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Coffee. Toilet paper. Toothpaste. Some items are always on my shopping list. A new service for means I’m never without my essentials.

Subscription services aren’t new. I can receive the latest from my favourite magazines on my tablet and even our Junior Style Blogger loves her monthly delivery of new beauty products. The Amazon Subscribe and Save program not only rewards me for regular purchases, I can have them delivered right to my door.

The Amazon Subscribe and Save program enables me to set-up a schedule of delivery of those items you always need. I had a chance to try the service first hand thanks to Amazon and I’m hooked. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Home Delivery. You would think products I use all the time would be top of mind when shopping but they’re not. I always forget until I realize I need to restock. Amazon Subscribe and Save ensures my regular products are always in stock, deliver them each month to my door. No more last minute store runs.

2. Adjustable Schedule. The minimum delivery schedule for the Amazon Subscribe and Save program is one month but sometimes you need items a little less regularly. You can adjust your schedule to have some items shipped monthly and others every 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 months. The best part about your schedule is that it is adjustable. You can go into your account at any time and make adjustments. Didn’t drink as much coffee this time? Skip your next delivery. Don’t go through a tube of toothpaste in a month? Have it delivered every 2 months.

3. Discount Prices. I was relieved to see the cost of my items were on par with what I normally pay in-store. Plus the more I add to my subscription service the more I save, up to 15% with 5 items in my account.

4. Free Shipping. Having ordered regular items from Amazon in the past, I am used to the option of free shipping based on orders of $25 or more. All Amazon Subscribe and Save orders qualify for free shipping even if it’s something as simple as 1 tube of toothpaste each month. A nice perk.

5. Email Reminder. Even if I’m not thinking about my order of coffee and batteries, Amazon is. About a week before my order is ready to ship Amazon emails me, reminding me what I’m scheduled to receive and giving me the option to make adjustments to my order. It is because of this email I was able to skip a delivery due to being out of town once and even adjust my quantity of an item another time. I also received an email when my items shipped with the estimated delivery date.


Having my essentials arrive at my door regularly when I need them and at a cost almost always less than what I usually pay, makes Amazon Subscribe and Save a no brainer for me. I think my husband would agree now that he never runs out of coffee.

Amazon Canada provided me with a gift card for the purpose of reviewing this service but the experience and opinions expressed in this post are all mine.

Sharing is Caring!

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