• Family Travel Air Transat European Charity Auction

Head Off to Europe with #TransatAuction

Greece. Paris. Barcelona. Who wouldn’t want to escape to Europe right now? What if I told you a way to get a great deal while helping the charity SOS Children’s Villages? The not-so-secret secret is the #TransatAuction happening on Thursday, April 23 2015. […]

  • My Style My Funkins Stylish Green Lunch

My Style. My Funkins #LetsBeLitterFree Lunch

Making lunch is no easy thing and I get that. However it’s even harder when your mom still thinks you’re a three year old. I wanted to prove to her that not only could I pack my own lunch but that making a lunch does not have to look or be childish. […]

  • spring eating healthy

Springs Brings the Desire to Eat Healthy

For many the start of the New Year brings with it resolutions, plans to start fresh and make changes. Exercise more often. Drink more water. Eat healthier. All good intentions but I find the cold winter months after the holidays are so difficult to get through that I call on happy comforts, like food. […]

  • TurboTax Tax Refund Style

Family. Frugal. Frivolously Fun. Spending Your Tax Refund

Tax season may not be your favourite time of year but getting yourself organized before hand can make the task less daunting. The new tax changes for families can mean the possibility of a refund, my favourite part of tax time, but how to spend that money? […]

  • Consonant Skincare Store Launch Event

Celebrating Consonant Skincare’s Expansion

I am a big fan of Canadian brand Consonant Skincare and their collection of natural products, from their multitasking DHE Mask to their new baby line and everything in between. So you can imagine my excitement about the opening of their second store location in downtown Toronto in the P.A.T.H underground. To celebrate our Junior Style Blogger and myself attending the media opening. […]

  • Etsy Canada DIY Kit Ideas

DIY Kits from ETSY Canada

The One of a Kind Show and Sale wrapped up recently and of course the ETSY Marketplace was a buzz with people. I can’t help but feel inspired to call on my own creativity but the hardest part of DIY projects for me is not the doing but rather coming up with the creative idea. That takes talent and what better spot for creativity than Etsy Canada. These DIY kits contain everything you need to feed your inner crafter. […]

  • age by eyesight

My Eyes Remind Me of My Age

I remember being in school and saying my parents were 36 years old. For years they were 36, never aging. Not physically but in my mind. Now as an adult I still don’t give age much thought. If someone was to ask I have to do the math, current year minus my birth year. […]


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