50 Amazing Lego Building Ideas for Kids

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Legos open up a whole new world of adventure and creativity for kids! Starting at 18 months old you can start introducing your kids to Legos. Check out these Lego building ideas for kids to increase their imagination and develop a sense of wonder.  

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Things Kids Learn from Building with Legos

We always hear to have Legos in the house, but why? Legos help teach so many different skillsets to children of all ages. 

They help with:

  • Fine motor skills- as your child picks up each Lego to create they are increasing their fine motor skills and strengthening them with every Lego they build.
  • Cooperative play-  Legos are a great way to play with friends and siblings. Together they will work together to build unique pieces that they can then play with. 
  • Persistence- We love that Legos teach persistence. If at first the creation doesn’t work, your child can keep working at it until they find a way to make it work. They will love the sense of a job well done when this happens. 
  • Problem Solving- All along the way your kids will be problem-solving as they build with Legos. 
  • STEM- There is no better way to develop keep science, technology, engineering, and math skills than playing with Legos. 
  • Increases creativity- As your child starts building with Legos they may struggle with what to build, but over time they will increase creativity and come up with some fascinating creations. 
  • Following Directions- If your kids are building with a Lego kit they will practice following directions and begin to understand the effects when directions are not followed correctly. 

Should I buy Legos Sets or Boxes of Assorted Legos?

It is really up to you if you buy the sets or boxes of assorted Legos. The building sets help kids learn how Legos work as well as help with following directions, but I love having big bins of Legos on hand for the kids to really gain a sense of creativity as they create anything their heart desires. 

I love grabbing these classic Lego Building Kits for Endless possibilities. For younger kids grab these Duplo Legos which are bigger and not a choking hazard for kids. 

What can you build with Legos?

With Legos sets, you buy a specific set at the store and you create it by following the directions. By doing this it limits what you can do based on what you are given. But there is good news, if you buy Legos in bulk you can create just about anything! 

Your kids can build houses, cities, firetrucks, balloon cars, animals, and structures that move just to name a few! Not only that but you can use Legos as manipulatives when teaching math! 

How to Store your Legos

For most parents, the number one concern is how to store the Legos! If you don’t mind them all being mixed together, grab a big plastic bin them all in there! This gives your kids plenty of room to search around for the one they are looking for without dumping them out!

Some other great options are:

  • Plastic kid swimming pools
  • Shoe organizers that hang on the backs of doors
  • Lego Tables
  • Store instruction booklets in plastic page protectors
  • Drawstring play mat
  • Pencil case with a zipper if you are just taking a few on the go with you

50 Lego Building Ideas for Kids


lego house

These buildings can be as simple or as complex as your kids would like to create them. 

  • House- Can your kids recreate the house in which you live? 
  • Apartment building- If your kids want to improve their architecture skills have them try their hand at creating an apartment building.
  • Library- Avid reader in the house? Have them build a library out of Legos. 
  • Firestation- Here comes the fire truck! Encourage your child to create an entire fire station to have fun exploring! 
  • Police station- If your kids want to grow up to be a police officer, they will love creating their very own police stations out of Legos. 
  • School- Are your kids excited about school. They will love building their very own schoolhouse. 
  • Farm
  • Church
  • Baseball field
  • Football Stadium


Lego animal

Animals are a great way to develop creativity. Check all these Lego building Ideas that focus around animals.

  • Whale
  • Dog
  • Hippo
  • Duck- One of the most simple creations to build especially for young ones. These work great for the Duplo blocks. 
  • Penguin
  • Dragon- Can your kids build a fire breathing dragon? Perhaps this might be their favorite Lego idea for kids that there is while they fight off the knights. 
  • Unicorn
  • Frog
  • Horse
  • Goat
  • Butterfly
  • Bunnies
  • Reindeer

Things that Move

Lego car

Have your kids test their Lego building skills with things that move!

  • Lego catapult- Have your child use their STEM resources to create a Lego catapult. Once built they can then figure out how far they can launch certain items with their friends. 
  • Balloon powered car
  • Marble maze- grab a flat lego sheet and have them build sides and create their own marble maze. Once it is built have them give it to a sibling or friend to try and figure out the way to get out of the maze! 
  • Lego Race track
  • Lego Rubberband car
  • Candy dispenser
  • Push Car
  • Train
  • Fire Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Airplane


Lego robot

These objects your kids will have a blast creating these different objects out of Legos

  • Pencil holder- Your kids will love creating their very own pencil holder. 
  • Jewelry
  • Spinning Top
  • Phone case Cover
  • ABC’s- See if your kids can create the entire alphabet made out of Legos or maybe just their name. 
  • Box
  • Drink Coaster
  • Scale
  • Lego bridge
  • Photo frame
  • Flower garden
  • Robot
  • Tic Tac Toe Board
  • Battleship Game
  • Nerf Shooting Target
  • Christmas Ornament

What do you love creating with Legos? Share in the comments!

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