18 of the Best Christmas Games for Kids

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Christmas is coming and kids everywhere are singing Christmas carols everywhere you turn. Sometimes it is hard to keep our kids busy this time of year because they are so excited about the upcoming holiday season. But good news! We have compiled the ultimate list of Christmas games for kids that will have them laughing and entertaining them for hours to occupy them all the way up to Christmas Day! 

18 of the Best Christmas Games for Kids

#1 Saran Wrap Game

Saran Wrap Game

In recent years, the saran wrap game has gained popularity fast and for good reason. It is basically wrapping small toys, candy, even money in a big giant ball of saran wrap. Each person takes a turn and goes as fast as they can unwrapping the ball and anything that falls out during their turn is theirs. It is all about speed and luck, because your turn is over as soon as someone rolls a 6. 

#2 Christmas Bingo

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Introduce your kids to Christmas Bingo. This is a slower-paced game that the kids will really enjoy. Get some prizes for each round’s winners. There are lots of free Christmas Bingo printables for you to download and enjoy. 

#3 Christmas Scavenger Hunt

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Create your very own Christmas scavenger hunt and see who can find the most things on the list. This is simple to do. Just make a list, divide into teams, and set out on an adventure. You could even focus this on a Christmas light scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. 

#4 Christmas Trivia

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Christmas trivia is another fun Christmas game for kids. Test their knowledge of everything Christmas or some of the most popular Christmas movies. 

#5 Christmas Gift Wrap Stack

Christmas Gift Wrap Stack

Put your kids’ gift wrapping skills to the test with one of my favorite Christmas games for kids. 

Your kids will race against each other and the clock to wrap and stack as many presents as they can in a predetermined amount of time. The person with the most wrapped presents stacked wins! 

#6 Jingle Bell Toss

Jingle Bell Toss

Everyone knows the classic cup pong, Jingle Bell Toss is very similar to that. Set up a “Christmas tree” type pyramid of Red Solo cups, 4 in the back, then 3, then 2, and then 1. 

Then on your turn you will toss three jingle bells into the solo cups. Then the next person goes and the next person until everyone has had a turn. If you make it in you get 1 point, but here is the catch if someone makes it after you in the same cup it cancels that point. 

You continue playing each round like this until someone gets 10 points. It’s about strategy as well as a little bit of luck. 

#7 Christmas Charades

Christmas Charades

Ho Ho Ho can you act out Santa? What about a sleigh ride? Well, test your acting skills as well as your guessing skills for a fun game of Christmas Charades. You can find several free Christmas Charade ideas on the internet for you to choose from. 

#8 Find the Pickle

Find the Pickle

Growing up we always had a pickle ornament. I never knew the history of it, but I did know that if I found it I would get an extra present! This is a favorite Christmas game for many children throughout the world. 

To play this game, one person buys an extra present. Then on Christmas Eve, they hide it on the tree without anyone looking. Once it is hidden, then everyone rushes to try and find it. The person who finds it gets the extra present. 

We always have that person buy and hide the present the next year. This Christmas game for kids has been in our family for over 30 years. 

#9 Pin the Nose on Rodolph 

Pin the Nose on Rodolph

Kids love pin the tail on the donkey, so why not transform this classic game to a Christmas version. 

Draw or buy a giant reindeer, then you can create your own red noses. Better yet, you can give everyone a red circle and let them design their own. 

Once all the noses are designed, blindfold the first person spin them a few times, and see how close they come to pinning the nose on Rodolph. Do the same thing with everyone until everyone has had a turn. 

The person that gets closest wins! 

If you can’t find a reindeer or can’t draw one you can always play pin the carrot on the snowman. 

#10 Santa Says

Santa Says

Santa says is another classic game turned Christmas. Based on Simon Says, Santa commands the kids playing to do certain things, but if Santa doesn’t say it and you do it anyways you are O-U-T!

Don’t forget to ask the kids to do things like “pretend to unwrap presents”, “eat milk and cookies”, “pretend to build a snowman” and other fun things you do around Christmas time. 

#11 Candy Cane Hunt

Candy Cane Hunt

Kids love hunting for things, so why not let them go on a candy cane hunt with this fun Christmas game for kids. 

In this game, the kids will decorate brown paper sacks as their collecting bags. While they are decorating you will hide wrapped candy canes of all different flavors and sizes all about. 

Once you are done hiding and their bags are decorated, the kids will set off to find as many candy canes as they can. 

#12 Christmas Memory

christmas games for kids
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Another great Christmas game for kids of all ages is Christmas Memory. You can either buy a premade one or make your own. 

To create your own Christmas Memory game, make cards (2 each) of some of your favorite Christmas things like Santa, Ornaments, Stockings, etc. 

Once the cards are made print them and cut them out and then mix them up and lay them flat. 

Then take turns choosing two cards to try and find a match. If you find a match you get to go again. If your cards don’t match turn them back over where you found them and it is the next person’s turn.      

#13 Reindeer Antler Toss

christmas games for kids

Reindeer antler toss is another fun game. Just buy the inflatable reindeer antlers and rings and see who can land the most rings on the antlers. 

Kids will have fun playing this Christmas game all season long. 

#14 Hot Present

Hot Present

Hot present is a spin-off of hot potato. Take a small box and wrap it. Then start some music and everyone starts passing the gift around the room, when the music stops the person with the present it out. The last person left at the end of the game is the winner. 

#15 Jingle Bell Relay Race

Jingle Bells

The goal of this fun relay game is to move jingle bells from one side of the room to the other. But there is a catch, you must carry them on a plastic spoon with one hand behind your back. 

To play you will want to divide the group into even teams. Then one player at a time will transfer as many jingle bells as they can in 30 seconds. Once the time is up the next person on each team will go. The team that transfers the most jingle bells wins.

#16 Christmas Scategories

Christmas Scategories

Everyone loves the classic game of Scategories, so why not create a fun Christmas version. This a great Christmas game for kids that are older and have a bigger vocabulary, can read, and write. 

#17 Human Christmas Tree

Human Christmas Tree

Human Christmas tree will certainly spark a lot of laughs among the kids. 

To play you will want to divide the group into even teams. Once divided you will give the groups “Christmas tree decorating supplies”. 

First, they will have to wrap their Christmas tree in green crepe paper, then they will have to adorn their human tree with all kinds of ornaments and then of course attach the star to the top of the tree. 

#18 Christmas Mad Libs

christmas games for kids
Source: tintuclink.club

Mad Libs is always a fun game for older kids and Christmas Mad Libs is even better. Your kids will love thinking outside the box as they come up with the perfect nouns, adverbs, and verbs to create a truly hysterical story. 

These Christmas games for kids will be fun for their next party with friends or a fun thing to do as a family on family game night. No matter who they play with they will certainly be excited about the upcoming holiday after they play! 

Do you have a favorite Christmas game? Share it in the comments below! 

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