50+ of the Best Superhero Jokes to Tell Your Kids

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Sometimes, we just need someone to jump in and save the day! With no movie superheroes in sight, who better to do so than a few superhero jokes, instead?

Be it be the superpowers of pick-me-ups, smiles, or belly laughs, they’re here to save the day! Even the dad-joke-worthy ones will make them laugh at how cheesy they are!

Funny Superhero Jokes

Funny Superhero Jokes

These hilarious superhero jokes are good for a few laughs!

How do superheroes prepare their dinner?

They save the food first!

Why did the old hard-of-hearing man distrust Batman?

He thought he was called Bad man!

Did you hear the joke about the superhero Wind Man?

I don’t know what it was, but apparently, everyone was blown away!

What do you get when you cross a superhero and the Dead Sea?

A Deadpool!

What name do you call a pair of villainous twins?


Where does Spiderman hang out in his spare time?

On the World Wide Web!

Which game show features superheroes?

The Greatest Cape!

Which place do superheroes flock to?

Cape town!

What do you call a superhero who likes to cook?


Which is Thor’s favorite day of the week?

Thors-day, of course!

Who is the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego?

The Credible Hulk!

Why did Batman’s sidekick, Robin, get locked up?

Because the policeman overheard someone saying, “look, he’s robbin’!”

Why is it hard to get to know Iron Man?

What can I say? He has a tough exterior!

What does Wonder Woman change her name to when she travels?

Wandering Woman!

Why did Superman never need a babysitter?

Because he always had Super Vision!

What do you get when you cross Harley Quinn with a motorbike?

A Harley Davidsquinn!

How was the superhero party?

It was pretty Lo-ki!

How do you know Cat Woman likes you?

She purrs!

What do superhero kids and parents do to get their kids to school?

They Deadpool!

Did you hear the one about the Viking superhero who laughed at a joke?

He was in Asterix!

What is Black Panther’s goal in life?

To find his purr-pose!

What do heroes like Spiderman and Ant-Man have in common?

They bug the villains!

Why do Dutch people find the Guardians of the Galaxy movies hilarious?

Because they think Groot is saying “I am big” all the time. The word “groot” means “big,” “large,” and “great” in Dutch!

What sneakers does Superman wear?

Nike Air Walkers!

What will The Avengers change their name to when they retire? 

The Forgivers!

How many Blonde Phantom‘s does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Only one – she’s quite capable of looking after herself. And, saving her boss’s life on occasion, too!

Which superhero is great at making jokes and puns?

The Pun-isher!

Which two vital weapons do superheroes need to exercise to always be ready for a fight?

Their guns!

Why did the kid feel left out of the superhero meet-and-greet?

The sign above the line said, “fans only”! He thought they meant literal cooling fans!

What is Bat Girl’s secret superpower?

Batting her eyelashes!

What happened when Batman visited Westeros?

He formed the Dark Knight’s Watch!

Which foods do superheroes like best?

Super-foods, of course!

Why do superheroes always get the bad guys?

Because they’re so cape-able!

What do you get when you cross a superhero with a cat?

A Napster!

What do cameras and superheroes have in common?

A Flash!

What is best served cold?


What do The Silver Surfer and Iron Man have in common?

They are both attracted to magnets!

What is Batman’s baseball-playing alter ego called?


What nickname can you call Iron Man when he does household chores?

Ironing Man!

A few guys in Spiderman costumes walked into a bar. Apparently, they were web designers!

What does Batman do when he meets a villain for the first time?

He gives them a chair- to the face!

What did Wonder Woman do when Ares asked her for a hand with his washing?

She gave him her fist!

Why does Deadpool have such stamina?

Because he has Deadpoolication!

Why does Superman fear the dark?

Because it’s his krypto-nite!

Why does Batman avoid taking public transport?

His bat-breath!

Which superheroes don’t wear capes?

Mums and Dads!

Why does Cat Woman never get invited to Christmas parties?

She always climbs up or pulls down the Christmas tree!

What superheroes and computers have in common?

Screen savers!

What does Superman eat his breakfast in?

A Super-bowl, of course!

What do aspiring superheroes and drag queens have in common?

They both want to be ex-men!

What’s Black Panther’s favorite music?

Wakanda forever!

How does Spider-Man take his coffee?

Decaf, because with great power comes great responsibility!

How does Superman keep his pants up?

With his super belt!

Why did Captain America cross the road?

To get to the other side, soldier!

What did Aquaman say when he lost his trident?

“I’m feeling a little out of plaice.”

Why was the Invisible Man so good at his job?

Because he could always see right through it!

How does Catwoman stay so clean?

She always uses the litter box!

Why did the superhero flush the toilet?

Because it was his “duty”!

What’s Ant-Man’s favorite part of the computer?

The “ant”-ernet!

What do you call it when the Hulk takes a selfie?

An “incredible” selfie!


Superheroes are known for many brave deeds, saving the human race, and general do-gooding! Hopefully, these fun superhero jokes have brightened up your day, too!

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