135 Names For Boys & Girls Meaning Death, Demise, or Doom

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Have you read the book named The Book Thief? The very celebrated and acclaimed novel written by the talented author, Markus Zusak, has quite a unique narrator, for it is narrated by Death itself. Such a clever choice, is it not?

Did this bit fascinate you? While reading the book, did you think how different it would be to have a name that is associated with ‘death’ in any manner?

Are you looking for names that mean death and darkness so that you can avoid them while naming your newborn baby? Or, are you looking for names with dark meanings for spiritual and traditional purposes?

Whatever the reason is, I have got exactly what you are looking for!

You know, when you think about baby names that mean death, you may not want to choose them for your little prince or princess. But that should not necessarily be the case! When you decide on a name that means death, that doesn’t mean that you have automatically selected something bad or negative.

If you take the Western culture, you will notice that the topic that involves death is generally avoided completely or talked about grimly.

Then there are other cultures where people treat death as a celebration of life. And in some cases, people see it as a way to get connected to the spiritual world. After all, life and death are something that goes hand in hand. Also, we have a history full of rules as well as gods who are connected to the darkness.

And don’t worry. You are not cursing your newborn by giving them a name that is related to the theme of darkness or death!

Here, I have come up with a list of some great names with great meanings that are connected to death.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Death

Baby Girl Names That Mean Death

You know, these days, parents are becoming more and more adventurous while choosing a name for their baby, and they are going for names that are uncommon. Are you one of them?

Check this list of names for your baby girl!

  • Angerona

Are you into Roman mythology?

Then you may already know that Angerona is the Roman goddess of extinction, fear, and silence.

This name has a melodic tone to it. I like it.

  • Adrienne

Are you into dark names?

This name literally means the dark one!

  • Adaliah

The name Adaliah holds the meaning of the cloud of death and poverty.

  • Achlys

This short name can be pronounced easily, and it is not that common.

Achlys carries with it the meaning of darkness.

  • Abiba

Abiba refers to the first girl child who is born after your or the family’s grandmother’s demise.

  • Bashemath

We all get confused some time or the other, isn’t it?

But this name holds the meaning of the confusion of death. Strange, right?

  • Clotho

The girl’s name Clotho translates to the spinner of life’s thread.

  • Chiwa

This short five-letter word holds the meaning of demise or eternal rest.

Scary, isn’t it?

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  • Desdemona

Are you into English literature?

Then you may know about the famous play “Othello” written by William Shakespeare. In that, one of the primary characters was Desdemona, who elopes with Othello.

The name carries the meaning of “from the devil.”

  • Darci

Did I tell you that the name Darci has several variations with the same meaning?

The name holds the meaning of the stubborn one. And some of its variations include Darcie and Darcia.

  • Dabria

Are you interested in angelic names?

Then Dabria can be the one! It translates to the angel of sorrow and demise.

  • Deyanira

This name has an elegant vibe to it. However, the meaning of this name is nowhere near this fact!

It carries the meaning of man destroyer.

  • Ernaline

Isn’t this a unique name that sounds sweet?

It holds the meaning of battle to the end.

  • Ereshkigal

This name can be difficult to pronounce for some people. But, if you like names that have a meaning related to some goddess, then you might want to keep this name for your baby girl.

It translates to the Sumerian goddess who rules the underworld and the non-living.

  • Freyja

The meaning of this beautiful name has both hope and doom.

Freyja holds the meaning of the lady of beauty and love on the one hand and the lady of demise on the other.

  • Hecate

Did you know that Hecate was a Greek goddess?

She ruled the demons, tombs, crossroads, evil, and the underworld.

  • Ilamatecuhtil

Now, this is another name on my list that is quite difficult to pronounce, at least for me!

Did you know that Ilamatecuhtil was the name of an Aztec goddess?

She was the goddess of demise and fertility.

  • Kritanta

Are you into Hindu mythology?

Then you may know about Kritanta – the god of fatality.

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  • Khaalida

I quite like the name Khaalida because of its easy-to-pronounce nature.

It holds the meaning of immortal or deathless.

  •   Keket

Did I tell you that Keket was an Egyptian goddess?

She ruled the darkness.

  • Louhi

This name for girls translates to the goddess of death.

  • Loreley

The name Loreley carries the meaning of the demise or the death of the man.

  • Loralai

This name translates to the one who lures people to death.

  • Libitina

This name has its roots in Roman mythology.

Libitina was a Roman goddess, and people used to worship her for extinctions and funerals.

  • Morrigan

Morrigan is the goddess of war and suffering.

  • Morana

Are you into names that have close relations with goddesses?

How about Morana?

She was the goddess of extinction and winter.

  • Marama

Here comes another name that is closely related to goddesses!

Did you know that Marama is the name of the goddess of death as well as the moon?

  • Marah

This name holds the meaning of sorrow and defeat.

The meaning can put some parents off.

  • Mara

Are you into short names that don’t have a positive meaning?

So, okay, there is no harm in liking that. And I am not judging you for that.

The four-letter word Mara translates to sorrow and bitterness.

  • Nephthys

Did you know that Nephthys was the goddess of mourning, non-living, and the air in Egypt?

So, if you are looking for names that mean death and are closely related to goddesses, Nephthys can be the one!

  • Naenia

This is the name of the Roman goddess who was worshipped for funerals.

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  • Omisha

Isn’t the name gorgeous? It screams beauty!

I liked it the moment I heard it.

It holds the meaning of the spirit of demise and birth.

  • Persefoni

The name Persefoni carries with it the meaning of one who brings extinction.

  • Thana

This name holds the meaning of the end of life.

  • Tanda

This name holds the meaning of seer of death and life.

  • Tamisra

Tamisra is a classy name, which translates to full of darkness.

  • Tamela

This sweet name has a comparatively sweeter meaning to it.

It carries with it the meaning of dark but in a sweet way.

You can give this pretty name to your newborn baby girl.

  • Tamasvi

This name for baby girls has the meaning of someone who has darkness inside her.

  • Valdis

The name Valdis holds the meaning of the dead.

  • Dabria

Dabria is a name that comes from an English background. The meaning of Dabria is ‘an angel of death.’ As far as sweet-sounding and deadly combinations go, this surely is a great pick for the name of your child.

  • Bacia

Bacia is a name that comes from the East African country of Uganda. The meaning of Bacia is ‘family deaths that ruined the home.’ Sounds quite gothic and spooky, does it not? Well, it’s perfect if that’s the vibe you are going for.

  • Dolores

A name that immediately comes to mind when we hear Dolores is that of Dolores Umbridge, the annoying and extremely terrifying character in the Harry Potter series, who was a vengeful and cunning woman.

The meaning of Dolores is pain or sorrow.

  • Khalida

Khalida is a beautiful name that has Arabic and Muslim roots. The meaning of it is deathless, immortal, and everlasting. If you are searching for a name connected to the concept of death somehow, you can choose this one.

  • Lilith

Lilith, as a name, immediately sparks fear, for she belongs to Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology and is famous as Adam’s first wife, who went on to become a scary she-demon and was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

The meaning of this name is ‘night monster.’

  • Mallory

Mallory is a name with Anglo-Norman roots. The meaning of Mallory is ‘someone who is unlucky,’ ‘unfortunate,’ or ‘ill-omened.’ Famous people with this name include Mallory Burdette, Mallory Deluce, Mallory Ervin, Mallory Factor, and Mallory Hagan.

  • Morana

Morana refers to the name of an ancient Goddess who is often associated with dreams, rebirth, and winter’s death. If a mythological and mythical name is what you’re looking for to give to your baby girl, this is an ideal one.

  • Amaia

Amaia is a name that has a Basque origin. The several meanings of this name include night rain, resolution, the end, the beginning of the end, and mother city. For those looking for an ominous name, this could be a great pick.

  • Allani

Allani is a name that has both Hawaiian and English roots. The meaning of this very exotic name is a fragrant or precious or orange tree or highest. It was also the name of the Hurrian Goddess of the underworld.

  • Kali

Kali is the name of a Hindu Goddess. She is mostly associated with death, doomsday, and time. The meaning of this name translates into ‘she who is death’ or ‘she who is black.’ She is an important name in South Asian culture.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Death

Baby Boy Names That Mean Death

Not all parents have the courage to give their baby boys names that mean death. So, are you up for a name that has doom as its meaning? Here are some great options!

  • Anpu

Are you into mythology?

The name Anpu is derived from the myths of Egypt.

According to it, the God of death is known as Anpu.

  • Azvameth

This name can be great for your boy if you are looking for a classy name that has some weight!

It holds the meaning of powerful and strong destruction.

  • Azrail

Are you into mythology?

Then I am quite certain that you know about this name.

Azrail is the angel of suffering and sorrow.

  • Athanasius

This amazing name carries with it the meaning of one who defies the inevitable or immortal.

  • Arius

If you are looking for a name that is short, Arius can be the one!

It holds the meaning of where there is no end.

  • Amara

You can use this name for both boys and girls.

It translates to an immortal being that has neither any beginning nor end.

  • Ajal

This four-letter name for your baby boy is trendy.

It translates to destiny, fate, and the dying hour.

  • Ahimoth

The name Ahimoth translates to the brother of death.

  • Achmetha

This name for baby boy translates to the brother of grief.

  • Abdulbaith

This name is a classic one.

 It holds the meaning of the servant of someone who brings sorrow.

  • Ankou

This name has its roots in Breton origin.

It translates to the spirit of the last person who has died in a community.

  • Berodach

The name Berodach has the meaning of the son of death.

  • Baladan

The name Baladan refers to the son of the grim reaper.

  • Clay

Although the name sounds good, the meaning that it has maybe a putt off for a lot of parents.

It holds the meaning of a mortal who is doomed to fail.

  • Claeg

The meaning of Claeg is someone who is the subject of death.

  • Cain

This name translates to the father of murder.

  • Dearil

This name for your newborn baby boy holds the meaning of the call of death.

  • Damon

Have you watched “The Vampire Diaries” series?

I am a huge fan of it and have watched all the series. So, if you are a fan too, you are well aware of the name Damon, I assume. After all, who can forget the hot as hell vampire brother Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder!

The name holds the meaning of ‘to tame.’

  • Erysichthon

This name carries with it the meaning of one who is greedy, cursed, and doomed to death.

  • Ernesh

The name Ernesh holds the meaning of the battle of life.

  • Gifflet

This English name for boys has its roots in old legends. If you follow the Arthurian legend, it says that it is Griffit who throws the Excalibur sword into the water once King Arthur is dead.

  • Hazarmaveth

This complex word is quite hard to pronounce. And it is unique too.

It holds the meaning of ‘dwelling of the end.

  • Hades

Are you into Greek mythology?

Then you may know about Hades. According to Greek mythology, Hades is the king of the underworld and the god of the dead.

  • Jerimoth

This name has an interesting meaning. It carries with it the meaning of one who rejects or fears demise.

  • Jeremoth

The name that this name has is almost similar to that of Jerimoth.

It holds the meaning of one who fears extinction.

  • Jeevak

The name Jeevak refers to the time period from the present throughout the future and to the end.

  • Javaraya

Are you into names that have a connection with the god?

The name Javaraya is one of them. It translates to the god o demise and suffering.

  • Janardan

Did you know that Janardan is the liberator of the vicious cycle of life and extinction?

And the name refers to exactly that!

  • Kritanta

This is the Indian god of extinction.

  • Kenelm

This name doesn’t have a frightening meaning like most other names listed here.

It holds the meaning of the man of the Elmwood.

  • Kek

Kek is the name of an Egyptian god.

He is the god of darkness.

  • Kaliya

This name has its roots in Indian origin.

It carries with it the meaning of the end of time.

  • Kalayavan

The meaning that this name has is dreadful as death.

  • Kalaraja

Kalaraja is known as the lord of extinction.

  • Kalakuta

This has a dangerous meaning!

It holds the meaning of the potion of death.

  • Kalabhiti

 ]This name sounds scary to me. But its meaning is not scary.

It translates to everlasting, immortal and long-lived. Quite a good meaning, I must say.

  • Mrityunjai

This is a very popular name that is loved by many. It has its roots in Indian origin.

It holds the meaning of one whom death can never defeat. Isn’t the meaning awesome?

  • Mrityuanjaya

This name refers to one who always wins over the inevitable.

  • Mritunjoy

This name holds the meaning of one who always has victory over death.

  • Mritunjay

This name translates to someone who can win over the grim reaper.

  • Mrithun

This name carries the meaning of the lord of demise but is made of earth.

Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Mot

According to an ancient and extinct human language, Mot holds the meaning of extinction.

  • Morte

The name Morte carries the meaning of the dead.

You may want to skip this name because of its meaning.

  • Methuselah

This name holds the meaning of bringing an end.

  • Methusael

This name translates to ‘he demands his demise.

  • Meremoth

 The name Meremoth carries the meaning of bitterness of death.

  • Menahem

This name is unique, and the meaning that it has is ‘one who provides comfort or consoles.’ Generally, this name is given to a baby boy who is born after the death of his older sibling.

  • Mabuz

This short name holds the meaning of one who rules the castle of the non-living.

  • Nirnasha

The meaning of Nirnasha is someone who is immortal or can never die.

  • Osiris

This name has its roots in Egyptian mythology.

Did you know that according to the mythology of Egypt, Osiris is the judge of the underworld and the god of the non-living?

  • Odon

The name Odon means one who has enduring fame, who is the personification of force, and one who will never die.

  • Runihara

This name holds the meaning of one who destroys.

  • Rashn

The name Rashn translates to the judge of the souls of the unloving.

  • Sephtis

Sephtis translates to eternal death.

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  • Samael

This name refers to the fallen angel.

  • Thanatos

This name has its roots in the Old Greek language.

There was a time when Thanatos meant death.

  • Tuwile

This name means demise is invincible.

  • Than

The meaning of this name is ‘the end.’

  • Wolfe

Similar to what the name suggests, Wolfe holds the meaning of a deadly beast or a wolf.

  • Yamaijt

The meaning of this name is the conqueror of the end.

  • Yama

This name has its roots in Hindu mythology.

It carries the meaning of the god of demise.

  • Gordon

Gordon is a name that has Spanish roots. The meaning of Gordon is fort, spacious, or great hill. It reminds us of the very popular British chef named Gordon Ramsay, whose fans will know why the connotation of death is funny about his name.

  • Orion

Orion was the name of a handsome and giant hunter in Greek mythology, and there is also a constellation named after him. It is a significant constellation that is visible across the world.

The meaning of this name is ‘great hunter.’

  • Omkara

The name, Omkara, reminds us of the Bollywood movie of the same name, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. It is based on the Shakespearean tragedy of Othello. This association alone is what gives it its creepy and spooky qualities.

  • Aeron

Aeron is a name that has Welsh roots. The meaning of Aeron is battle or war or berries or a mountain of strength. A name that sounds similar to this one is that of Aaron, which is quite a common name worldwide.

  • Seth

Seth is a name with Hebrew roots. The meaning of Seth is placed or appointed, and its Biblical connotations give it a mystical feel. Popular people who possess this name are Seth Rogan, Seth Rogen, Seth Jones, and Seth Curry.

  • Nathan

Coming from a Hebrew background, Nathan is a very popular name. It means ‘the gift of God.’ The Biblical associations lend it a death-like meaning. Famous people having this name include Nathan Adams, Nathan Fillion, and Nathan Adrian.

  • Stephen

Stephen is a name mentioned in the Apostles, wherein he was a Hellenist. It is a name of Greek origin that means reward, honor, crown, wreath, royalty, fame, and renown. Popular people include Stephen Curry and Stephen King.

  • Anubis

Anubis is a name that can be traced back to Egyptian mythology. He is known for being the God of the dead and is depicted either as a jackal or a human possessing the head of a jackal. Talk about delightfully morbid, right?

  • Amartya

Amartya is a name of Indian origin. The meaning of Amartya is divine, amber of the sky, immortal, and eternal, thereby serving as the perfect antithesis to death. The popular name linked to it is that of Amartya Sen.

  • Doyle

Doyle, as a name, has Irish roots. The meaning of this name is either ‘a dark stranger’ or ‘someone who is the descendant of Dubhghall.’ It is also a common surname, with examples being Danny Doyle and Denny Doyle.

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Death

Unisex Baby Names That Mean Death

Are you looking for unisex baby names that have the meaning of death linked to them in some manner or another? Well, here are some good ones to check out:

  • Marat

The Death of Marat is the name of a painting by Jacques-Louis David that dates back to 1793. The depiction of the painting is in association with the friend of the artist Jean-Paul Marat.

  • Enoch

Enoch is mentioned in the Book of Genesis. It says that he was alive for 365 years before he was taken by God, thereby giving his name the connection with death or going away from the world.

  • Oswi

Oswi is a name that has an English or British origin. The meaning of Oswi is ‘someone who is a friend of God.’ This very celestial and mythical association is what some people might connect to the meaning of death or the afterlife.

  • Daray

Daray is a name that has an American background. The meaning of this name is ‘dark.’ It can also be linked to a Hindi word, ‘darr,’ which means ‘fear,’ thereby giving it those spooky and death-like connotations.

  • Darcel

Darcel, as a name, has both French and Irish roots. The meaning of Darcel is ‘dark,’ and we all know that anything related to darkness automatically connects itself to the concept or conversation of death.

  • Doug

Doug is a name that has Irish and Scottish roots. The meaning of this short, unisex name is ‘black river’ or ‘dark water.’ Don’t these meanings conjure up images and thoughts of darkness and grimness?

  • Lefu

Lefu is a name whose origin can be traced back to Africa. The meaning of this unique name is ‘death.’ Can one ever guess that such a sweet-sounding name can mean something this spooky and morbid?

  • Vendetta

Vendetta is a word that means when someone seeks revenge for the murder of a loved one or harbors a grudge against someone else for a reason. One could be reminded of the scary movie titled V for Vendetta in this case.

  • Hel

Hel is the name of a character belonging to Norse mythology. She is known to live in the realm of the underworld. The name, of course, reminds one of ‘hell,’ and we don’t need to tell you how death is connected to it.

  • Mot

The name, Mot, sounds extremely similar to a Hindi word known as ‘maut,’ which means death. It is a word that is very common in the Hindi language and is used in conversations, songs, movies and song names, and so on.

  • Ryuk

Ryuk is the name of a character from Death Note, which is one of the most popular manga series ever to exist. It was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. In the series, he drops a notebook for one of the characters, which gives them the power to control life and death.

  • Mortimer

Mortimer is a name possessing Old Northern French roots. The meaning of this name is ‘a dead pond’. Popular people with this name are Mortimer Caplin, Mortimer Cleveland, Mortimer Collins, Mortimer Davis, Mortimer Tollemache, and Mortimer Zuckerman.

  • Asaka

Asaka is a name that has Australian, African, and Japanese roots. The several meanings of this name are morning’s scent or bear. The popular people with this name include Asaka Kubo, Asaka Mayumi, and Asaka Seto.

  • Achlys

Achlys happens to be the name of an ancient Greek Goddess. She is associated with sadness, misery, death, darkness, and the mist of death. It refers to the mist that blinds or fogs the eyes of mortal humans.

  • Azmaveth

Azmaveth is a name that has Biblical associations. The meanings linked to this name are ‘someone who is a he-goat’ or a strong death or demise. It can also mean something as strong as death.


We all come across traditional names all the time. While it’s completely up to the parent as to what they wish to name their kid, choosing a unique name for your child with a meaning that will make heads turn is fun as well.

In conclusion, let me say that we all are different from each other, and not everyone has the same choices when it comes to choosing names for our newborn babies, isn’t it?

So, if you like names that mean death, this list of names will help you for sure.

Don’t forget to let me know which one you like the most in the comments!

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