90 Christmas Trivia Questions for Kids

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These days, we seem so far removed from some traditional Christmas customs. That’s ok, times change, and we do develop new traditions as the years go by.

However, that doesn’t make past Christmas traditions, foreign ones, and obscure trivia any less interesting! In fact, all these topics make for some wonderful family Christmas games!

I’ve compiled a list of fascinating Christmas trivia questions for kids and the whole family, too! Whether you know the answers or not, you all win as you learn more about this beloved holiday!

So, snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate, as well as some Christmas snacks, and enjoy!

Easy Christmas Trivia For Kids

Easy Christmas Trivia For Kids

These easy Christmas trivia for kids questions are perfect for kids who’re on the younger side. They aren’t too hard, but I’m sure there are a few questions that will make them think!

Q: What does the annual holiday of Christmas commemorate?

A: The birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December.

Q: What type of calendar do people use to count the days until Christmas?

A: An advent calendar.

Q: What type of tree is traditionally used as a Christmas tree?

A: A fir tree.

Q: What does the star on the top of a Christmas tree symbolize?

A: The star of Bethlehem.

Q: Which plant do people need to kiss under if they stand under it during Christmas?

A: Mistletoe.

Q: What are the traditional Christmas colors?

A: Red, pine green, and snow white, as well as silver and gold.

Q: Which traditional Christmas cake is either loved or hated?

A: Fruitcake!

Q: What is the second name of Ebenezer from “A Christmas Carol?”

A: Scrooge.

Q: Which Christmas candy commemorates the shepherds that visited Jesus, and why?

A: The candy cane, because it’s shaped like a shepherd’s staff!

Q: Which stinky green man stole Christmas in the fictional tales of Dr. Seuss?

A: The Grinch!

Q: What is the name of the citizens of Whoville?

A: The Who’s!

Q: What object brought Frosty the Snowman to life?

A: A black top hat.

Q: Which yucky ingredient goes into a popular Christmas drink, and which drink am I talking about?

A: Raw eggs in eggnog!

Q: Which type of icing traditionally goes on Christmas fruitcake and looks like snow?

A: Royal Icing.

Q: Which type of cookie dough is a common, man-shaped Christmas cookie made from?

A: The Gingerbread man is made from gingerbread!

Q: Which ballet is a well-known Christmas favorite?

A: The Nutcracker.

Q: Which animal king does the Nutcracker fight in the story of “The Nutcracker?”

A: The Mouse King.

Q: Which sweet-inspired fairy dances in The Nutcracker?

A: The Sugar Plum Fairy.

Q: What food and drink do people traditionally leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

A: Milk and cookies.

Q: Which gifts did the Three Wise Men give Jesus when he was born on Christmas?

A: Gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Q: What are Santa’s nine reindeer’s names?

A: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder, Blitzen, and Rudolf.

Q: Which spiky, waxy-leaved plant is associated with Christmas?

A: Holly.

Q: What do Christmas wreaths symbolize?

A: The thorny crucifixion crown of Christ. 

Q: Which are the two most popular proteins people currently choose to eat for Christmas lunch?

A: Gammon ham and turkey.

Q: What did my true love send to me on the first day of Christmas?

A: A partridge in a pear tree.

Q: Who’s the most famous Christmas reindeer?

A: Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Q: What are the names of the three ghosts who visit Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?”

A: The Ghosts of Christmas Present, Past, and Yet to Come.

Q: What is Rudolf most famous for?

A: His big, red nose.

Q: What is Glühwein?

A: Mulled wine.

Q: Where did eggnog originate?

A: In England – it was adapted from an earlier recipe called posset.

Q: What kind of log should you burn on Christmas Eve for good luck throughout the year to come?

A: A Yule log.

Q: Did the original mince pies actually contain meat?

A: Yes, they contained finely ground mincemeat, as well as the traditional spices and dried fruit eaten today.

Q: What holiday is celebrated on the day after Christmas?

A: Boxing Day.

Q: What two decorations are the most popular choices to top a Christmas tree?

A: A star or an angel.

Q: What do you have to do if you stand under the Mistletoe next to someone else?

A: You need to kiss each other!

Q: What ornament do elves traditionally have on the tips of their shoes and hats?

A: Bells.

Q: What color is a Mistletoe berry?

A: White.

Q: What color is a Holly berry?

A: Red.

Q: Where does Santa’s sleigh land when he delivers presents?

A: On your rooftop!

Q: Which animals pull Santa’s sleigh?

A: His reindeer.

Q: What is the Spanish name for Santa Claus?

A: Papa Noel.

Q: What do people give each other on Christmas?

A: Presents, of course, as well as season’s greetings and Christmas cards!

Q: What item of clothing do you hang up by the fireplace for Christmas?

A: Stockings!

Q: Where do Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves live?

A: In the North Pole!

Q: What do naughty children get in their Christmas stocking?

A: A lump of coal.

Q: Who catches the Grinch stealing Christmas?

A: Cindy-Lou Who.

Q: Who are Santa’s little pointy-eared helpers?

A: The elves.

Q: What do you leave for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve?

A: Carrots and oats – you see, chocolate cookies aren’t good for them!

Q: Who is the fourth ghost who visits Scrooge, apart from the Ghosts of Christmas Present, Past, and Yet to Come?

A: The ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley.

Q: Where was baby Jesus born?

A: In Bethlehem.

Q: What color are traditional candy canes?

A: Red and white.

Q: What does Frosty the Snowman have for a nose?

A: A button.

Q: What does Santa say at the end of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” book?

A: “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Q: What’s the name of the Grinch’s dog?

A: Max.

Q: What’s the name of the reindeer with the famous red nose?

A: Rudolph.

Q: What’s the second line of “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”?

A: “Just like the ones I used to know.”

Q: Who helps Santa Claus make toys?

A: Elves.

Q: What holiday movie features a boy named Kevin accidentally left behind by his family?

A: Home Alone.

Q: In the song “Jingle Bells,” what kind of sleigh is mentioned?

A: A one-horse open sleigh.

Q: Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

A: Germany.

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Bonus – Hard Christmas Trivia for Kids

christmas trivia for kids

Are your kids very advanced Christmas “know-it-alls?” If so, these hard Christmas trivia questions for kids might just stump them! Or, test them with some Christmas riddles, too!

Q: Which metal was tinsel initially made from?

A: Extruded silver!

Q: What did early church calendars celebrate on the 24th of December?

A: Adam and Eve’s Day

Q: How did people celebrate Adam and Eve’s Day?

A: By setting up a paradise tree to symbolize the Garden of Eden.

Q: How were some original Christmas trees decorated?

A: They were hung from the roof and/or decorated with apples, nuts, dates, pretzels, and paper flowers to represent the paradise tree!

Q: Where was the first Christmas tree set up publicly for Christmas and New Years’ celebrations?

A: Both Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia claim to have had the first Christmas tree set up in their town squares. Tallinn claims theirs was up in 1441, and Riga claims theirs was up in 1510.

Q: Which other tree varieties were sometimes used as Christmas trees centuries ago?

A: Cherry and Hawthorn trees or branches were sometimes used. If the living plants were brought inside, they would flower.

Q: Why was the fir tree chosen to celebrate Christmas?

A: The fir tree has been used to celebrate various holidays in Northern Europe for thousands of years. The main reason is unknown, but perhaps it was so popular because of its shape and the fact it is evergreen.  

Q: Where did glass Christmas tree ornaments originate a few centuries ago?

A: The first glass ornaments were from the glassware producing town of Lauscha, Germany.

Q: What are some other names that Santa Claus is known by in other countries?

A: Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle.

Q: Which scary figure punishes naughty children during Christmas time, according to Austrian folk-lore?

A: Krampus.

Q: Where did Frosty the Snowman originate from?

A: Frosty was the main character in the 1950’s hit Christmas song “Frosty the Snowman” by Jack Rollins and Steve Nelson.

Q: What do German children traditionally receive on Christmas morning?

A: In Germany, children put their boots or shoes outside and find them filled with nuts, candy, and small gifts from St. Nick.

Q: What is Christmas called in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland?

A: Weihnachten.

Q: What food do many Japanese celebrate Christmas with today?

A: With KFC, thanks to the “KFC for Christmas” marketing campaign aired almost half a century ago.

Q: Which holiday was Jingle Bells initially written for?

A: Thanksgiving! Though, it’s now synonymous with Christmas.

Q: In Medieval times, what was the most popular bird eaten for Christmas feasts?

A: Peacock! Swans and other game birds were also popular.

Q: What savory ingredient did old 14th century Christmas puddings contain?

A: Old Christmas puddings contained beef and mutton along with currants, spices, and wine. This old Christmas pudding was known as frumenty.

Q: Which two ancient festivals occur on the same day as Christmas does today?

A: Saturnalia, which was marked by gift-giving, and the Winter Solstice, which is still celebrated in some cultures today.

Q: Why is Christmas sometimes called Xmas?

A: Because the old spelling for Christianity was Xianity. This is because the letter X or Chi is the first letter for Christ in the Greek language.

Q: How did Mistletoe get its name, and what does it mean?

A: The name comes from two Anglo-Saxon words that basically translate to “dung twig” or “dung on a twig.” 

Q: Which country donates the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, London, every year?

A: Norway.

Q: Who wrote “A Christmas Carol”?

A: Charles Dickens.

Q: What was the first company that used Santa Claus in advertising?

A: Coca-Cola

Q: What’s the name of the main villain in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

A: Oogie Boogie

Q: Which real-life person is Santa Claus based on?

A: The Christian bishop St. Nicholas.

Q: What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

A: The Polar Express.

Q: What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do because of his shiny red nose?

A: Join in any reindeer games.

Q: How many ghosts show up in “A Christmas Carol”?

A: Four.

Q: What was the first state in the United States to recognize Christmas as an official holiday?

A: Alabama.

Q: Which Christmas song contains the lyric “Everyone dancing merrily in the new old-fashioned way”?

A: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Birds would eat the seeds, digest them, and expel them and new plants would grow. This is why Mistletoe got its name!

Ten of the Best Christmas Games to Play With Kids

Do you want more fun Christmas trivia questions for kids? If so, here are some of my top trivia game recommendations, as well as some other great Christmas game options! 

These games are perfect for playing one of these wintery Christmas nights! You can even host your own family Christmas trivia night with games, snacks, and merry-making!

Paladone Buddy The Elf Trivia Quiz Game – Elf The Movie Trivia

Paladone Buddy The Elf Trivia Quiz Game - Elf The Movie Trivia
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Test your Elf the Movie knowledge by answering trivia about Buddy from Elf! The game includes 100 question cards and suits all ages as long as their Elf the Movie fans.

Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game

Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game
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Score points for answering a variety of Christmas trivia questions for kids and adults in this popular trivia game. It’s packed with 1800 questions and suits all ages!

Christmas Charades Board Game

Christmas Charades Board Game
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Fancy a game of charades? Why not opt for this cute, Christmas-themed charades game instead this season! It’s easy to play and suits kids and adults aged 8+.

Cobble Hill 1000 Piece Ugly Xmas Sweaters Puzzle

Cobble Hill 1000 Piece Ugly Xmas Sweaters Puzzle
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Putting together a puzzle is a great way to pass the holidays, be they chilly, winter nights or not. And, what better puzzle to do on Christmas than an ugly Christmas sweater puzzle?

Gift Republic Christmas Trivia

Gift Republic Christmas Trivia
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Keep things classy with 100 trivia question cards to test your knowledge this festive season. This game is a great stocking stuffer or present to give to family, kids, and friends!

Trivial Pursuit: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Trivial Pursuit: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas may fancy a slightly alternative Christmas trivia night. This trivia game is just the thing – it’s packed with 400 questions and suits kids 12+ years old!

Go Games Christmas Trivia Game

Go Games Christmas Trivia Game
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The Go Games Christmas Trivia Game is another delightful Christmas trivia game for kids and adults that packs a punch with 1200 trivia questions! This game suits kids and adults aged 12+.

The Santa Claus Game – Best Seller, Holiday Board Game

Christmas board game
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This Santa-inspired board game was made with young kids in mind. In it, players get to be Santa and deliver their own sleigh full of presents. The best part is it suits kids aged 3+!

Drumond Park The Best of Christmas Cracking Christmas Game

Christmas game
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I love this suit Christmas game! I mean, who doesn’t want to answer trivia and decorate a gorgeous little Christmas tree with tiny baubles at the same time?

NECA Christmas Story The Party Game Board Game

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“A Christmas Story” movie lovers, watch out! You will surely enjoy answering trivia on this topic in this trivia game!

Cute Christmas Treats to Snack on While You Play Trivia Games

Make your trivia night extra festive with these gorgeous Christmas-themed treats! They’re also great for baking, or as gifts, stocking stuffers, and even to snack on during Christmas Lunch!

Mars Chocolate Favorites Christmas Pack

Get your mini chocolate fix with these tiny Christmas-themed chocolates! This 33.5 oz bag includes festively wrapped Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Milky Way Midnight, and Musketeers!

Nut Haven Gourmet Nut Selection

Nuts are the perfect healthy snack to nibble on this season! This selection includes toffee peanuts, glazed peanuts, almonds, and pecans, and roasted almonds, cashews, and pistachios!

Oh! Nuts Chocolate Covered Pretzel Assortment

Treat the family with this gorgeous chocolate covered pretzel assortment! It includes dark, milk, vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, peanut butter, and blueberry yogurt chocolate-covered options.

Level up your usual cookies and milk with these fudge-covered Oreos! Who knows, you can even leave some out for Santa – I’m sure he’ll be delighted!

Jingle Balls Fruit Sours

Are you more a fan of the sour notes? If so, these sour cherry and apple candies are just the thing to snack on your Christmas trivia for kids nights!

Hershey’s Jolly Rancher & Twizzlers Candy Assortment Bulk Pack

This giant bag of Jolly Ranchers and Twizzlers is packed full of chews, hard candy, and lollipops. They’re perfect for stuffing in stockings or serving in a candy bowl!

Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

Treat the family with some gourmet chocolate covered cookies this year. This selection features 12 unique Christmas flavors, including peppermint and pretzel, and comes in a luxury gold box!

M&M’s Chocolate Candies 62 Ounce Jar Christmas Edition

Leave the regular M&M’s behind this year! Opt for this huge jar of festive red and green milk chocolate M&M candies instead! 

M&M’s Mint Chocolate, Holiday Mint Red, Green and White Candies

Get your minty fix with these Christmas-inspired mint M&M candies! They come robed in green, red, and white candy shells to celebrate the holidays!


Do you want to have yourself a very merry Christmas? If so, try grilling them with these Christmas trivia questions for kids! 

Don’t forget to make a night of it, too! Relax, sip on some eggnog, and snack on the best treats this season has to offer!

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