Five Ways Next Issue Canada Will Change How You Read Magazines

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Looking for a healthy recipe for dinner or a craft idea to occupy the kids? Maybe you love to find out how things work and the way people think or you’re looking for inspiration for your next renovation or DIY project. There’s an easier way to find what interests you right on your tablet thanks to Next Issue. Here are the five reasons I love using the service (and you will too) and you can try it for FREE.

1. Selection – Issues Based on Your Interests

There are lots of things that interest me – my kids, eating well, vacation time, new technology – the list goes on. Next Issue lets me feed all my interests from just one device. One day I can get inspired by HGTV Magazine’s April article on 10 Things to Do With a Plain White Pillow, offering me a simple DIY project. This is a perfect project I can do at home to update my daughter’s reading nook. The next day I’m brushing up on some tips from Real Simple’s January issue on how to stay on top of my e-mail (a problem I’m always battling). Next Issue lets me explore all my interests easily, one article at a time.

nextissuecanada hgtvarticle

nextissuecanada realsimplearticle

2. Multimedia – More than Just Reading Type

Interactivity is one feature of digital magazines that set them apart from their print-based counterparts. The Better Body Plan article in February issue of Fitness Magazine not only provides me with a step-by-step description for eight different exercises, it also includes a video tutorial for each of the eight exercises right within the digital magazine page. Now I have a visual guide as I try to duplicate the workout at home right from the pages of my Next Issue app.

3. Multi-users – One Subscription Benefits Many

Only I have a Next Issue account in the house but with the Next App downloaded on my iPad as well as my oldest daughter’s iPad Mini and my husband’s iPad Mini we all have the same access. Although each device sees all the magazines selected from the main library (as in my husband can’t have a library of just vacation and technology magazines while my daughter has all the teen magazines) what issues are downloaded are device specific.

nextissuecanada seventeenhairarticle

This means my daughter can update her school hairdo after reading So Many Ways to Braid from the April issue of Seventeen while my husband fills his curiosity reading She’s A Natural in issue number 8 of Geek. He’s developed a fascination with the reality show Oddities so he was fascinated about getting a little insight in Nancy Smith’s shopping habits for her natural history and curio store. Having one subscription that services the needs of many family members is a real bonus.

nextissuecanada geekarticle

4. Flexibility – Customize Your Personal Newsstand Often

It can seem a little overwhelming having 100 different magazines to choose from, but Next Issue works with your needs. You can choose the magazines you are interested in and add them to your personal newsstand. Add home magazines one week when the desire to redecorate hits and then remove them and add food magazines when you’re looking for some meal inspiration. Cooking Light may not be a magazine I would regularly read but having access to it through my Next Issue subscription gave me a tasty recipe for Crispy Risotto Cakes, a great idea for leftover risotto.

nextissuecanada cookinglightarticle

Next Isssue lets me grab magazines and even specific issues based on my desires, adding and replacing as my interest change. Here’s just a few of the magazines added this week to my personal newsltand but by the time you read this I will probably have changed it again. A magazine subscription doesn’t provide that type of flexibility.

nextissuecanada personalnewsstand

5. Multiple Issues – More Than Just the Current Issue

Next Issue keeps me informed when the latest issue of a magazine I like is available to download. You can choose to download your favourites automatically but I like to make that choice issue-by-issue. Along with the latest issue I also have access to back issues.  Even the June issue of Condé Nast Traveler has content that interests me now, such as their article Island to Dine For, a Guide to 35 Best Island Resorts for Food. I love great food when on vacation. I would have to go to a library to find this as a back issue. Not the case with my Next Issue subscription.

nextissuecanada condenasttraveler

nextissuecanada travelreading

For a monthly fee of $9.99 a month Next Issue offers my family of three magazine readers a lot of flexibility and I don’t need to order new bookshelves to store anything. Don’t take my word for it. You canenjoy a FREE 30-day trial of Next Issue Canada and find out for yourself how one app can change the way you read magazines.

This post was sponsored by Next Issue but the opinions and experiences are purely my own.

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