• 51 Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas

51 Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas

When a child looses a baby tooth, whether it’s the first one or the last, it’s a sign that our baby is no longer our baby; they are growing up. Both kids and parents treasure this stage, following traditions to mark the loss of a baby tooth. After recently writing about Mighty Twenty’s fabulous book Where Do Baby Teeth Go? I thought about the different ways we can remember loosing those baby teeth. Here are 51 craft ideas to inspire you. […]

  • TomTom GO 500 Giveaway

TomTom GO 500 Giveaway

Home from the office. Last minute grocery pick-up. Soccer practice. Dance recital. Birthday party. There seems no end to the errands that often fall on mom’s plate and the TomTom GO 500 ensures she can complete them quickly and get home faster. […]

  • Kids Book Review Where Do Baby Teeth Go

Kids Book Review: Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?

Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go?
Mighty Twenty
By Vilasinee Bunnag, illustrated by Yasmin Doctor
32 pages
age 3-5, 5-8


  • Melissa Doug May Post Brain Games for Kids

Brain Games on the Melissa & Doug Blog

How the brain works has always been intriguing and even more so this year after working on some medical research with the Hospital of Sick Children and a visit to the Brain exhibit in the Ontario Science Centre. For my latest post on the Melissa & Doug blog I wanted to explore a few fun brain games using simple tools. […]

  • TomTom GO500 Review Get Home Faster

Get Home Faster with TomTom

I’ve got it figured out. If I pick the kids up right after school I can stop at the grocery store before dropping my youngest daughter off at her friend’s birthday party. We had everything organized the night before and the kids knew no dilly-dallying in the schoolyard or else the whole schedule would be off.


  • My Style Dermalogica Summer Acne Skincare

My Style. Clear Start Summer Skin

Its starting to get warmer and you know what that means?!? SUMMER! But it also means oily skin, and if your skin is acne prone like mine sometimes summer can really suck! Finding the solution to this is no easy thing either. But when I tried dermalogica clear start skincare line I guess you can say it was love at first sight.


  • Nutella Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

I’m not a big fan of spending time in the kitchen but my desire to eat, especially sweet treats, often talks me into baking. As if I need more encouragement, Friday, May 15 marks National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Can you think of a better reason to bake (and eat) a batch of chocolate chip cookies? Add to that my growing collection of Hersheys CHIPITS in my baking cupboard. […]


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