• My Style Shoppers Quo Nail Tools

My Style. QUO for Your Nails

Its springtime and this is when I really get into doing my nails. But when I do I want to make all sorts of crazy designs or try something out that I saw on instagram. So for this month’s Shoppers Drug Mart visit I wanted to show you four items from QUO that MAKE my life a whole lot easer when it came to doing my nails. […]

  • Sweet Simple Cookbook Apple Peacan Bundt Cake Recipe

Apple Pecan Bundt Cake With Caramel Sauce

I tend to cook at home because I have to and not really because I like it but baking is a different story. I’m not one who can “wing it” at cooking so I’m always on the lookout for new cookbooks when it comes to finding recipes for after school snacks, lunch treats or even the occasional dessert but does the cookbook hold enough ideas that interest me (and that I can make)? […]

  • TIFF Kids International Film Festival Picks

TIFF Kids International Film Festival Picks

There’s nothing wrong with mainstream movies, I’ve taken my kids to a few, but they only seem to reflect a narrow spectrum of the films available to kids. The 2015 TIFF Kids International Film Festival (April 7-19) gives families an opportunity to explore a variety of full feature and short feature films developed specifically for kids under 13. […]

  • Kids Book Review Spring Books from Raincoast

Kids Book Review: Books for Spring

The snow is still on the ground here but there’s something hopeful about the first day of spring. What better way to get ready for the season with some books for the kids and I’ve found a few favourites from publisher Raincoast Books (plus a little giveaway that will put you in a springtime frame of mind). […]

  • Square One Lambent Sculpture4

Lambent Lights Up Square One

I remember malls as simply places to shop but over time they have evolved into destinations. I’m not just talking about the addition of entertainment and dining but the inclusion of welcoming public spaces with greenery, seating, and art adding to the ambiance. […]

  • Etsy One of a Kind Marketplace Sew Whimsical Giveaway

Etsy One of a Kind Show Marketplace

Whether it’s a gift for me or for someone else, Etsy Canada is the first place I look for something unique and original. I love that the site connects crafters from all over the country with buyers like myself but seeing items first hand and meeting crafters in person is a nice touch. It’s this reason I love the Etsy Marketplace at the Toronto One of a Kind Show. […]

  • Melissa Doug March Magic Trick Post

Magic Card Trick on Melissa & Doug Blog

Magic can be great fun to watch but it’s even more entertaining to preform. My kids love dabbling in a little magic but there are other benefits for kids beyond just presentation skills. See my latest post on Melissa & Doug’s blog. […]


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