• reduce_sugar_tips_almondfresh

5 Steps to Reduce Your Family’s Sugar Intake

Riding the streetcar through my neighbourhood I often pass by the apartment of Jason Holborn. You can’t miss it. His window is filled with huge numbers counting down the days he has gone without sugar. Every time I pass this reminder I think about my own sugar intake but the thought of going cold turkey is pretty scary. […]

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Letter Writing Project

Technology is used a lot in our home and I’m fine with that but some tech-free skills are also important to learn. To ensure my kids keep their hand in writing we started a weekly letter-writing project at home. […]

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Get Cooking with Clearwater Seafoods

As I mentioned in my sustainable seafood post, I had the delight of trying Clearwater Seafood’s new Scallops & Sauce.  I think you’ll like them too and I have just the giveaway to entice you. […]

  • science_rocknroll_giveaway

Science of Rock ‘N Roll Giveaway

Music is always playing in our home though lately this summer it has been competing with my children’s new found interest, Rock Band. Listening is fun but getting hands-on is even better and that’s just what families can do as part of the new Ontario Science Centre Exhibit: The Science of Rock ‘N Roll. […]

  • sobeys_sustainable_seafood__jamieoliver

Sustainable Seafood at Sobeys

I know the benefits of seafood should push me toward serving more of it to my family but it tends to be an after thought, something I only serve maybe once every second week. It’s for this reason that most of my seafood shopping takes place in the frozen aisle yet with the issues surrounding the location and fishing methods of grocery store seafood I sometimes feel as though I should avoid the frozen variety. […]

  • healthy_skin_clarisonic_review

Healthy Skin with Clarisonic

People joke that youth is wasted on the young but as I get older I can understand the sentiment behind this statement. My age has given me a new appreciation for how I spend my time, the people I align myself with and the impact my decisions have on my body. My completion that I once took for granted when younger I find I now give it more care. […]

  • pataks_curry_grilled_chicken_salad_recipe

Roast Chicken Curry Cherry Salad and Curry Cheddar Biscuits

With our barbecue we usually batch cook on the weekend for the week ahead. Recently we grilled a few whole herbed chickens, which are tasty on their own but after a meal or two it’s time to do something different with the chicken. […]


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