15 Fun Activities For Toddlers at Home

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Meta: If you are searching for activities for toddlers at home we have compiled 15 fun and simple activities your toddler will love! 

Finding age-appropriate activities for toddlers at home can have you scratching your head a bit trying to figure out ones that they will love and won’t create a huge mess.

But these simple to do toddler activities will have your toddler exploring senses, creating, and having fun each and every day. The best thing about it, is they take very little to no prep at all! 

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15 Activities For Toddlers at Home

#1 Water beads

Water beads

Water beads are are a fun activity for toddlers at home. They are squishy and come in a variety of colors. If you are lucky you can find them at the Dollar store or you can pick them up on Amazon. 

Toddlers can squish them, sort them, play with them, line them up and do all kinds of things with them to stay busy. 

Be aware that this is not a good activity for toddlers at home if they still put things in their mouths because they are not edible. 

#2 Bath Painting

Bath Painting

Bath painting is a great rainy day activity for toddlers. Grab your muffin tin and place shaving cream in each spot. Then add a bit of food coloring and stir. Let your very own Picasso take their paint into the bathtub and let them paint. 

You want to be sure to rinse the tub out as soon as they are done so the colored shaving cream is not left sitting there. 

#3 Lacing Cheerios

Lacing Cheerios
Source: entertainyourtoddler.com

If you are looking for less messy activities for toddlers at home then have them lace Cheerios or any other round cereal. 

Grab a piece of yarn and give them a bowl of cereal and let them string them onto the yarn. Don’t forget to tie a Cheerio onto the end so they don’t all fall of as they add them on. 

Once they have laced their cereal, then tie a knot to make it a necklace and let them wear it. 

You can also stick a piece of uncooked spaghetti into some playdoh and they can build Cheerio tours on the spaghetti noodles. 

#4 Superhero bath

Superhero bath

If you have a superhero lover, then they will love this activity at home. Fill the bathroom sink with water and let your toddler stand on a stool so they can reach. 

Then let them give their superheroes a bath in the sink. Let them use soap and wash them and have them dry them afterward. Not only will this be endless fun for your toddler, but it also helps teach life skills. 

No superhero? You can let them use matchbox cars and heave them run them through the “Car wash.”

#5 Dig for Treasure

Dig for Treasure

If you have kids who love tools, then let them dig for treasure. 

To dig for fossils you will want to get some water balloons and then stick a small toy in each one. Next, fill it with water, tie it, and place it in the freezer. 

Once it is completely frozen, cut off the water balloon and allow your child to dig for treasure with kid-appropriate tools. 

This is best done outside because the ice will melt as it is chipped away. Once the ice is chipped away they will discover their very own treasure. 

#6 Build Towers

Build Towers

Toddlers love to knock things down. So build towers with them and then let them knock it down. You are guaranteed lots of fun laughs while you do this together. 

You can build yellow towers or red and blue towers to practice colors and patterns while having fun with one another. 

#7 Dress up

Dress up

A toddler must-do activity has to be dress up! While dressing up they can be just about anything they want. They can take on a new character role and really express their creativity in a whole new way. 

My son loves to dress up like the hulk and as he does he puts on his “hulk voice” to immerse himself into the character he is trying to be. 

#8 Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is another great activity for toddlers at home. Sure it might be a little basic, hiding in the doorway of another room or picking the same spot every time, but it allows them to look and find. Not only that, but it is just fun to do for them. 

#9 Pretend to be animals

Pretend to be animals
Source: raisingchildren.net.au

Do you live in a zoo? Well, turn your house into the zoo and pretend to be different animals that are found in the zoo with your toddler. They will love making animal sounds and learning about the different types of animals at the zoo and what they do. 

#10 Plant Flowers

Plant Flowers

Does your toddler love flowers as much as mine? Take them to the nursery and get some flowers or pick up some seeds and then go home and plant them. 

Teach them how to plant them and take care of them. Let them water the flowers and observe them together as they grow. 

#11 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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Go outside your home and go on an outdoor scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. Your toddler will love looking for various objects that are only found in nature. 

Let them collect different objects on the hunt and then you can talk about them when you get home. What size are they? Are they soft? Is it shiny? Which one is the biggest?

#12 Collect rocks and paint them

Collect rocks and paint them

Let your toddler collect rocks and then bring them inside, clean them up and paint them together. Then you can take them back outside to create your very own rock garden. 

#13 Playdoh


Playdoh makes for another great activity for toddlers at home. Not only is it a sensory-friendly activity but it helps them explore their creativity as they shape and mold the playdoh. 

You can easily make your own playdoh or you can buy premade playdoh.

The great thing about playdoh is that it lasts a really long time and your toddler can have fun even with some basic kitchen tools like a rolling pin, kid-friendly knives, spatulas, etc. 

#14 Sponge stamping

Sponge stamping

Sponge stamping is another fun activity at home. Grab sizes of all different sizes and get a tub that will hold water. Place all the sponges in the tub and then let them dip them in the tub and stamp the concrete with them. Your toddler will have a blast and you will love it too because it is just a little wet, but creates no mess to have to clean up afterward. 

You always want to make sure to supervise your toddler around water no matter how shallow the water level is. 

#15 Balloon Toss

Balloon Toss

If you are trying to get some excess energy out blow up a balloon and play balloon toss. Teach them to hit the balloon back and forth to each other. You can even count to see how many times you can hit it before having it touch the ground if you want to practice counting. 

There you have it! Simple and fun activities for toddlers at home! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments! 

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