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Mother’s Day is approaching and with it will come handmade cards from the kids, gifts your husband thinks you want, maybe even breakfast in bed or a day without laundry. These thoughtful ideas aside, why not give yourself the gift of time. Take thirty-minutes for yourself, without kids, husband, or commitments. Here are a few ways to enjoy your time.

Time For You: Persuasion

time for you persuasion bookYou may be familiar with Arlene Dickinson as the only woman on the Dragon’s Den panel. Life wasn’t always so fabulous as Ms Dickson points out in her book Persuasion. She shares the skills she’s learn about harnessing the art if persuasion to achieve your goals, either at work or at home. It turns out many of us have the ability but just haven’t figured out how to use it. Complement your read with a bottle of Persuasion wine or nibbling on Persuasion dark chocolate.

Time For You: Bite-Size Cheesecake

Time for you dessert-bites choc raspberrySometimes when you’re reading a book or enjoying a soak in the tub, a slice of cheesecake, no matter how big your craving, isn’t an easy treat to enjoy. Allan Candy’s Dessert Bites changes that with their bite-size nuggets of chocolate-coasted cake flavoured candies. Enjoy Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie or Apple Pie, one bite-size sweet at a time.

Time For You: Getting Intimate

Sure you’re a mom. But you’re also a woman and sometimes you have other needs or desires. Enjoy your thirty-minutes behind closed (and maybe locked) doors with some of these more intimate suggestions. If the kids are distracted by television, perhaps your partner can join you.

Time For You: Tea Please

Time for you programmable kettleTea is a wonderful way to relax and escape but when your free-time is limited, every moment is precious. Why waste it waiting for the kettle to boil or better still, forgetting you plugged it in before it boils dry. The Hamilton Beach Programmable Kettle enables you to set a time for when you want your hot beverage. Set the kettle for your afternoon escape and you’ll have hot water to enjoy your tea or hot chocolate at just the right time. Plus, it has five temperature settings too, depending on what you prefer.

Time For You: Wine Time

Time For You wineA nice glass of wine while soaking in the tub or sitting on the back deck, doing absolutely nothing can be a wonderful gift to yourself. Enjoy the light-bodies, fresh and crisp taste of Linden Bay Wine’s Pinot Grigio or the Generation Seven Red with blackberry and raspberry flavours with just a hint of spice. Of if you’re more of a cocktail girl (like me) but not very good at making cocktails (also like me), try a Mike’s Mojito. Simply chill and serve.

Time For You: Home Spa

Although a visit to the spa would be lovely, finding the time can be difficult. But even with only thirty-minutes to spare you can still pamper yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom. Try these 21 home spa products for inspiration. Be sure to prepare your bathroom with these tips to help you turn it into a retreat.

Mother’s Day is only once a year but by just booking thirty-minutes for yourself on the weekend, you can start to rejuvenate yourself regularly. And we all know a happy mom means a happy family.

Sharing is Caring!

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