151 Romantic Love Riddles With Answers

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Love is perhaps among the greatest riddles of all – if not the greatest. It’s a mystery how to find it, how to win it, how to keep it, and even how to recognize it! It can be quite the challenge and quite the perplexing challenge. But it’s also the most rewarding, fulfilling, and best riddle to solve.

Luckily, love riddles are easy and fun to solve. For those of you who have managed to figure out the grandest riddle that is love, or for those of you while figuring it all out, these love riddles are a great way to strengthen connections and get those lovin’ feelings going! And they’re best solved together.

These love riddles with answers are all about sweetness, wit, and romance and will help fill the air with love. Solving love riddles will unite you two and will certainly make for an evening to remember! Keep in mind the saying, “The more you give, the more you gain.” The more love riddles you work on together, the more laughter and love you’ll be sharing between you two.

Love Riddles

Check out our collection of sweet, funny, and romantic love riddles with answers, and get ready to have a ton of fun with your special someone!

Sweet Love Riddles

Sweet love riddles are a great way to ignite conversations about feelings and relationships, and all things love. These are cute little riddles that can make you and the apple of your eye smile and put love at the forefront of your mind.

“It is priceless, but it comes to you for free. What is it?”

Answer: Love.

“I am round, thin and shiny, and often studded with stones; I am one symbol of a relationship. What am I? “

Answer: A ring.

“I am a five lettered word, I am one reason for the butterflies in your stomach, I am one reason behind your daydreaming, I rhyme with rush, but you don’t really want to rush when it comes to me. What am I?”

Answer: Crush.

“I may look grizzly, but I’m very soft and cuddly. I come in all sizes and am stuffed up. I can be a great Valentine’s day gift. What am I?”

Answer: Teddy bear.

“I live inside you, but not in your tummy, and I am the symbol of love. What am I ?”

Answer: Heart.

“I have caused the worst of tragedies, yet I am chased and desired the most. What am I?”

Answer: Love.

“I am one symbol of love, the daughter of Heaven and Sea, and many envy my beauty. Who am I?”

Answer: Goddess of love- Venus.

“You can see me flying around with bows and arrows. I might hit you with it, but you will only feel love, not sorrow. Who am I?”

Answer: Cupid.

“I am on the outside and the inside. I can woo you and win your heart; for Keats, I am joy forever. What am I?”

Answer: Beauty.

“It is in the air and can’t be seen, but it’s not oxygen. What is it?”

Answer: Love.

“I come in blue, black, hazel, and green shades; I am the subject of romantic lines; you can explore my depth. What am I?”

Answer: Eyes.

“I can be offered. A very important part of a relationship, I survive when it is true. It starts with an L. What am I?”

Answer: Loyalty.

“It is a form of love that mothers can’t take back after giving. What is it?”

Answer: Kiss.

“I am available in thousands of colors. Each color symbolizes different aspects of love. I am used to celebrate new beginnings and express heartfelt goodbyes. What am I?”

Answer: Flower.

“I can be sweet. I can be bitter. I can make you daydream and make you catch all the butterflies inside of your tummy. What am I?”

Answer: Love.

“It can hurt you and ignite a heart; you might want to watch out for it. What is it?”

Answer: Cupid’s arrow.

“It comes once in a year, and you hear about the romance it creates everywhere. Lovers seem to be eagerly waiting for its arrival. What is it?”

Answer: Valentine’s Day.

“I may be a quiet sense of happiness, sadness, or fear to many. I can be shown and sometimes just be gone, but I always come back before it’s too long. What am I?”

Answer: Feelings.

“I am a nine-lettered word and rhyme with perfection; I am yet another name for love. What am I?”

Answer: Affection

“What can fill a room but takes up no space?”

Answer: Love

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“I start with an H and end with a T; I might hurt you unknowingly. What am I?”

Answer: Heart.

“I am a four-lettered word that can be powerful, tender, deep, and sometimes complicated and blind at the same time. What am I?”

Answer: Love.

“I grow with you and bloom with you. I might also die. I can happen at the very beginning, and I can also happen towards the end. I can make you cry and can make you smile. What am I?”

Answer: Love.

“I am five lettered word; I start with T and end with a T; without me, your love won’t last. What am I?”

Answer: Trust.

“I hurt the most when lost, yet also when not had at all. I’m sometimes the hardest to express, but the easiest to ignore. I can be given to many, or just to one. What am I?”

Answer: Love

“I can make people happy, I can make people cry. I can make people want me, and I can drive people crazy. What am I?”

Answer: Love

“I am a four-lettered word and end with an E, but not love. I am a form of love that you share with important people in your life. What am I?”

Answer: Care.

“It is invisible and can make you sweat and give you nausea, yet you can not live without it?”

Answer: Love.

“It implies love and signifies commitment. All it needs is a small celebration and a shiny love band. What is it?”

Answer: A proposal.

“I am very popular during valentine’s day. Red is my popular shade, and my fragrance is lovely and related to romantic dates. What am I?”

Answer: Rose.

“The rich people want it, wise people know it, the poor people need it, and kind people show it. What is it?”

Answer: Love.

“It connects two people, yet it touches only one. What is it?”

Answer: A wedding ring.

“It is a synonym for joy, and it begins with H; for me, it starts with U. What is it?”

Answer: Happiness.

“It is mine, but you can only keep it. What is it?”

Answer: My heart.

“It’s hard to express this, but when it is expressed, it’s not easy to hide. What am I?”

Answer: I love you.

“It is found in science, and also among lovers. It has a magnetic quality. What is it?”

Answer: Attraction.

“I am like a sweet connection, just like glue, connecting two things. What am I?”

Answer: Attachment.

“I am a 12 lettered word, and a very important thing to initiate a relationship. What am I?”

Answer: Compatibility.

Love Riddles for Couples to Solve Together

Love riddles are a fantastic way for you to strengthen your bond as a couple. Brainstorm and laugh together as you tackle these love riddles for couples to solve!

“What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in one thousand years?”

Answer: The letter M

“What can you catch but not throw?”

Answer: Feelings!

“We see it once in a year, twice in a week, and never in a day. What is it?”

Answer: The letter “E”

“What word in the English language does the following: The first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters signify a great, while the entire word signifies a great woman. What is the word?”

Answer: Heroine

“It can grow fast, and it can also die slowly. It can be joyful yet painful if you already know. What is it?”

Answer: A relationship.

“What can you keep after giving to someone?”

Answer: Your word

“If you’ve got me, you want to share me; if you share me, you haven’t kept me. What am I?”

Answer: A secret

“I am endless, and once you have me you are bound for life. What am I?”

Answer: Marriage.

“What is coming but never arrives?”

Answer: Tomorrow.

“I am not a cruise sailing on the sea, but a beautiful thing where you want to be. What am I?”

Answer: Relationship.

“I am round and made of precious stone. You can wear me, but I am not a piece of garment. Life changes for the better once you wear me. I am the difference between love and marriage. What am I?”

Answer: A wedding ring.

“It is not in your tummy but somewhere above. It is thought by many to be the symbol of love.”

Answer: The heart

“I am a word that begins with the letter “i.” If you add the letter “a” to me, I become a new word with a different meaning, but that sounds exactly the same. What word am I?”

Answer: Isle / aisle

“You get a lot of it if you’re powerful and successful, but significantly less when you’re just starting out. You sometimes do it yourself, but it’s a lot better when you share it with another person. What am I talking about?”

Answer: Email

“What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?”

Answer: A promise

“You see a boat filled with people, yet there isn’t a single person on board. How is that possible?”

Answer: All the people on the boat are married.

“What is the end of eternity?”

Answer: Y!

“What is the difference between love and marriage?”

Answer: Love is a sweet dream, marriage is the alarm clock

“It belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do. What is it?”

Answer: Your name

“When you attend a wedding you will see two of me, but I am not human. What am I?”

Answer: Rings

“I can break, I can be clogged, I can be attacked, I can be given, I can be kept, I can be crushed, yet I can be whole at the same time. What am I?”

Answer: A heart.

“What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?”

Answer: A deck of cards

“You can steal it but still not end up in prison for it. What is it?”

Answer: Another person’s heart.

Funny Love Riddles

Laughter is an excellent way to establish a deeper connection with your significant other. A shared sense of humor makes for more palpable chemistry and draw you more towards each other.

“What do you call two Italian ants?”

Answer: Romance.

“What do you call two young married spiders?”

Answer: Newly webs

“It is something both a foodie and a Dracula would say to their respective beloveds. What is it?”

Answer: Love at first bite.

“I am a fish, but also god’s love. I sound like a puppy, but I am not. What am I?”

Answer: Guppy love.

“It lights up the whole vibe of the ocean, and it is the most romantic time of day for the ocean. What is it?”

Answer: When the buoy meets the gull.

“Where do rabbits go after their wedding?”

Answer: On their bunny moon.

“What does a man with a broken leg say to the girl nurse he has feelings for?”

Answer: I have a crutch on you.

“Why would a cannibal break up with his girlfriend?”

Answer: She is no longer to his taste.

“What did the sculpture say to his girlfriend?”

Answer: I love you with all my art

“Why did the notebook marry the pencil?”

Answer: She finally found Mr. Write.

“Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?”

Answer: No, but they had an apple.

“Why should you avoid falling in love with a pastry chef?”

Answer: They’ll only dessert you.

“What did the boy light bulb say to the girl light bulb?”

Answer: I love you a whole watt.

“Why did the banker break up with his girlfriend?”

Answer: He was losing interest.

“Why should you never break up with a soccer player?”

Because he’s probably a keeper.

“When does Valentine’s Day come after Easter?”

Answer: When you are looking in the dictionary.

“What do you call two birds in love?”

Answer: Tweet hearts

“How does a vampire refer to his sweetheart?”

Answer: His ghoul-friend

“Why did the man ask his wife for a map?”

Answer: He got lost in her eyes

“Why should you never date a tennis player?”

Answer: Because love means nothing to them.

“How do you spell a pretty girl with only two letters?”

Answer: QT

“What happened when the man realized he was in love with his garden?”

Answer: He wed his plants.

“How can you tell when a wedding is emotional?”

Answer: When the cake is in tiers.

“What do farmers give their wives on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Hogs and Kisses.

“Why did Carbon marry Hydrogen?”

Answer: They bonded so well.

“What did the Valentine card say to the stamp?”

Answer: Stick with me, we’ll go places.

“Who has married hundreds but always been single?”

Answer: A priest.

“What are the three rings of marriage?”

Answer: The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering.

“What did the paperclip say to the magnet?”

Answer: You are very attractive.

“What did the man say about his Korean girlfriend?”

Answer: She was his Seoul mate.

“What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: I am nuts about you.

 “Did you hear about the romance in the tropical fish tank?”

Answer: It was guppy love.

“What does an owl say to their crush on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Owl be yours!

“What’s a vampire’s lady friend called?”

Answer: His ghoulfriend.

“What do the bird couple call one another?”

Answer: Tweetheart.

“What did the rabbit’s friends say when they got a Valentine’s Day card?”

Answer: Looks like some bunny loves you!

“How did the sandwich confess her love?”

Answer: She said, “You mean a great dill to me.”

“Why did the watermelon and the honeydew have a big wedding?”

Answer: Because they cantaloupe.

“What do snakes give each other when they say goodbye?”

Answer: A little hiss on the cheek

“How do you know if you’re dating a French chef?”

Answer: They give you a quiche.

“What did one pig say to the other?”

Answer: Don’t go bacon my heart!

“How did I know my new partner works at the zoo before they told me?”

Answer: Because right off I could tell they’re a keeper!

“What did the paper clip say to the magnet?”

Answer: I find you very attractive.

“How do French chefs make you love them?”

Answer: They butter you up!

More Adorable Love Riddles

Add more sweetness, romance, and wit into the mix with more adorable love riddles for you and your partner. Brainstorm together, get your competitive juice flowing, and laugh and kiss it out with these super fun and super witty love riddles!

“Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is really long. Michael J. Fox’s is short. Daffy Duck’s isn’t human. Madonna doesn’t have one, and I want yours. What is it?”

Answer: Surname.

“What did the left eyebrow say to the right eyebrow?”

Answer: You look surprised to see me.

“What is worth a billion dollars but comes free of cost?”

Answer: Love.

“A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?”

Answer: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

“What is yours but you can’t actually hold?”

Answer: My heart.

“What did the doctor say to the tonsil?”

Answer: You look so cute, I think I will take you out.

“What did the boy bird say to the girl bird on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Let me call you “tweet” heart.

“What do love and math have in common?”

Answer: Add wine and a bed, minus the clothes, divide the legs, and hope and pray that you don’t multiply.

“How can a married couple who hate each other and are on the brink of divorce enjoy a romantic dinner and a bottle of wine at the same restaurant?”

Answer: They go on different days.

“What did the boy drum say to the girl drum on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: My heart “beats” for you.

“How did the husband show his wife who was the boss of the household?”

Answer: The husband held up a mirror to his wife’s face.

“What did the elephant say to his Valentine?”

Answer: I love you a ton.

“What did the little boy sheep say to the little girl sheep on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: I love “ewe.”

“You play with me when you are single and bored and stuck with me once married. What am I?”

Answer: Your ring.

“If love is grand, then what is divorce?”

Answer: At least a hundred grand!

“Why does love need sunglasses and a cane?”

Answer: Because love is blind.

“What greeting do you say to a single person on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Happy Independence Day!

“What date do single people have on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: February 14th.

“What did the female giraffe ask the handsome male giraffe?”

Answer: Wanna neck with me?

“What did the phone say to the WiFi?”

Answer: We definitely have a connection.

“Why did the banana go out with the prune for Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Because he couldn’t get a date.

“What did the train say to his Valentine?”

Answer: I choo-choo-choose you!

“What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: I want to hold your hands.

“How can you tell when a turkey is all ready for a date?”

Answer: It is “dressed.”

“What did the iPhone say to the MacBook?”

Answer: You are the “apple” of my eye.

“Why did the two lovers end up in prison?”

Answer: Because they stole each other’s hearts.

“What did the clock say to the calendar on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Wanna go on a date?

“What did number 2 say to number 1?”

Answer: Are you single?

“How did the bell propose to his girlfriend?”

Answer: He gave her a “ring.”

“What did the electrical socket say to the plug?”

Answer: We fit perfectly together.

“What four-letter word is the cause of most discord in the world, as well as most cooperation?”

Answer: Love.

“What flowers are kissable?”

Answer: Tulips.

“What did the hamburger buy his sweetheart?”

Answer: An onion ring!

“My first is foremost legally. My second circle is outwardly. My third leads all in victory. My fourth twice ends a nominee. What am I?”

Answer: Love.

“This word is a favorite of girls. Boys are unnerved by the mention of it. Once love finds its accompaniment, it becomes a lifelong event.”

Answer: Forever.

“What is Mrs. Right’s first name?”

Answer: Always.

“What did the cat say to her Valentine?”

Answer:  You are purr-fect for me.

“It grows and blossoms, it dies and wilts. It happens in the beginning and happens in the end. It can make you cry, it can make you sad, it can make you smile, and it can make you brave. What is it?”

Answer: Love.

“Made by God in pairs, separated at birth on Earth, found after years of search, inseparable for the rest of the time. What am I?”

Answer: Soulmates.

“When I look at her, she smiles at me. When I wink at her, she winks at me. When I kiss her, she kisses me back. When I say I love you, she says it back. Who am I?”

Answer: Your own reflection in the mirror.

“Useless for one, but absolute bliss to two. The small boy gets it for free, the young man has to seek permission for it. The old man has to buy it. It’s a baby’s right and a lover’s privilege. What am I?”

Answer: A kiss.

“Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: Of course. They are very scent-imental beings.

“Why is it difficult to find a loving, caring, and handsome guy?”

Answer: Because I am already with him.

“What do relationships have in common with algebra?”

Answer: Haven’t you ever had an X and wondered Y?

“What did the fish say to the bait on Valentine’s Day?”

Answer: We should totally hook up.

The best time is now to set a romantic, fun-filled date with your significant other or the apple of your eye where you can whip out these love riddles and get those butterflies fluttering and that chemistry sizzling between the two of you.

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