Everything Fabulous: 21 Home Spa Products for Pampering

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Being a mom usually means you end up putting your family’s needs before yours. Your days are filled with grocery shopping, cooking meals, helping with homework, healing scraps and hurt feelings and let’s not forget work. Sometimes mom’s need personal time, a little pampering. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the luxury of heading to the spa, we’ve found some Fabulous products to pamper yourself at home.

Home Spa Products For Your Face

Home_Spa_Products_FaceKnown in Europe and making it’s Canadian debut this March at Shoppers, Nip + Fab Scrub Fix ($13.95 Cdn) exfoliates, stimulates and gives your skin a natural glow with this triple action facial micro-exfoliant.

The Green Clay Face Mask ($28.00 Cdn) from Body Blitz to Go gently draws out toxins and environmental pollutants and helps revitalize dull, tired complexions while giving your face a nice lift and glow.

The nutrients in Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream ($24.99 Cdn) can rejuvenate skin and improve its texture for a younger, more refreshed look. To complement your treatment, try Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Cream ($24.99 Cdn) too.

Let’s not forget the eyes. Rejuvenate and soothe them with Juice Beauty‘s Green Apple Hydration Eye Mask ($38.99 Cdn).

Home Spa Products For Your Hands

home_spa_products_manicure_nails_handsParaSpa Paraffin Bath Therapy ($39.99 Cdn) hydrates and softens dry skin on your hands and elbows while soothing tired muscles.

Organic cashew nut butter is moisturizing on the skin and it is used along side other organic butters in Lush‘s Handy Gurugu Hand Cream ($16.95 Cdn).

The Citrus Illuminating Masque ($44.00 Cdn) is a lustrous hand masque with a firming peptide complex, citrus oils and grape seed oil that helps reduce visible signs of aging.

And for your nails, the Cuti-Cocktail pen and pusher ($19.95 Cdn) is scented with aromatic extracts of Ginger and Fuji Apple, and helps to smooth, hydrate and protect skin around the cuticle area.

Home Spa Products For Your Feet

Home_Spa_Products_pedicure_feetPlaying Footsie Foot Soak ($16.00 Cdn) gently exfoliates and soften, while soothing Epsom salt helps calm aching feet.

Give your tootsies a massage with the All About Feet Massaging Foot Soap ($8.00 Cdn). This uniquely shaped, large soap with large nubs gently massage your feet as you clean them.

Exfoliate and polish dry, rough feet with natural pumice and walnut shells in this luxurious organic peppermint Kiss My Face Foot Scrub ($10.49 Cdn).

After you’ve treated your feet, slip on a pair of Airplus Spa Footies ($5.97 Cdn) constructed with Aloe infused fibers and Vitamin E added for superior moisturizing.

Home Spa Products For Your Body

Home_spa_products_bodyRelax for 15 to 20 minutes in the tub while this Dead Sea Salt Spa ($15.20 Cdn) nourish and heal your body or drift away into a luscious, skin softening experience with a Green Tea Fizzing Bath Powder ($40.00 Cdn).

Increase circulation with the nubby side of the Forever Natural Bamboo Cellulite Dry Brush ($10.99 Cdn) while massaging your body and keeping is smooth and glowing with the brush side.

Keep your skin hydrated with Linden Leaves easily absorbed Moisturizing Lotion In Love Again ($21.00 Cdn), formulated with sweet almond oil for pure skin hydration, in a sensual blend of neroli, vanilla and sandalwood to promote a feeling of bliss and contentment.

Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and renovate your body with the patented ageLOC Galvanic Spa System II ($374.75 Cdn).

Home Spa Products For Your Mood

Home_spa_products_mood_candleThe Body Truffles Fudge Brownie In The Mood Romantic Candle ($20.00 Cdn) is made from100% plant wax and fills the room with the decadent scent of fudge brownie.

Close your eyes and enjoy with one of our delicious mocktails or maybe open up a bottle of Niagara produced Generation Seven wine from Chateu de Charmes.

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