• OGX Beauty Product Review

OGX Beauty Pure and Simple to Repair Hair

This winter has been brutal on my body, drying my skin, chapping my lips and causing havox on my hair. I can’t blame the cold, dry winter wind completely on my hair’s poor condition but it certainly hasn’t helped. To my surprise a simple shampoo and conditioner has made a difference. […]

  • Shoppers Drug Mart My Style Home Spa Day

Wednesday Style File. Home Spa with Shoppers Drug Mart

I really like watching beauty blogger haul videos like the ones from from eleventh gorgeous and aprilathenta7, especially when they are for drug store picks. So imagine how excited I am to be working with Shoppers Drug Mart brands this year to share my monthly finds. […]

  • Recipe 5 Spice Blood Orange Scrub

Sunkist® Five Spice–Blood Orange Shrub

This winter has been cold and rough. Even my family who usually goes unscathed during cold and flu season has been knocked out of commission a few times. We all know the historical benefits of adding citrus to your diet and even today many believe it to be a natural source for boosting your immunity and keeping cold and flu away. […]

  • Loblaws Guiding Stars Program and Healthy Tips

Guiding Stars and Healthy Food Shopping Tips

You stand in the aisle with your grocery cart, shopping list in hand. What was once an easy task has become complicated with expert opinions and media reports on what we should eat and what we should avoid. Loblaws hopes to ease your shopping stress with the Guiding Stars and a little help from a nutritionist. […]

  • Melissa Doug Feb Meditation Post for Kids

Meditation Chain on the Melissa & Doug Blog

It’s true, what we do as adults influences our actions as parents. We can only hope more of the good versus the not so good is what our kids pick-up. I think my experimentation with meditation lead to the idea behind my February post for Melissa & Doug. […]

  • Life Skill Tutorials for Kids and Tweens

9 Life Skill Tutorials for Your Tween

When writing about cooking with kids I found myself thinking of the skills past generations were expected to learn from their parents, many skills that we don’t necessarily pass on to our own kids. Although I’m not what you would call a homemaker, there are still some skills I feel I should be teaching my own kids so I have found a few tutorials to help..



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