• Kids Book Review Sisters (1)

Kids Book Review: Sisters

Scholastic Canada
By Raina Telgemeier
208 pages
age 8-12
Graphic Novel


  • Family Game Time Nintendo Splatoon Benefits (1)

Family Game Time: Nintendo’s Splatoon

Lately I have been thinking about trying paint ball for the first time. That is why I got excited when I heard about Nintendo’s newest game Splatoon. I’m looking forward to working with Nintendo Canada. I think that Splatoon is a good family game for these 5 reasons: […]

  • Win PanAm Tickets Toronto from Maytag (1)

Win a Chance to See the Toronto 2015 PanAm Games

Even if you don’t call yourself a die hard sports fan it’s hard not to get excited about the 2015 Toronto PanAm games running July 10 – 26, 2015. I’m especially excited to take my son to watch one of the track & field events especially after his involvement with school volleyball, basketball, cross country, and track and field. […]

  • Wed Style File Shoppers GOSH hair (1)

Wednesday Style File. GOSH Fresh Up

I am not a morning person and it sucks even more because time seems to go super, super fast in the morning. This results in my hair looking terrible most days! If you’re in the same boat, don’t fret. I found two awesome items from Shoppers Drug Mart that will make it a whole lot faster and easer to get your hair done in the morning.


  • Family Travel Royalton Riviera Cancun All Inclusive Dining (1)

All-Inclusive Dining at the Royalton Riviera Cancun

We’ve talked a lot about family travel but there’s been a hole in our coverage when it comes to all-inclusive destinations. They’ve never been big on my radar mainly due to food quality. I’ve often felt that all-inclusive resorts believe people are visiting for the beach or a quick getaway so food isn’t a priority. The Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa and Sunwing Vacations invited me to discover how wrong I was.


  • Melissa Doug Summer Bordem Buster Printable (1)

Summer Boredom-Busters: Free Printable Activities

The last day of school is just days away here though I know some other areas they kids have already started their summer holidays. I for one am looking forward to a little uniform and packed lunch reprieve and some time away with the family. The folks at Melissa & Doug have partnered with Highlights Magazine (another one of my favourite brands) and put together a free printable Summer Boredom-Busters activity book. […]

  • Open Roof Festival Toronto Unexpected Moms Night Out (1)

Unexpected at the Open Roof Festival

Some women choose motherhood, planning their pregnancy, maternity wardrobe, and mom and baby programs. For others, motherhood is thrust upon them, something unexpected. That’s the story behind Unexpected, Kris Swanberg’s independent film starring Cobie Smulders, Anders Holm, Gail Bean, and Elizabeth McGovern and playing August 12, 2015 at this year’s Open Roof Festival. […]


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