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As a mom, one of the many questions you probably hear in a day is, “What should I draw?” In a split second, we have to help our child decide exactly what they should draw that they actually can draw without hearing the follow-up statement, “I don’t know how to draw that.”

We are so excited to share with you drawing ideas that can truly inspire your kids and maybe even you to express your creativity through drawing!

What Should I do If I am not good at drawing?

What Should I do If I am not good at drawing?

So often, we feel defeated before we even get started when it comes to what we should draw. Let’s be honest. I am almost 40 years old, and I can make a killer running stick man and a flower, and that is about it.

But my lack of art skills should never restrict me from drawing. The more time and effort I put into it, the better of an artist I become because my running stick man did not just happen overnight!

If you feel like you aren’t good at drawing, put the time into it and practice. The more you practice, the better you become!

What Does Drawing Do?

What Does Drawing Do?

Drawing is great for the mind and the soul! It is a form of art that helps you relax, unwind, and relieve stress when you need it most. It helps you to observe things that are around you and pay attention to the small details that we often forget.

Not only does it do all of these things, but it also improves focus and creativity.

#1. What Should I Draw?

Sometimes our minds might go a little blank when we sit down to create a true masterpiece but have no fear; sometimes pen to paper is all you need to get started! If you are still struggling with what to create, we will be sharing drawing ideas for beginners with you so that you can really feel inspired!

#2. Where Should I Draw?

Where you should draw is really up to you! Grab the back of a piece of scrap paper and begin doodling or grab a sketchbook so you can watch yourself improve over time. You can even draw on the sidewalk with these fun sidewalk chalk ideas as well!

#3. What Should I Draw with?

You can use pencils, shading pencils, ink, markers, charcoal, or even pastels. Right now, a huge trend is to draw right on your iPads or tablets if you would like.

#4. How Do I stay motivated to draw?

Like everything else in life, it starts with a habit—schedule time daily to draw. Even if you only have 5 minutes, put the pen on the paper and see where it takes you. You might find that this is the most relaxing 5 minutes of your day that you soon want to turn into 15 minutes a day.

Things to Draw

Without searching our whole list of ideas, we want to point out some ideas that are all around you that you can begin drawing in an instant.

  • Search your phone! It’s true; scroll through the pictures on your phone and find one that you love that inspires you and try to draw it. While at first, it might not look perfect, over time, you can create a real masterpiece.
  • Favorite Character- Do you love Disney or Pokemon, maybe even Star Wars? Use your love for a character to start your drawing creativity!
  • Objects around You!- There is so much to look at and see around you; maybe it is an object, a person, or an animal. Use your imagination to draw it on paper.
  • Recreate Body Parts- If you love, people practice by just drawing one body part. Practice elbows one day or maybe noses or those tricky toes! As you practice, individually you will be able to create a really awesome person when you put all the parts together.
  • Lines and shapes- One of my favorite things to do is to doodle shapes and lines. Here I can do so much more with them! I can color them in addition to other shapes or create different objects within them. Don’t underestimate lines and shapes, especially when you feel like your drawing skills are lacking like mine. On that note, even if you have fantastic skills, you will love creating things within these lines and shapes as well.

#1. The Park


Take a trip to the park for real inspiration! Sit on the bench or, better yet, draw the bench surrounded by trees. Observe everything that is around and encapsulate it into the picture.

If you have kids, get them all a sketchbook and take them all to the park and let them draw something that they see. You will be amazed at how everyone observes and depicts things completely differently, which is a beautiful thing.

#2. Self Portrait

self potrait

While drawing people is difficult, try to draw yourself. Look at how you interpret yourself in a certain light. Draw a self-portrait monthly to see how your skills improve and how your persona of yourself changes as well.

#3. Hearts


Do underestimate hearts! Create big ones and little ones, perhaps even some fun conversation hearts with fun sayings! No matter your art skill level, hearts are totally doable!

#4. Stars


Stars are very much like hearts. Once you figure out how to make the 5 line star, you can create one of the most marginal night skies right on your paper for everyone to admire.

#5. Butterflies


Butterflies are perfect for adding to your drawing. Once you create them, place them in a field of flowers if you are feeling daring!

#6. Animals

Cute children’s drawing style animals collection

Whether you choose to draw a dog or a cat or maybe a horse, test out your drawing abilities with your favorite animals.

#7. Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

Sometimes your drawing can take you to a whole new place that you wish to be. Drawing hot air balloons do this for me. It makes me think that I am on my way to somewhere I have always wanted to go just by climbing in.

#8. Rainbows


Does your rainbow have a pot of gold at the end or something else? Practice your line symmetry as you draw the perfect rainbow as you shade and add the perfect amount of color to wow yourself with your masterpiece.

#9. Sunshine


There are so many different ways to draw a sun. Practice it rising and setting as well as how it looks in the midday sky. Will it be smiling down on you with beautiful beams of light?

#10. The Skyline

The Skyline

With all the practice of rainbows, suns, and stars, put all the pieces together and create a skyline. Perhaps you are a lover of sunrises or sunsets. Create the magical colors you see as you watch these events happen each and every day.

If you love the clouds, create beautiful full clouds with the sun peeking through them just a bit. Regardless if it is the first time you are drawing the skyline or the 1000th time, you probably will create a different version every single time.

#11. Christmas Tree

 Christmas Tree

If it is around Christmas time (even if it’s not), it is the perfect time to create those Christmas trees. There is something about making the first side of the Christmas tree without lifting your pencil and then trying to mimic it on the other side. But we all know the beauty of Christmas trees that they are never the same. Add ornaments and Candy Canes if you like.

#12. Cityscapes


A cityscape might sound like a daunting thing to draw when you are trying to find something easy to draw, but it can be simple and beautiful all at the same time. Create several tall skinny rectangles all different sizes in height. Once you do that, create several small tiny windows within each building. You will soon become a big fan of creating cityscapes.

#13. Words and Doodles

Words and Doodles

Don’t underestimate doodling and words. Through these two things, you can create for hours and really make some beautiful pieces of art. Sometimes I will start with my power word or my name or my kid’s names and see just where it takes me.

One idea is you can create a word doodle book, and whatever word you are feeling that day, use that to create. You can then create an entire sketchbook journal of your feelings throughout the year.

#14. Dandelion Flowers

Dandelion Flowers

Dandelions are the perfect thing to add to your drawing toolbox. You can use these in your sketchbook, in your journaling, to decorate an invitation, or anytime you are bored while listening in a meeting. They are so simple to do once you create them but are effortlessly beautiful.

#15. Robot


There is no wrong way to draw a robot, and if you think about it begins with various shapes that you put together to create a fun robot that you can make your own. Once you create one robot, continue on creating an entire robot village! Little boys especially love drawing these!

There you have it! 15 easy drawing ideas when you or your kids are wondering what I should draw! What would you add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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