40+ Ravishing Names That Mean Dark for Boys and Girls

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Picking out the perfect baby name for your little one is such an important decision. Classical to traditional, fantasy elf names to exotic, there’s such an extensive selection to pick from, too.

If you like the idea of a mystical, gothic, shadowy, or dusky name, here are some lovely names meaning dark, especially for you.

The Best Baby Names Meaning Dark

The Best Baby Names Meaning Dark

From dusky to nighttime, dark sea to ravens, here are some of the top baby names meaning dark.

  • Abnus

Meaning: “dark wood” “ebony” “black wood”
Variations: Abinus, Aabinus, Abnuss

Sinus is a Persian name meaning ebony. Ebony is a dark, hardwood that can sink in water, prized for its black hue and density.

  • Adrian

Meaning: “of the Adria sea” “dark sea” “sea” “ocean” “of the ocean”
Variations: Adria, Adrien, Adriana, Hadrian, Adriani, Adrienna, Adrion, Adron, Adryan, Adrielle

Adrian is an excellent unisex name suitable for both a boy or a girl. It derives from the Latin names Adrianus or Hadrianus, which were inspired by the Adriatic sea. The name is also associated with the Illyrian word adur, meaning “sea” or “water.”

  • Blake

Meaning: “fair” “of dark complexion” “black”
Variations: Blakely

Blake is a unisex name derived from the Old English words blac, blak, and blaec, meaning both fair, white, white-skinned, black, and of dark complexion.

  • Bisman

Meaning: “black” “dark blue”
Variations: Bisma, Bismillah, Bismeet, Bismal, Bismun

Bisman is a Punjabi boy’s name that literally means black or dark blue You can adapt this name into a girl’s name by dropping the “n” at the end.

  • Bruno

Meaning: “brown”
Variations: Brunetta, Bruna, Bron, Bronda, Brunhild, Bruns

Bruno is a handsome boy’s name deriving from the Old German word brun and the modern German word braun, meaning brown. By adding an “a” to the end, you can adapt this name into a girl’s name, too.

  • Caliban

Meaning: “black”
Variations: Calib, Caleb

Caliban is a Romanian name meaning “black.” This name is not for the faint of heart, though, Caliban being the deformed son of a witch in Shakespeare’s The Tempest and there being an Arabic insult, يا كلب / ya kalib, meaning “you dog.”

  • Ciara

Meaning: “black” “little dark one”
Variations: Kiara, Kira, Ciaera, Siara, Cierra, Chiara, Sierra, Kieran, Keyara

Ciara is an Irish and Gaelic girl’s name meaning dark little one. You can easily adapt this name into a boy’s name by adding an “n” at the end.

  • Cole

Meaning: “coal” “coal black” “blackened” “charcoal”
Variations: Colle, Colin, Coley, Colette, Coleen, Coleman, Coleman, Kole

Cole is an Old English boy’s name deriving from the word coal. It is thought it may have been used as an occupational last name or name for those who swept chimneys, too, as they were often covered in soot.

  • Colin

Meaning: “swarthy” “dark”
Variations: Cole, Coln, Collun, Collen, Nicholas, Colleen, Colette

Colin is a boy’s name thought to derive from the Old Norse names, Kollungr and Koli, meaning swarthy or dark. The name Cole is also a diminutive or shorter nickname of the name Nicholas.

  • Colton

Meaning: “coal town” “from coal” “from the dark town”
Variations: Coltonne, Coltin

Colton is an unusual, dark name for a boy. This rustic name derives from the term coal town.

  • Corbin

Meaning: “raven” “crow”
Variations: Corban, Corbyn, Corby, Korbin, Korbyn, Korby, Cora, Kora

The boy’s name Corbyn derives from the French word corbeau, meaning raven or crow.

  • Crawford

Meaning: “river crossing” “crow” “raven” “crows crossing”
Variations: Krawford, Crawfort

Crawford is a boy’s name deriving from the Old English word crāwe, meaning crow. The suffix -ford derives from the word ford or fjord, meaning river crossing.

  • Darcy

Meaning: “dark” “dark one”
Variations: Darcie, Darce, Darcio, Darcele

Darcy is a dashing boy or girl’s name that means dark one.

  • Delaney

Meaning: “dark challenger” “black river”
Variations: Delanay, Delia, Dahlia, Delaynie

Delaney is a jaunty name to call a boy or a girl. It is derived from the Irish surname Delaney and the Gaelic name, Ó Dubhshláine, meaning the black river. Dubh means black, and Sláine refers to the River Sláine in Gaelic.

  • Donovan

Meaning: “dark brown” “black-brown” “brown-haired” “chieftain” “dark man”
Variations: Donovon, Donavan, Donna, Don, Donner

Donovan is an Irish name meaning dark brown-haired chieftain. It is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name Ó Donndubháin, meaning dark man or dark brown. Donn means brown-haired and chieftain, while dubh means black or dark in Gaelic.

  • Dougal

Meaning: “dark stranger” “dark loner”
Variations: Dugal, Dugald, Dougald, Doug, Dougie, Dug

Dougal is a boy’s name of Celtic origin. It derives from the traditional Gaelic names Dubhghall or Dùghall, meaning dark stranger. Dubh means black or dark, and gall means stranger in Gaelic.

  • Douglas

Meaning: “dark green” “dark stream” “dark river”
Variations: Douglas, Douglis, Doug, Dougie, Dug,

Douglas is a Celtic boy’s name deriving from the Gaelic names Dúghlas and Dubhghlas. Dubh means dark or black, and ghlas means stream or green in Gaelic. Douglas and McDouglas are also Irish clan names.

  • Duncan

Meaning: “brown-haired” “dark-haired” “dark-haired chieftain” “brown-haired chieftain”
Variations: Dunkan

Duncan is an anglicized boy’s name deriving from the Gaelic name Donnchadh, meaning brown or dark-haired chieftain. Donn means brown and chief, while chadh also means chieftain.

  • Dwayne

Meaning: “dark-skinned” “dark-haired” “of dark complexion” “dark one”
Variations: Duane, Dwain, Dwaine, Dwane

The boys’ name, Dwayne, is of Irish origin and derives from the Gaelic surname O’Dubhain and the Irish Saint Dubhán. In Gaelic, dubh means dark, and -en is a diminutive suffix.

  • Ebony

Meaning: “dark wood” “black wood”
Variations: Eboni, Ebiny

Ebony is a type of dense, dark, black wood prized for its dark hue and hardness. Ebony is also a great name for a girl.

  • Hadrian

Meaning: “of the Adria sea” “dark sea” “sea” “ocean” “of the ocean”
Variations: Adria, Adrien, Adriana, Adrian, Adriani, Adrienna, Adrion, Adron, Adryan, Adrielle

Hadrian is an excellent unisex name suitable for both a boy or a girl. It derives from the Latin names Adrianus or Hadrianus, which were inspired by the Adriatic sea. The name is also associated with the Illyrian word adur, meaning “sea” or “water.”

  • Jet

Meaning: “black gem” “dark gemstone” “jet plane”
Variations: Jett, Jayda, Jetta

Jet is a type of semi-precious gemstone prized for its dark black color. Jet is also a smart and modern unisex name for a boy or girl. The name also refers to a jet plane.

  • Kali

Meaning: “goddess of destruction” “goddess of doom” “fierce” “black” “time”
Variations: Kalli, Cali, Cally, Kala

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of death, destruction, time, and doomsday. The name is of Sanskrit and African origin, deriving from the word kala, meaning “black,” “time,” and “fierce.”

  • Kerrell

Meaning: “dusk” “dusky” “dark” “fading light”
Variations: Keral, Kerall, Kerral, Carol, Cheryl, Cher

The name Kerrell is of Irish origin, and means dusky evening or dusk. The surname McKerral is also found to belong to some citizens of the USA.

  • Kieran

Meaning: “black” “little black one” “little dark-haired one”
Variations: Keiran, Keiron, Kieryn, Kiran, Keir, Kira, Kiera, Ciran, Cieran, Cira, Cieryn, Ciran, Ciarán

Keiran is an Irish and Scottish name that literally means black or dark. It derives from the Gaelic word Ciarán, ciar meaning black, and -an being a diminutive suffix.

  • Kerry

Meaning: “black-haired” “dark-haired” “dark-haired clan”
Variations: Keri, Kerri, Kari, Carrie, Cerise, Cherise, Cherri, Cherry

Kerri is a unisex name for boys and girls of Irish clan origin. The name derives from Ciarraighe, the kingdom of Ciar or County Kerry. Ciar is the son of Fergus mac Róich and gave his name to County Kerry.

  • Krish

Meaning: “Dark-skinned one” “blue-skinned one” “little Krishna” “little deity”
Variations: Krishna, Krishay, Krishanth

Krish is a diminutive name of Krishna, a Hindu deity whose name means dark-skinned or blue-skinned one.

  • Layla

Meaning: “daughter of the night” “dark” “night”
Variations: Leila, Laila, Lila, Lyla, Lela, Lailah, Laila, Lylah, Lyle

Layla is an Arabic girl’s name that means night and dark. It is often given to daughters born in the nighttime, hence why it also means daughter of the night.

  • Lilith

Meaning: “belonging to the night” “dark woman” “rebellious” “strong-willed woman”
Variations: Lilith, Lilly, Lily

Lilith is a girl’s name of Babylonian origin, meaning belonging to the night. In fables told in the Middle Ages, Lilith is also Adam’s first wife, not made from his rib like Eve, but of the same clay as he was. She rebelled and left the Garden of Eden and her husband, refusing to return to what she considered an oppressive way of life as his wife.

  • Magda

Meaning: “high tower” “one who is elevated” “Mary Magdalene” “crow” “magpie”
Variations: Magdalena, Magdalene, Magnus

Magda is a Slavic and European girl’s name that means high tower. It derives from the Greek Μαρια Μαγδαληνη (Maria Magdalene), or Mary of Magdala. In Hebrew מגדל / migdal means tower. The name is also mysterious and reminiscent of magpies.

  • Mahogany

Meaning: “dark wood” “mahogany wood”
Variations: none

Mahogany is a type of wood prized for its deep red-brown hue. It also makes a cute name for a baby boy or girl!

  • Manu

Meaning: “bird” “man” “first man” “original man”
Variations: Manor

In Hinduism, Manu is the first man. In Sanskrit, the term for human, मानव / mānava means of Manu or children of Manu. Manu also means bird in Māori and other Polynesian languages. The two ends of a traditional Polynesian canoe are also called Manu.

  • Maurice (French Mauritius Moorish)

Meaning: “Moorish” “dark-skinned” “swarthy” “of Moorish descent”
Variations: Morris, Morrison, Moris, Mauricio, Mauritius, Maury, Moritz, Moriz, Morrisey, Mouric

Morris is a popular English and Scottish boy’s name. It is thought to derive from the French name Maurice, which in turn, is related to the Latin name Mauritius. The name Mauritius derives from the Old French word more and Latin maurus, meaning dark, swarthy, or Moorish, denoting those of Moorish descent.

  • Melan

Meaning: “dark” “black” “dark one” “dark-haired woman”
Variations: Melanie, Melany

Melania is a popular European name deriving from the Greek word μελανία / melania, which means dark or black.

  • Merle

Meaning: “blackbird” “crow” “raven” “beady-eyed one”
Variations: Merril, Merrill, Muriel, Marlon, Marle, Merlon, Marla, Marlan

Merle is an unusual unisex girl’s or boy’s name deriving from the French word merle and Latin word merula, meaning blackbird.

  • Morrigan

Meaning: “goddess” “phantom queen” “great queen” “crow queen” “shapeshifter” “queen of the crows” “warrior queen”
Variations: Morrigu, Morigan, Morgana, Morgan, Morgain

Mór-Ríoghain is a shape-shifting goddess of battle and war in Irish mythology. She can take the shape of a crow, the badb, and usually drives men into battle, encouraging them onwards. Morgan makes for an excellent boy’s name, too.

  • Narine

Meaning: “sea nymph” “temptress” “siren” “siren of the sea”
Variations: Nerine, Nereen, Noreen, Niren, Nirin, Narin

Narine is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning sea nymph. Sea nymphs may be beautiful, but they also have a darker side and are known for sending men and ships to their doom using their dark beauty, seduction, magic, and siren calls.

  • Nigel

Meaning: “dark complexion” “raven-haired” “black” “dark”
Variations: Nagel, Nigella, Niall, Neil, Neel, Nihel, Nigellus

Nigel is a common English name derived from the Latin words nigellus and niger, meaning black, dark, or someone of dark complexion or hair.

  • Nisha

Meaning: “night” “of the night”
Variations: Nish, Nishi, Nisa

Nisha is an Indian girl’s name that means night in Hindi.

  • Nox

Meaning: “goddess of the night” “of the night” “night goddess”
Variations: Knox

Nox is a modern name to call a boy or a girl, derived from Greek mythology and meaning night. Nox was the Greek goddess of nighttime.

  • Onyx

Meaning: “black stone” “black gemstone” “black gem” “black agate”
Variations: Nyx, Onix

Onyx is a mystical boy or girl’s name, meaning dark gemstone. The onyx stone is a semi-precious, black gemstone of the agate family.

  • Orpheus

Meaning: “darkness of the night” “darkness” “dark of night”
Variations: Orphne, Orphius

Orpheus is a Greek poet, prophet, and musician. His name is derived from the Greek word ὄρφνη / orphne, which means darkness of the night.

  • Phoenix

Meaning: “from the ashes,” “he who rises from the ashes,” “dark red” “immortal bird” “immortal one”
Variations: Fenix, Phenix

A phoenix is a magical, immortal bird found in Greek and Egyptian mythology. It is reborn from the flame and ashes again and again and typically has feathers of a dark red color.

  • Raven

Meaning: “raven” “black bird” “beady-eyed one”
Variations: Ravin, Ravina, Corvus

Raven is a popular name to call a girl. A raven is a type of black bird with very glossy black feathers of the Corvus Corax family. Corvus is a lovely dark name to call a boy.

  • Sable

Meaning: “black” “black fur”

Variations: none

Sable is a Slavic name that is used to describe the dark fur of certain black, furry animals. Sable fur is prized for its dark hue.


Stuck on what are names meaning dark to call your little boy or girl? Hopefully, these unique names from around the globe have helped you to narrow down your search!

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