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Star Wars Rogue One Toys and Contest

I remember my dad taking my sister to see Star Wars and the Empire Strikes back in theatres. I love that it is a world I can share with my kids, from the experience at Disney World to the new movies as they are released. We’re excited about the new movie, Rogue One, coming to theatres this December and to celebrate we had a peek at some of the new toys as well as a contest for fans. […]

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Kids Book Review: A Boy Named Queen

A Boy Named Queen Groundwood Books By Sara Cassidy 80 pages age 8-12 […]

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CLIF Bars for Urban Adventure Kids

We may not be big into traditional sports but we like a little adventure when we travel. An urban adventure also calls for energy especially where kids are concerned. […]

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Family Travel San Diego Day Trip

We don’t fly often as a family but when we do it’s usually in and out of the same destination. When planning a Southern California trip with my son we opted to fly into Los Angeles and fly out of San Diego. This resulted in a week long road trip with fun stops in Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Dana Point and ending in San Diego. Before flying home, we enjoyed a San Diego day trip of site seeing, architecture and food. […]

  • kids-book-review-theres-an-owl-in-towel book art

Kids Book Review: There’s An Owl in My Towel

There’s An Owl in My Towel Pam Macmillan / Raincoast Books By Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Rebecca Cobb 12 pages age 0-3 board book […]

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My Style. Taking Care of Teen Acne

Back to school means getting back into a set routine. Taking care of your skin is not only an amazing healthy habit to get into but it’s also beneficial to you in many ways. Your teen years are usually when you’re the most prone to acne. It’s also a time of great change as you move into high school and your body changes. Acne can have a big impact on a teen’s self esteem. […]

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Nighttime Wetting Questions Answered and a GoodNites Giveaway

Returning to school can be full of excitement as well a anxiety for parents and kids. This can also contribute to nighttime bed wetting. To help your family ease your family into better nights, we have answers to a few common questions around your child’s nighttime wettings plus a GoodNites giveaway. […]


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