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Remember Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

I loved Rock ‘EM Sock ‘Em Robots as a kid. Two robots in a little ring and you controlled their punches to knockout your opponent robot.  Well really you just hit a certain area on the robot to make the head pop-up. When the film Real Steel came out it reminded me of this childhood toy though a larger than life remote controlled version. […]

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5 Travel Tips to Save on Roaming Fees

Some people may frown on it but my smartphone is just as important to me when traveling with my family as it is when I’m working at home. I love being able to share our experiences as they happen using social media tools, like our Instagram, twitter or Facebook accounts. Being connected also benefits our trips too when looking for directions, getting weather updates or finding the nearest local diner. […]

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Motorola Moto G Phone Giveaway

As you prepare for your child’s return to school, like with our own Junior Style Blogger this may be the year a cellphone makes the back to school supply list.  The Moto G from Motorola is a perfect pick and we have one to giveaway. […]

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10 Summer Songs from My Childhood

The Science of Rock ‘N Roll exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre (running from June 11 to October 26, 2014) had me feeling a little nostalgic, especially when I had to explain what an 8-Track Tape is to my kids. Most of my summer music memories revolve around these cartridges. […]

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American Express Canada Adds Perks to Taste of Toronto

As an Amex Ambassador I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many perks with my family, from securing great seats for my daughter’s first concert to using my MembershipReward points to book a last minute weekend getaway. With the inaugural North American debut of Taste of Toronto it was time to share some of my American Express perks with my husband. […]

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Sparkling Watermelon Refresher

When I think of summer, watermelon comes to mind and this Sparkling Watermelon Refresher is the perfect drink to savour on the back deck. […]

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Staying in St. Augustine at Jaybird’s Inn

A little history with small town charm awaits families in St. Augustine Florida (one of our favourite spots to visit) and Jaybird’s Inn offers a perfect spot to stay. […]


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