• firstdayofschool

It’s the First Day of School Already?

Perhaps it is because of the late start to summer or maybe it’s because we’ve been busy with travel and renovations but it seems like this summer has been one of the shortest so far. It’s no wonder the first day of school has snuck up on me. […]

  • tallahassee_wakullasprings_beacharea

Tallahassee Day Trip to Wakulla Springs

From alligator spotting and fresh water swimming to hand packed milkshakes and a large game of checkers, Wakulla Springs offers families a step back into an undisturbed part of Floridian life. […]

  • amexcanada_FrontOfTheLine_25years

Celebrating 25 Years of Front Of The Line Service

As an American Express Cardmember (and AMEX Ambassador) I have enjoyed the many privileges my Card affords me for only a few years but their dedication to service has been part of their philosophy for years.  One of my favourite benefits, Front Of The Line, is celebrating twenty-five years and they’re celebrating in a big way. […]

  • bcblueberries_recipe_ideas

39 Blueberry Recipes

Cooking and fresh fruit are a favourite with my daughters so when BC Blueberry Council invited us to a blueberry cooking class how could we say no? Held at the Dish Cooking School in Toronto and taught by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky we discovered that blueberries can make a surprising addition to a dish. […]

  • mystyle_bodyshop_raspberry_bodybutter

My Style. The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

I love a good body butter and whenever I go shopping at The Body Shop it is on my list. I love how body butters smell and feel on my skin. The Body Shop has so many great scents and I love them all but lately I have really been loving their Early Harvest Raspberry. […]

  • fabstuff_hasbro_transformers_battlemasters

Remember Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

I loved Rock ‘EM Sock ‘Em Robots as a kid. Two robots in a little ring and you controlled their punches to knockout your opponent robot.  Well really you just hit a certain area on the robot to make the head pop-up. When the film Real Steel came out it reminded me of this childhood toy though a larger than life remote controlled version. […]

  • family_travel_Mobile Data Travel Tips

5 Travel Tips to Save on Roaming Fees

Some people may frown on it but my smartphone is just as important to me when traveling with my family as it is when I’m working at home. I love being able to share our experiences as they happen using social media tools, like our Instagram, twitter or Facebook accounts. Being connected also benefits our trips too when looking for directions, getting weather updates or finding the nearest local diner. […]


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