100 Challenging Sports Trivia Questions With Answers

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Do you fancy yourself a sports buff of note? If so, you should be able to ace this sports trivia quiz easy-peasy!

Even if you don’t know the answers, you can at least debate them with your friends!

These challenging sports trivia questions cover popular sports, including horse racing, basketball, baseball, golf, football, and more!

Challenging Sports Trivia Questions With Answers

Take Our Tricky Sports Trivia Questions Quiz to Test Your Knowledge!

Here are our top 100 challenging sports trivia questions to test your trivia knowledge! The answers are at the bottom of this post – no, peeking!

  1. How often are The Olympics held?
  2. What is the average length of an Olympic swimming pool?
  3. How many players are there on the average baseball team?
  4. Which soccer team won the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
  5. Which is the USA’s most popular sport?
  6. What is the individual state sport of Hawaii?
  7. What is the official state sport of Minnesota?
  8. True or false – board volume is very important when selecting a surfboard?
  9. Which famous basketball player was nicknamed “The Black Mamba?”
  10. Which famous NFL player was nicknamed “The Galloping Ghost?”
  11. Which soccer (European football) team has won the most Serie A titles?
  12. Which famous NHL player was the last to skate without wearing a helmet?
  13. Who won the first-ever soccer World Cup?
  14. How old must you be to enter the NFL draft?
  15. What was the average age of an NHL player in the 2019-2020 season?
  16. Which country won the most gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games?
  17. Which home team won the 2020 NBL Championships?
  18. Which team won the 2020 Super Bowl?
  19. What is the most famous annual international baseball championship called?
  20. How tall was the diving board for the highest recorded dive?
  21. Who won the 2015 Tennis US Open men’s singles?
  22. On which date was the U. S. Open (Golf) founded?
  23. In which state is horse racing most popular?
  24. Who won the 2000 U. S. (Golf) Open?
  25. Which year was the 118th U. S. Open (Golf) held?
  26. Who won the 2020 MLB World Series?
  27. Which sports star is famous for biting off a chunk of his opponent’s ear during a match?
  28. Who has won more Grand Slam titles – Serena or Venus Williams?
  29. What is the state sport of Texas?
  30. How tall is the average Olympic diving board?
  31. Who won the 2019 World Badminton Championship?
  32. Which event is the most popular televised annual Mixed Martial Arts championship?
  33. What does NASCAR stand for?
  34. What was the name of the most famous boxer who “floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee?”
  35. What does UEFA stand for?
  36. How far do Daytona 500 competitors drive during the race?
  37. How many dimples does the average golf ball have?
  38. Are Olympic medals currently made from solid gold?
  39. Have sports ever been played on the Moon?
  40. True or false, was ski ballet a real sport?
  41. What is the median salary of the average NFL player?
  42. Which sportsman continued to play baseball after being struck by lightning in the ninth inning?
  43. What is the record for the most consecutive USC Trojans football games attended?
  44. What is the name of the world’s largest bowling alley?
  45. What is Australia’s national sport?
  46. True or false, was live pigeon shooting ever an Olympic sport?
  47. Who is the longest-serving sportscaster on record?
  48. Which sports involving a rope was an Olympic Game from 1900 until 1920?
  49. What is the diameter of a baseball hoop in inches?
  50. What was the average height of a basketballer in the 2019-2020 NBA season?
  51. Were Olympic medals ever made from solid gold?
  52. How many NFL teams compete for the Super Bowl?
  53. Where are all NFL footballs manufactured?
  54. Which two teams played in the first televised American football match?
  55. What title does an NBA player who wins the Maurice Podoloff trophy get?
  56. What does the winning horse of the Belmont Stakes race get covered in?
  57. How many lanes does the Inazawa Bowling Centre in Japan have?
  58. Which year was the first American football match televised?
  59. How long was Long Island sportscaster Bob Wolff on the air?
  60. What year did they stop making Olympic medals out of solid gold?
  61. True or false, are hockey pucks frozen before the match?
  62. What color is the stitching on all MLB balls?
  63. How much does the average thoroughbred racehorse weigh?
  64. How did golf get its name?
  65. What is the average minimum starting salary of an NFL rookie?
  66. What year was golf invented?
  67. In which city and country was the NHL founded?
  68. Which NFL team hired the first professional cheerleading squad in 1972?
  69. How many Pro Football Hall of Famer’s are there as of the enshrined class of 2020?
  70. Which racehorse won the first Kentucky Derby?
  71. Which European footballer had a clause in his Premier League contract that stipulated he wasn’t allowed to go into space?
  72. Which European football club is sometimes called FC Hollywood?
  73. During which NHL game was the hockey rink swarmed by grasshoppers and black flies?
  74. How many players does an Olympic Volleyball team have?
  75. What is the term for a female racehorse who is four years old or younger?
  76. What was the name of the 17-year old female pitcher who struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig?
  77. Which US high schools have produced the most NFL players?
  78. Which has been around longer – the NHL or the Stanley Cup?
  79. Which pro soccer player played three full seasons before his 21st birthday?
  80. True or false, did Babe Ruth make more than the president in a year?
  81. What is the record length for the longest (non-tournament) golf putt?
  82. What are the colors of the American football team, the Indianapolis Colts?
  83. How old does a Triple Crown racehorse need to be to compete?
  84. How did the L.A. Dodgers get their name?
  85. In which year did the AFL and NFL officially merge?
  86. Which Italian Euro football team is nicknamed “la Fidanzata d’Italia (the Girlfriend of Italy)?”
  87. What is the name of the oldest baseball park in the US?
  88. In which country did golf originate?
  89. Which country has won the most European football World Cups?
  90. Which European football team did Sir Alex Ferguson famously manage?
  91. True or false, is it a rule that a pitcher must wipe their hand on their uniform before gripping the baseball to make a pitch?
  92. Which ice hockey team had a real penguin as a mascot?
  93. Which European football player has scored more international goals – Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?
  94. Which player won the women’s singles at Wimbledon in 2018?
  95. In which year was the first Kentucky Derby held?
  96. True or false, is eating food out of the Stanley Cup a tradition for winners?
  97. Which Turkish European football payer was nicknamed “The Devil?”
  98. How many stitches do MLB baseballs have?
  99. What is the world’s fastest sport?
  100. Which European football club has won the most Champions League titles?

Answers to the Sports Trivia Questions!

Did you ace the quiz or spend more time scratching your head in confusion? Check out the answers below to see how you did answering our challenging sports trivia questions!

  1. Every four years.
  2. 50 meters long.
  3. There are 9 players on the average baseball team.
  4. Spain national football team.
  5. American football.
  6. Surfing.
  7. Ice hockey.
  8. True – you should select a board with sufficient volume to float you!
  9. Kobe Bryant.
  10. Red Grange.
  11. Juventus F. C.
  12. Craig “MacT” MacTavish.
  13. Uruguay.
  14. You must wait three years after graduation before being eligible to play or be drafted in an NFL team.
  15. 27.3 years old.
  16. The USA won the most, collecting a total of 46 gold medals!
  17. The Sydney Kings.
  18. The Kansas City Chiefs.
  19. The MLB World Series.
  20. 58.8m high.
  21. Novak Djokovic.
  22. 4 October 1895
  23. Kentucky.
  24. Tiger Woods.
  25. In 2018.
  26. The Los Angeles Dodgers.
  27. Mike Tyson.
  28. Serena Williams.
  29. Rodeos!
  30. 10 meters tall.
  31. P. V. Sindhu
  32. The UFC.
  33. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.
  34. Muhammad Ali.
  35. The Union of European Football Associations.
  36. 500 miles.
  37. On average, a golf ball has 336 dimples.
  38. No, Olympic medals are currently made from sterling silver and a small percentage of gold.
  39. Yes, astronauts Alan Shephard and Edgar Mitchell of the Apollo 14 mission hit a golf ball and threw a makeshift javelin on the Moon in 1917.
  40. Yes, it was a real sport and even featured in the Winter Olympic Games!
  41. $860,000 per annum.
  42. Cleveland Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell.
  43. Superfan Giles Pellerin attended 797 consecutive games, passing away at age 91 during the USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl!
  44. The Inazawa Bowling Centre in Japan!
  45. Cricket!
  46. Yes, live pigeon shooting was briefly an Olympic sport during the 1900 Summer Games in Paris. To summarize, it was a very bloody disaster and never done again!
  47. Long Island sportscaster Bob Wolff.
  48. Tug of War!
  49. 18 inches.
  50. 6’6″ tall!
  51. Yes, Olympic medals used to be made from solid gold!
  52. 32 NFL teams.
  53. NFL footballs are manufactured at the Wilson factory in Ada, Ohio.
  54. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  55. Most Valuable Player (MVP).
  56. A flower blanket hand-weaved with over 700 carnations!
  57. It has 116 lanes, making it the largest bowling alley in the world! 
  58. In 1939.
  59. For 78 years!
  60. 1912 was the last year Olympic medals were made from solid gold.
  61. Yes!
  62. Red.
  63. Around 1000 pounds!
  64. The name golf comes from the Dutch word ‘kolf’ or ‘kolve,’ meaning club.
  65. $435,000 per annum.
  66. In 1457.
  67. Montreal, Canada.
  68. The Dallas Cowboys.
  69. 346 Hall of Famer’s.
  70. Aristides.
  71. Stefan Schwarz.
  72. Bayern Munich.
  73. In 1991, during the first outdoor game in Las Vegas, Nevada!
  74. 12.
  75. A filly!
  76. Jackie Mitchell.
  77. Both Phillis Wheatley (Houston, Texas) and Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) college with 18 players each respectively as of 2020.
  78. The Stanley Cup has been around longer – it was created in 1893. The NHL was only established in 1917.
  79. Kellyn Acosta.
  80. True – in 1930 alone, Babe Ruth made $80,000, which was more than the president!
  81. 395 feet and 8 inches!
  82. Blue and white.
  83. 3 years old!
  84. Initially called the Brooklyn Dodgers, the L. A. Dodgers actually got their name from Brooklyn’s deadly new electric streetcar system.
  85. 1970.
  86. Juventus F. C.
  87. Fenway Park is the oldest baseball park, first debuting in 1912.
  88. In Scotland.
  89. Brazil!
  90. Manchester United.
  91. True!
  92. The Pittsburgh Penguins.
  93. Cristiano Ronaldo!
  94. Angelique Kerber.
  95. 1875.
  96. True – common food choices include ice cream, chicken wings, and poutine, of course! Every member of the winning team actually gets a personal day with the trophy, too! 
  97. Rıdvan Dilmen
  98. 108 double stitches.
  99. Badminton.
  100. Real Madrid has won the title 13 times as of 2020!


These challenging sports trivia questions are perfect to ask on trivia night! But they’re also excellent to weed out the true sports aficionados from the pretenders! 

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