20 Fun Games to Play When Bored

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When you are a mom you have probably heard a time or two before, “I am bored.” So we are sharing so many fun and easy games to play when bored so that you don’t ever have to hear “I’m bored again!”

Fun Games to Play When Bored

20 Games to Play When Bored

1. Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Kids are inquisitive and they love to learn, so a great thing to do with them is creating a fun trivia night to do with the kids. Grab some fun sports trivia questions or some funny trivia questions and see who can get the most right.  

2. Tell Some Jokes

Tell Some Jokes

Kids love jokes and for good reason. What if you always had some good jokes in your back pocket ready to go to tell them. Once they hear a joke they will want to try and tell you some too! 

3. Riddles 

Riddles for kids and Brain Teasers for Kids

Don’t stop with jokes, throw in some good riddles and brain teasers as well. This will really help test their knowledge even more. 

4. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time and to sit and chat with your kids as you puzzle together. Grab a fun puzzle and sit down and work on it together or encourage your child to sit down and work on a puzzle. 

Word Search

Word searches are another fun activity when you are bored. This not only passes the time, but it also engages your brain more than just sitting there. There are so many different free word searches you can print out and work on that you are sure to find one that is the right level for you. 

6. I Spy

Ever since I was little I have played I Spy. Now that I am a mom I am constantly playing I spy with my little kids. This is a great game while sitting in the school pick up line waiting for other kids. To play, one person picks an object but doesn’t tell anyone what it is. They only say, “I spy with my little eye something and then the color of the object. The other person or people playing then look for things that are that color and try to guess what it is. Once they guess it, then it is someone else’s turn to find an object for everyone to guess. 

7. Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors
Image: popularmechanics.com

Rock paper scissors us a must when you are a kid. This is a fun game where kids yell “rock, paper, scissors, shoot” and then display their rock (fist), paper (flat hand), or scissors (pointer and middle finger extended like scissors). The person with the strongest object wins. Kids love playing this over and over again. 

In case you need to know what beats what here it is:

  • Paper beats rock
  • Scissors beat paper
  • Rock crushes scissors

8. Tag

If you can go outside, take the kids outside and play a fun game of tag. Run around and chase one another. We were always huge fans of freeze tag. Where one person is it and if they tag someone they are frozen, but anyone can go and unfreeze them, and then they can play again. 

9. Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball

Having a few balloons on hand is always great to help create simple games to play when bored. Just blow it up and create a fun balloon volleyball game. This is perfect to play in the house because nothing will break from the balloon at least and the kids will play for hours with it. 

10. Blocks

Build with Blocks

Never estimate legos or blocks. We have a huge tube of blocks that we pull out and even our older kids will become captivated in building and creating different objects. Try these lego building ideas to get started with some fun ideas. 

11. Balance Beam

Create a fun balancing course throughout the house with some blue painter’s tape. See if your kids can stay on the line the whole time without falling off. If they fall off have them go back to the beginning. Once they are a balancing pro time them to see how long it takes them without falling off. 

12. Drive-Up Movies

If you are like us you probably have some big Amazon boxes sitting around the house. Turn these into cars and create your very own drive-up movie. The kids will love sitting in their cars with their snacks watching a movie together. 

13. Hot Potato

Want a game to get the wiggles out? Play hot potato. This is a fun way to get kids moving, laughing, and having fun. You don’t have to use a potato in fact I don’t think you should because the kids might get a little crazy! Grab a sock or a soft ball to use as the potato. 

14. Charades


Why not have fun with the kids and do some fun charades for kids. They will have a blast acting out all kinds of things while having fun together. 

15. Indoor Obstacle Course

Indoor Obstacle Course

While this might require a bit of set up the kids will love creating and participating in an indoor obstacle course. Take the pillows off the couch and pretend they are crossing the lava and then have them run around in circles, do jumping jacks, and all kinds of fun things to see who finishes the course first. 

16. Build a Fort

Build a Fort

As a mom, I cringe at messes, but I always have to remember that they are creating memories. So, get on the floor with them and build the coolest fort together. If it is so cool, then maybe even have a sleepover with them. They will love sharing this experience with you. 

17. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Don’t forget about hide and seek. Kids of all ages can play this fun game. If it is nighttime, play in the dark by giving the seeker the only flashlight! 

18. Scavenger Hunt

Go to the park and go on a scavenger hunt

Don’t forget to get outside for a fun outdoor scavenger hunt. Look for rocks, things that are green, some water, and anything else you can find on the list. Kids will have a blast exploring everything that nature has to bring. 

19. Board Games

Play board games

Don’t underestimate the games in the game closet. Find one that you haven’t played for a while and play together. The kids will love sitting and playing a game with you! 

20. War

If you want a game that will last forever, get out the deck of cards and play War. There is no better way to pass the time than battling for the entire deck of cards for hours with each other! 

There you have it! The best games to play when bored! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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