15 Fun Things to Do With Toddlers

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Keeping toddlers busy and entertained can sometimes be quite the task of a parent. At this age, they are all about curiosity and exploring which can lead to a fair share of messes to clean up.

But one thing is certain toddlers love to have fun! So we are sharing a massive list of fun things to do with toddlers to keep them entertained and learning to help you keep them occupied. 

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15 Fun Things to Do With Toddlers

Fun things to do with toddlers

#1 Shaving Cream Art

Shaving Cream Art

I know what you are thinking, what a mess! But shaving cream art is the ultimate fun sensory activity for toddlers. 

Get a cookie sheet, put some shaving cream on it pull up their sleeves, and then let them draw on it with their fingers, crunch it, and anything else that suits their fancy. 

If you worry about the floor getting messy, you can always lay a tarp down that you can take outside and hose off once done. 

#2 Cardboard Car

Fun things to do with toddlers

The best thing about toddlers is their imagination that is why creating cardboard cars is such an entertaining thing to do with your toddler. 

To begin, find boxes that are big enough for them to sit in. Find one your size as well. Then working together, create cardboard cars. Let them draw on them, create a steering wheel, and everything else they want to add. 

Once the cars are complete have car races with them and obstacle courses. 

When they are tired, tell them it is time for the drive-in movie and let them sit in their car and watch their favorite movie or show. 

#3 Ice Cube Painting

Fun things to do with toddlers

Toddlers love painting, but it can get really messy and everywhere, especially on their clothes. That is why I love ice cube painting. 

Grab an ice cube tray and fill it with water, then add a little bit of food coloring to each section of the tray. 

Place in the freezer for about 30 minutes to start to set. Then place a popsicle stick in each section and place back in the freezer to completely freeze.

Once frozen, pull out the ice cube tray and pop out some of the colored ice cubes, and let your toddler watercolor with the ice cube on paper. 

I promise this will become a fun thing to do with toddlers over and over again. 

#4 Sidewalk Paint

Fun things to do with toddlers

Sidewalk paint is another fun toddler activity to do. If your toddler is anything like mine, they love to draw on just about everything. So we try to set boundaries as to where they can draw and outside on the driveway is one of those places. 

You can make your own sidewalk paint by mixing ½ cup of water with ½ of cornstarch and adding a little bit of food coloring. 

Then let your kids take it outside with a paintbrush and let them paint away. They will have such a blast painting the sidewalk or driveway. 

#5 Play I Spy while in the car

Play I Spy while in the car

I spy is a fun thing to do with toddlers. It not only helps with their vocabulary, but it helps them learn to recognize colors in their environment. 

To play choose an object that is around you and then say “I spy something that is the color (and name the color the object is). 

Then let your toddler guess what it might be. Once they get how to play let them pick an object and the color. 

They will want to play with you every time they get in the car. 

#6 Feed the Ducks

Fun things to do with toddlers

If you live by a nearby pond or lake, take some old bread and go feed the ducks. Just be careful because ducks can be a little vicious at times so it is always a good idea to drop the food on the ground and take several steps away and watch them come and eat it. 

#7 Go to a Petting Zoo

Fun things to do with toddlers

When creating your list of fun things to do with toddlers, you have to add visit a petting zoo on it. Here your toddler can get up close and personal with animals and pet them to see how soft or coarse their body is.

Most cities have a petting zoo nearby so you shouldn’t have to travel far to find one. 

#8 Puddle Jump

Fun things to do with toddlers

What toddler doesn’t love jumping in puddles? Put on their rain boots and let them go outside and jump in the puddles after the rainstorm. 

#9 Go to the Zoo

Trip to the Zoo

Toddlers love the zoo, so take them on a zoo trip to see all the animals. Most zoos let you pack a lunch and take it in the park and enjoy at a picnic bench. 

While there talk about the animals, the sounds they make, and the size of the animal. Have them tell you what their favorite animal is that day. If you live by the zoo you might want to consider getting a zoo pass so you can go as often as you would like. 

#10 Go to the park and go on a scavenger hunt

Fun things to do with toddlers

Take your toddler to the park and let them play and then go on an outdoor scavenger hunt. Explore with your toddler everything that nature has to offer. 

#11 Read with your toddler

Fun things to do with toddlers

Sit down and read with your toddler. Let them pick some books and climb up in your lap for storytime and snuggles. Not only is this a great bonding time for you and your toddler but their brain will be growing rapidly as you read to them.

If your toddler loves books take them to the library to choose new books or to listen to storytime. 

#12 Water Table

Fun things to do with toddlers

Water tables are always a great toddler activity, especially ones that have attachments on them so they can dump water. These will not only entertain them for hours but teach them cause and effect as they see the water they dump travels through the toy. 

This makes for a great outdoor activity in the spring or the fall. 

#13 Cook

Fun things to do with toddlers

Naturally, toddlers love cooking. I mean the most requested toddler gift is always a play kitchen at least in our house. So if you are looking for fun things to do with toddlers, take them to the kitchen and let them help cook. 

Pick an easy recipe and let them help measure, pour, and stir the ingredients. We love making cookies because the end result is so tasty. 

#14 Dot art markers

Fun things to do with toddlers

If you are looking for an educational activity, then grab some dot art markers and print out their name in large letters. Then let them take the dot markers and dot their name. 

Using these markers will help their fine motor skills as well as help them with name recognition and letter recognition. 

#15 Bikes and scooters

Fun things to do with toddlers

Get your toddler outside with bikes and scooters. This helps them get energy out and helps develop leg strength. And who doesn’t love getting fresh air? 

Teach your child to ride bikes and how to use a scooter. Make this a daily activity to bike or scooter around the neighborhood together. 

There you have it! 15 Fun things to do with toddlers! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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