And did you know that it comes with a real golf ball?

It is made of excellent quality heavy glass that is freezer safe. In addition, it is hand sculpted to give it that unique look.

Go get it today!

15. Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Glasses
Click Here to Check the Price

If your husband loves whiskey, you can give him this uniquely designed whiskey glass!

Diamonds inspire the shape that this glass has. It allows you to aerate your drink when you pour and swirl it. It is great for not only whiskey but also wine, scotch, bourbon, and more.

It gives you a unique drinking experience with its spill-proof, anti-rocking, and 50-degree tilted angle.

The glassware is of professional quality, lead-free, and crystal clear. It is freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe.

And did I tell you that it comes with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty?

16. TRAVANDO Men’s Slim Wallet

TRAVANDO Men's Slim Wallet
Click Here to Check the Price

A wallet is something that a man needs every time they go out of the house. Isn’t it? So, how about gifting the love of your life a slim, trendy wallet that he will always keep with him?

This designer wallet from the brand TRAVANDA comes with eleven card pockets. So your husband can push out the cards easily. It is perfect for carrying bills, credit cards, and business cards.

Did I tell you what I liked the most about this beautiful wallet?

It can block the 13.56 MHz band, which means it can protect your husband’s belongings from data theft by RFID scanners. An independent quality control institute in Germany tested it.

It comes with an integrated metal money clip using which your husband can clip several bills inside the wallet.

This wallet is all about quality, elegance, and convenience.

Like it? Get it!

17. Engraved Ebony Wood Phone Docking Station

Engraved Ebony Wood Phone Docking Station
Click Here to Check the Price

Does it often happen that your husband keeps forgetting where he has kept his phone, wallet, or keys?

Then this docking station would be the right thing to gift him on your anniversary as a solution to this problem!

In this dock station, he can keep his headphones, cards, pens, coins, glasses, wallet, ring, watches, keys, and whatnot!

This docking station is handcrafted to meet your sentimental needs. It is made of strong and premium quality ebony wood. It has a varnish finish that makes sure that the quality is maintained throughout and is durable. It can keep your husband’s favorite and the essential things in an esthetically pleasing way. The grains of the wood and the natural patterns add to its beauty.

It is lightweight, and you can easily assemble and disassemble it, making it travel-friendly.

18. AuKing Mini Projector

AuKing Mini Projector
Click Here to Check the Price

Does your husband love watching movies? Or, do the both of you love to spend time together watching movies?

Then this mini projector can come in handy. And this gift can be for both of you. Great, isn’t it?

This upgraded mini projector offers you 35 percent brighter images compared to the other similar kinds of projectors on the market. With this, you can have a premium home cinema experience with a clearer image and a bigger screen.

It offers excellent clear sound – all thanks to the built-in speakers. And the good news is that you can connect it to external speakers too!

The advanced fan cooling technology doesn’t let the projector make much noise. You can use it for a lot of years than 15 years – all thanks to the powerful cooling system.

It is portable, and you can use it for playing sports, TC series, movies, photo sharing, and more. All you need is to connect it with your smartphone, laptop, USB drives, tablet, or X-Box ONE!

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19. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Leather Journal Writing Notebook
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Does your husband like to keep notes of everyday things?

Then there is nothing better than a vintage-looking journal to gift him!

 This journal from the brand CooLeathor is made using genuine and premium quality leather. The exterior is soft to touch.

And did I tell you how elegant it looks with all the natural and distressed-looking leather? It is really exclusive.

Gift it to your husband so that he can use it as his daily journal, appointment book, travel diary, or sketchbook.

There are 120 sheets in this journal. It comes with a leather strap closure.

And you get a black ball pen with it.

20. Handmade Duffel Bag

Handmade Duffel Bag
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Does your husband travel a lot? Or, are you planning a getaway on your 20th wedding anniversary?

Then this duffel bag will come in handy! It is made with 100% genuine leather and durable canvas lining. It has a zipper closure.

There are two large compartments – perfect for keeping clothes and sports gear. The two side pockets can be used to keep your husband’s accessories or shoes.

He can keep his mobile, cash, and other necessary things in the two front pockets.

This durable leather bag comes with a shoulder pad and dual adjustable shoulder straps.

Your husband can use this as a gym duffel bag, travel bag, overnight bag, sports duffel bag, and weekend cabin duffel bag – one bag, so many functionalities!

You can get it in four sizes.


So, do you like these gift ideas? Which 20th-anniversary gift for husband have you shortlisted?

Let me know in the comments!

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