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Love is in the air and with it comes chocolates, flowers, and kisses. As moms, we’ll receive handmade crafts from our kids and perhaps a nice dinner out with our partner but there’s also our other side that needs attention. From notably naughty to subtly sensuous, we have a few intimate gift ideas mom can discretely treat herself to. 

Trojan Vibrations


Trusted condom brand Trojan is taking the next step in helping users enhance their sexual pleasure with the introduction of Vibrations. Trojan Vibrations is a new line of high quality vibrators with pleasure-enhancing, high-performance features. Designed with a woman’s body in mind, Trojan Tri-Phoria and Trojan Vibrating Pulse vibrators offer unique features including multiple speeds and pleasurable pulse patterns in a variety of sizes and sensual designs to accommodate an individual’s personal preferences. Can be purchased discretely online. Trojan Tri-Phoria $44.99 Cdn, Trojan Vibrating Pulse $29.99 Cdn.

KY Yours and Mine Couple Lubricant


Whether performing solo or with your partner, adding a little lubricant can heighten your experience. KY understands that men and women are different and offers Yours and Mine Couple Lubricant. The first couples lubricant on the market that provides two unique sensations: she applies “yours” (blue) to him for an invigorating sensation; he applies “mine” (purple) to her for a thrilling sensation. When they combine, there’s an amazing reaction. $19.99 Cdn

Rock Hard Erotic Fiction


Admit it, you’ve fantasized about a gorgeous man, other than your partner, making advances on you. Hard Rock takes you on an escape into the world of rock and roll and the steamy encounters of the hot lead singer, Sedric Lionheart, and his ex-fiancee Jessica Chase during a few months on a tour bus. Your heart rate will increase as Sed and Jess find ample opportunity to come together, teasing and tantalizing each other and you along with them. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to host your own tour bus encounter at home. $12.15 Cdn

Sins of the Highlander Romance Fiction


If you’re more of a romantic, step back in time to the Scottish highlands in romance fiction Sins of the Highlander.  Robert MacLaren seeks revenge for the death of his wife and kidnaps Elspeth Stewart, the soon-to-be wife of the man who took Robert’s first wife away from him. Robert and Elspeth fight their feelings for each other, though their dreams take them into some steamy situations. $8.99 Cdn

Love and Lust Sex Journal


To the outside world you’re a woman who takes care of her family, her work, and whatever else is thrown your way but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a sensual side. The Love and Lust Sex Journal gives you a private world to share your thoughts, wishes and fantasies. The pages include quotes and prompts to inspire you to share: what’s the sexiest outfit to wear? Where’s the most unusual place you would consider having sex? What would you consider doing? The book has a handy lock to keep prying eyes out. $18.46 Cdn

Lovefresh Lovenotes Body Lotion


Whether you’re spending a quiet moment with your romance novel, sex journal, or nothing at all, treat your body to sensual hand and body lotion from LoveFresh body goodies. The Lovenote lotions are free of petroleum, parabens and other synthetics. The Vanilla Bean aroma is heavenly, not over powering like other lotions. I’ll warn you, you’ll find yourself inhaling the fregrance as it permeates your skin. $24.00 Cdn


If you’re looking for ideas to add some fun to the intimacy you share with your partner, visit our Bedroom Toys piece for a few steamy suggestions.

Sharing is Caring!

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