105 Extremely Hot And Sexy Names For Girls

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Each and every name is beautiful in its own way. But some names are just made to evoke desire and sensuality. And these names are so irresistible and alluring that everyone can’t help but take notice and be mesmerized.

It may be the pronunciation style, the sound, the way it rolls off the tongue. Or it can be their meaning or just an inexplicable appeal they have. Whatever it is, these names for girls just ooze, well, sexiness — and they inspire confidence and self-assurance in its bearer.

When you give birth to a baby girl, everything about her seems to awe you, be it the way she looks at you, the way she reacts to your words, or even she begins to walk and talk.

Any parent would want to name their little girl something that has a deep symbolism or connotation.

Well, if you are looking for such names, you have come to the right place! Our list of extremely hot and sexy names for girls is curated with monikers that will make your girl stand out from the crowd. With any of these sexy names, she’ll definitely make a mark!

Hot And Sexy Girl Names

Hot And Sexy Girl Names

These 86 extremely hot and sexy names for girls are sure to leave a lasting impression — and enchant those who hear it!


Playful and sporty equals absolutely sexy. Aaliyah is a name that never seems to go out of fashion. This name means “elevated.” A famous bearer of this moniker was the talented and effortlessly sexy R&B artist Aaliyah.

  • ADA

It may have just three letters to it, but this short name packs a lot of classnot to mention sexiness. Ada is a stunningly gorgeous name and has the meaning: “noble.”


Adele is a name with an understated elegance laced with a mysteriously appealing aura. This name is of German roots and carries the meaning of “noble.” A very famous bearer of this name is English singer-songwriter Adele, who is among the biggest artists in the world today.


Adriana is a name that just rolls off the tongue so sexily. This moniker is of Italian origin. It brings with it the meaning of “from Hadria.” A popular namesake is the Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima.


No list of sexy-sounding girl names would be complete with Alessandra. This name is sultry, intricate, and oh-so-feminine. Alessandra stems from Italy and carries the strong meaning of “defender of man.” A well-known bearer of this name is Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who was the first spokesperson for the PINK line of Victoria’s Secret. She was also a Victoria’s Secret angel for 13 years. A few shorter and yet equally sultry variations of this name are Alexa and Alexis, which also mean “defender of man,” and Alessia with meaning – “defending warrior.


If you are looking for girls’ names that are sexy are a great fusion of sultry and innocent, a fabulous option would be Amanda. This salacious moniker has its origin in Latin, which means “loved.”


For those seeking a sexy name for their baby girl that is unusual and striking, look no further than Anais. Anais is a Galacian moniker that has the lovely meaning of “grace.” A common belief is that this name is the Galacian form of the name “Anna.” And an alternative theory suggests Anais as “Anahita,” which means fertility goddess, according to the ancient Persian tradition.


Another top-notch option when searching for girl names that perfectly fuse sexiness and innocence would be Angelique. This name is definitely very angelic, but the exotic spelling lends itself to a sultry twist.

  • ANYA

Do you like the name “Anna,” but would rather like to add style and spectacular? A wondrous choice would be Anya, which is the more exotic and unusual variation of the name. Anya has the meaning of “grace.”

  • ARIA

Among sexy girl names, Aria is one that is steeped in pop culture. This name is of Persian roots and holds the meaning of “noble” and “Aryan.” It is also the name of a musical piece that is written for a single voice as part of an opera. Two of the very prominent pop culture characters with this name are Aria from Pretty Little Liars and Arya from Game Of Thrones.


Arielle is a name that is coquettish and very sweet. This playful, appealing name is the French variation of “Ariel.” It has the meaning of “lion of God.” Arielle is a great choice for those who adore The Little Mermaid — with a more exotic twist.


Ashley is a name that is both playfully relaxed and also totally flirty. This name is of English origin and brings with it the meaning of “Ash tree clearing.” A more unusual and sophisticated variation of this name is “Ashleigh.”


When looking at sexy girl names, Aurora stands out because of its mix of Disney princess charm and undeniably appealing nature. This is both a stunning natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis, and a gorgeous moniker that has the breathtaking meaning of “Roman goddess of the dawn.”


What name better combines bubbly friendliness and natural appeal than Becky? This moniker is short for “Rebecca” and has the meaning of “join,” “snare,” and “tie.” It’s a very popular name – there are currently almost 180,000 people in the United States alone who are registered as Becky at birth and almost 800,000 Rebeccas!


If you fancy a sexy name for your baby girl with a touch of undeniable sophistication, a stellar choice would be Blair. This name is of Scottish roots. It holds the meaning of “plain” and “battlefield.” Pop culture fans will adore this name even more because of its association with the chic, beautiful character of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.


An alcohol-inspired name will definitely have a certain sexiness and attractiveness to it. Brandy is certainly proof of that. This moniker has the meaning of “burnt wine.” And a famous namesake is Hollywood singer Brandy Norwood.


Brianna is a name that is both very, very old-fashioned and at the same time very modern-sounding. This name has actually been in use since back in the 16th century! Brianna carries the meaning of “strong,” making it a strong and sexy name!


Bridget is a name that totally piques the interest. Intriguing and provocative, this moniker is of Irish origin and means “exalted one.” In Irish mythology, it was traditionally “Brigid,” which was the name of Dagda’s daughter. Dagda was a god associated with strength, manliness, and fertility. “Brigid,” or Bridget, was the goddess of poetry, wisdom, protection, and healing.


Brooke is a name of English roots. It refers to someone who resides near a brook. This name has been deemed a hot girl name because of the many famous and seductive women bearing this moniker. Among them are: actress Brooke Shields, TV host Brooke Burke, Playboy model Brooke Richards, and musician Brooke Valentine.


A very French, very chic, and very alluring, Camille is a name that will always have a presence in lists of sexy girl names. This name hails from France and has a feminine and sensual nature about it.


If you ask me who my favorite actress is, my list would definitely include the very famous actress Cameron Diaz. After watching her Charlie’s Angels movie series, I became a fan of her.

This name has a gorgeous vibe to it, owing to its roots in the Scottish language. It is not a common name you get to hear every day, making it all the more alluring. It holds the meaning of a crooked nose.


Carina is a name that is undeniably a provocative one. This sexy moniker is of Late Roman roots and carries the meaning of “beloved.” It is also the name of a constellation located in the southern sky.


People can’t help but view Carmen as a hot and seductive name because this name immediately brings to mind two famed bombshells: Carmen Miranda and Carmen Electra. This name has the meaning of “garden.”


Sophistication and sexiness go hand in hand when it comes to the name Chanel. This name also evokes empowerment because it is associated with one of the most intriguing, powerful, and liberated females of the 20th century. Chanel has the meaning of “canal.”


Chloe is a name that fascinates and captivates. This dynamic and sensual name is of Greek origin. It brings with it the meaning of “young green shoot,” which gives a fresh and youthful vibe.


The name Courtney brings to mind a flirtatious and carefree nature. This moniker is of English roots and means “short.” It is said to be the Anglicized variation of “O’Curnain,” an Irish Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Curnan.”


Mysterious and mesmerizing, Dahlia is a name that shines among sexy girl names. This name is of Latin origin and brings the meaning as; “scientific,” which adds to the “beauty and brains” appeal of this name.


When looking at sexy girl names, no list can ever be complete if the name Delilah is not on it. The name Delilah is evocative and absolutely captivating. This sexy siren of a moniker holds the meaning of “amorous” and brings a very seductive vibe.


No name brings seduction and allure quite like the name Desiree. This name of English roots has the meaning of “desired” and “wished,” which makes it hands down a sexy, sultry moniker. After all, the name Desiree already has “desire” at its very core.


Are you into unique names? Then, the chances are that you will like the name Devon. It has a cool and modern vibe to it.

Have you heard of the Old English surname Devin? The name Devon is taken from it. Also, some say that it is derived from the word Divine, which has Latin roots.

It holds the beautiful meaning of the divine.


Sophisticated and elegant, the name Dominique is a very attractive name. This moniker hails from France and brings with it the meaning of “belonging to a lord.


Elena is a name that sparkles among sexy girl names. This moniker has the meaning of “shining light,” which adds a magical feel to this very beautiful and feminine name. A variation of this name is the less common “Elina.”


If you like the name “Elizabeth” but would prefer something with a more sensual flair to it, a superb option would be Elise. Elise is of German roots and is a short form of the name “Elizabeth.” This name has the meaning of “my God is an oath.”


Erica is a name that connotes strength as well as an irresistible appeal. This name is of Swedish roots. It has the meaning of “always mighty” and “ruler.” It is also the Latin variation of “Heather” – yet another name that is always present in sexy girl name lists!

  • ERIN

Are you from Ireland? Or do you have an Irish heritage that you want to honor?

Erin is the name for you! This seemingly sweet but sexy name has that touch of elegance in it that many parents prefer in their babies’ names.

Erin translates to Ireland.


Do you fancy sexy girl names that have an intriguingly moody nature about them? A great pick would be Esmeralda. This name is alluring, broody, and captivating all at once. It is a feminine name that has the meaning of “emerald.”


Florals are absolutely sexy because of the fusion of innocent allure and irresistible beauty that they bring about. So it’s no wonder that the name Fleur is very sexy indeed. Fleur is the French word for “flowers.”


Who says centuries-old names can’t be utterly sexy? Francesca is a name that may be centuries old, but it still sounds very erotic, racy, and uninhibited. This moniker has the meaning of “free one.”


You already know that Georgia is a state in the USA. But did you know that it can be used as a name, too?

Well, the chances are that you knew! Georgia is a common name in the USA, along with other French-speaking countries. It has a certain level of gorgeousness to it that you can’t help but love.

It comes with the meaning of a farmer.

  • GIGI

Gigi is a name that is coquettish and very flirtatious by nature. This playfully amorous moniker is of French origin. A famous bearer of this name is the sultry model Gigi Hadid.


The name Heather absolutely oozes with desirability and appeal that cannot be denied. This fun and flirty moniker is of English roots and is derived from the flowering shrub that has the same name. It is among the more popular names in the United States and has enjoyed popularity in the country since the early 20th century.


Sweet and sultry all at once, Hailey is a name that has a presence in any sexy girl names list. This moniker was once an English surname that has the meaning of “clearing in the hay.”


Festive names can be very flirtatious too! The name Holly is a prime example of that. Holly is a name of Old English origin. It refers to the holly bush. Holly is a moniker with a seasonal vibe and an appeal that is year-round!

  • INEZ

Agnes” is a beautiful name. Inez is its hotter, more provocative cousin! This moniker is of Portuguese origin. It holds the meaning of “pure,” which gives it an added innocent allure.


Irina is a name that is enigmatic as it is irresistible. This exotic-sounding name has roots in ancient Greece. Irina is a variation of the name of “Eirene,” which was the moniker of a Greek goddess.

  • ISLA

If you are seeking a name that evokes visions of hot, sexy escapades under the tropical sun, look no further than Isla. This simple yet absolutely seductive moniker is of Irish roots. It carries the meaning of “island.”


Silky, lacy articles of clothing evoke the promise of steamy encounters ahead. It’s no wonder the name Lacey has a very erotic vibe about it. This name of English roots was the name of a Haulish town.


Jessica has long been considered a popular, hot girl name. This moniker is haughtily and unabashedly sexy — and it is powerful to boot! Jessica has the meaning of “rich” and “God beholds.”


The name Julia has a very feminine appeal peppered with an enticing quality. This mysteriously titillating moniker is of Ancient Roman roots. It brings with it the interesting meaning of “downy-bearded.” A very famous namesake is actress Julia Roberts.


When perusing lists of sexy girl names, Juliet is one that will always hold a place at the top. It is a name that is perfect for literary lovers because of its association with the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet. You just know that a name is sensual and desirable when it is connected to one of the most tragic, romantic, and alluring characters ever. Juliet has the meaning of “Jove’s child.


Fierce and feminine, Kassandra is a name that oozes confidence and sex appeal. This intricate moniker originally belonged to the King of Troy’s daughter. Kassandra has the meaning of “unheeded prophetess.


Kelly is a name that is at once both playful and provocative. This girlishly naughty moniker is of Irish roots. It carries the meaning of “bright-headed.” A famous beauty that bore this name was Grace Kelly.


If you adore the name “Claire” but want something that’s a bit more rare and enigmatic, check out the name Klara. This name has the meaning of “clear.” It is most definitely the sexiest form of this beloved moniker.

  • LANA

Lana is a name that captivates with its foxy and appealing vibe. This moniker is the short variation of “Alana.” Lana means “little rock.” It is a great choice for pop culture fans because of its association with the beloved DC character Lana Lang.


The name Layla is very inviting and sensual in nature. It is a name of Arabic roots. Layla holds the meaning of “night,” adding to its sensuous vibe. An equally mesmerizing variation of this is “Leila,” which has the meaning of “night beauty.”


Leilani is a name that is very beguiling. This sexy, luscious moniker hails from the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands. Leilani brings with it the meaning of “garland of flowers.


The name Lindsey is both lyrical and utterly luscious. This pretty, flirty name is of English origin. It carries the meaning of “marshlands of Lincolnshire,” and is among girls’ more popular sexy names. A famous namesake is actress Lindsay Lohan.

  • LOLA

Lola may be a name of only four letters, but it absolutely oozes with sensuality. This very foxy moniker is of Spanish origin. Lola has the meaning of “sorrow,” which adds more depth to this already complex and intriguing name.


Lucia is a name that just has a very hot, enticing vibe to it. This exotic-sounding moniker is of Ancient Roman origin. It brings with it the meaning of “light,” and one thing’s for sure: The name Lucia certainly blazes and raises temperatures.

  • LULU

You may be on the lookout for names that are both sweet and sexy, and if that’s the case, then we present you the name – Lulu? This four-letter moniker is both cute and tempting at the same time. Lulu has the meaning of “pearl.”


The name Margot is the epitome of sensual sophistication. This moniker hails from France and is actually the French’s short variation of the more traditional name “Margaret.” Margot means “pearl.” A popular bearer of this name is the sultry and desirable Margot Robbie, who was hailed FHM’s Sexiest Woman In The World in 2016.


When looking at sexy girl names, a beautiful, beguiling option you can consider is the name, Marissa. This winsome and inviting name is of Portuguese roots. Marissa is a combination of the names “Mary,” which means “sea of bitterness, rebelliousness, beloved, love, or wished for a child,” and “Louis,” which means “famous battle.

  • MAYA

Maya is a name that has a certain mysterious allure to it. This name is of Hindu roots. It has the meaning of “illusion” in Sanskrit. In Hebrew, Maya means “water.”


Michelle is a name that has been very popular for many decades – and with good reason! Not only is it irresistibly charming, but has an undeniable hot girl vibe to it. This amorous moniker stems from France. It holds the powerful meaning of “Who is like God?

  • MILA

Short? Yes. Exotic-sounding? Yes. Very sensual? Oh yes. Mila is a highly appealing name that is of Slavic origin. It carries the meaning of “dear” as well as “gracious.” Among its famous namesakes are the bewitching actresses Mila Jovovich and Mila Kunis.


For those who have a soft spot for the name “Monica” but want something a bit more provocative, an excellent choice would be Monique. Monique is the French variation of Monica and has the meaning of “advisor.”


Nadia is a name that is both serious-sounding and also totally sexy at the same time. This moniker is of Arabic origin. It has the meaning of “tender” and “delicate.” It is said that Nadia is also a name that came from “Nadezhda,” a Russian moniker meaning “hope.”


Among sexy girl names, Naomi is a stellar choice if you’re looking for desirable monikers with a certain purity about them. This moniker is of Hebrew roots. It brings with it the meaning of “pleasantness.Naomi is also a Japanese name that can mean “starlight, beautiful, and direct.”


The name Natalia is a sultry name that brings with it a dainty charm. This beautiful name is of Latin origin. It holds the meaning of “Christmas Day.” Since the 1970s, Natalia has steadily risen in popularity in the United States.


Natasha is absolutely a goddess-level name. It’s sexy and seductive and totally makes its bearer look utterly divine. Natasha means “born on Christmas Day.Marvel fans will love this moniker because of its ties to fan-favorite character Natasha Romanov, also known as Black Widow.

  • NINA

If you are on the lookout for names that are adorable and also luscious, Nina will make for a standout choice. This very sweet and very sensuous name is of Russian roots. It has the meaning of “little girl.” Nina originated as a shorter variation of “Antonina” and “Gianina” but now stands on its own as a sexy girl name.


Can a name be both posh and bodacious? Why yes, it can! Olivia is proof of that. This elegant and amorous moniker is of English roots. It is often credited to Shakespeare because he used the name in his play, the Twelfth Night. And records have shown that this name Olivia actually goes way, way back to the 13th century.


Quinn is a name that is dainty and also deliciously sexy! This moniker is said to be the Anglicized form of an Irish last name that has the meaning of “child of the thief.” Quinn is a name that has charm in spades.


Ramona is a name that is overflowing with a raw, animalistic sensuality. Even just the way it rolls off the tongue is already super sexy. Ramona is a name that hails from Spain. It carries the meaning of “advice” and “protector.”


A Queen Bee reigns overall because of the effortless sex appeal and the sheer charisma it adds with itself. Regina is a definite Queen Bee name. It literally means “queen” and is a moniker that will give its bearer a ton of confidence. It is no wonder that Mean Girls’ ultimate alpha, Regina George, bears this name.


Rosalie is a name that evokes an eternal, immortal sexiness to those who hear it. This provocative name has the equally provocative and lovely meaning of “rose.” A famous pop-culture name bearer is the vampy vampire Rosalie Hale from Twilight.


Preppy and sultry at the same time, Roxanne is a delectable treat among sexy girl names. This moniker hails from France and carries the meaning of “bright or dawn.

  • RUBY

There is no color quite as sexy as red, is there? Ruby is a name that perfectly embodies that natural sexiness. It is an English moniker that has the meaning of “red.” It is also the name of a breathtaking gemstone.


Samantha is a name that is provocative and captivating. This feminine, feisty moniker is of English roots. It has the meaning of “Samuel’s flower.Samantha is a totally hot girl name, and so is the nickname it lends itself to, “Sam.”


Sultriness just spills out of the name Sasha, doesn’t it? This exotic moniker is effortlessly alluring. Sasha is a name of Ukrainian and Russian roots and is said to have stemmed from “Alexandra.”


If you are seeking sexy girl names with a Southern charm, a top pick would be Savannah. This name comes from the Taino Zabana and has the meaning of “grassy plain.” Interestingly, this was the stage name of American porn actress Shannon Michelle Wilsey.


Scarlett is a name that evokes a juicy, forbidden, yet irresistible temptation. This erotic name is an English occupational last name referring to those who made scarlet cloth. A popular bearer of this moniker is the breathtaking Scarlett Johansson.


The name Selene is slinky and seductive. This moniker is of Ancient Greek roots and carries the enigmatic meaning of “moon.” If Greek mythology, Selene was said to be the personification of the moon. She was a goddess who would ride her chariot each night across the sky, hair flowing behind her.


Angelic and alluring really do make a desirable combination! A name that perfectly captures this is Seraphina. This enchanting name is Hebrew in origin. It came from the name referring to the six-winged seraphim, which is the highest-ranking of all the angels.


So chic, so provocative. Simone is a name that evokes a sultry and enticing vibe. It is the feminine French variation of “Simon,” which has the meaning of “he has heard.


Fabulous and totally flirtatious, Sophia is a name that joins class and sexiness together. This moniker has many variations like “Sofie,” “Sofia,” and “Sophie,” and each just sounds super sexy in their own way. Sophia has the meaning of “wisdom.”


Stacy is a name that just has that popular, all-eyes-on-me vibe. It is an English name that is said to mean “fruitful.” Playfully pretty and sexy, Stacy is a name that is universally appealing indeed.


Stella is a name that just brings enchantment, doesn’t it? This stunning, provocative moniker has the meaning of “star.” Stella is a captivating name that is positively fetching and amorous.


The name Tatiana is just sexy without even trying. This very desirable moniker is of Late Roman origin, and its meaning is undetermined, which makes it as mysterious as it sounds. A good number of breathtaking models are named Tatiana, among them Russian Tatiana Sorokko, German Tatiana Patitz, and Argentinian Tatiana Cotliar.


Yasmin is a name that reeks of desire. This enthralling name is of Arabic origin. It refers to the Jasmine flower. There is no name that raises temperatures like this exotic and sensual moniker.


Amber, doesn’t just stand for the yellowish-orange hue and the gem. It’s even one of the popular feminine names. Did you know? Amber ranked among the top 20 names in the U.S. during the 1990s. The name has many variants, differing from one country to the other. In French, its Ambre; in Spanish, it is Ambar; in Italian, it is Ambra.

Amber means something interesting like “warmth,” “vibrance,” “self-confidence,” “courage,” and a lot more. So, when you have your munchkin named Amber, here is hoping that she grows to be a girl bubbling with confidence and courage spreading her warmth and positivity wherever she goes.


Being of Russian origin, Alyona stands for shining light and brightness. The name has a touch of elegance and cuteness to it. Women with this name would epitomize “glamor” and “joyfulness.”

  • BEA

Doesn’t Bea sound cool and saucy? If Beatrice or Beatrix seems too long for your girl, Bea would be a good option. The name means “who is blessed” and “brings happiness .”So if you are looking for a short, simple, and meaningful name for your little girl, Bea would be your perfect pick.


This stylish name derives its roots from Brendan, a male character. It also has a unique meaning: “sword, blade,” and “flaming sword .”Brenda is all about fierceness and strength. Your little girl would surely live up to her name and grow as a strong, determined, and fearless individual.


Are you are nature lover? Do you desire to give your little princess an offbeat name with a sensual appeal? Well, then, Briony would suit your taste the best. The name is unique and simple with a modern touch, making it immensely appealing. Having a Greek origin, Briony stands for a “climbing plant .”It also means to “grow” and “flourish luxuriously .”Your baby is like that sapling who will prosper and grow into a responsible individual with your love and care.


Callie has a Greek origin, derived from Callisto, which means “lovely” and “beautiful .” You could even use Callie as a nickname, especially if you’ve named your girl Calliope and Caroline.


Candace has a touch of majesty and royalty since the name was used as a title by Ethiopian queens in the past. The symbolic meanings associated with Candace include “innocence,” “purity,” and “clarity .”Here’s hoping that your Candace becomes a pure, innocent soul as she grows and lives the life of a princess, keeping her honesty and sanity intact.

  • CORA

Another fascinating name at your disposal! Cora is the Latinized version of Kore, a Greek word that means “maiden .”Cora also has immense significance in Greek mythology. Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, spring, and vegetation, was also called Cora or Kore. Cora is a name on its own, but it can even be used as a shortened version of Coraline or Cordelia.


Claire has an out-and-out French origin meaning “clear .”Traditionally, the name was considered male and spelled Clair. However, over the years, it became an exclusively feminine name.

The name was immensely popular as a girl’s name throughout the 1970s and 80s. In the latter half of the 20th century, it lost its fame. There is no denying that Claire has a touch of sweetness and elegance. It would be a perfect pick for your beloved princess.


Daphne sounds smart and elegant with enticing meanings like “friendliness” and “warmth .”The name dates back to Greek mythology. Daphne was a nymph. She was associated with springs, brooks, wells, streams, and fountains. The USP of Daphne lies in its freshness, which would pass on to the bearer of the name.


Emelda sounds uncommon and has a war-like aura associated with it. This name is of Spanish and Latin origin and means “whole battle,” “rival,” and “eager .” Your Emelda will surely emerge as a triumphant warrior in the battle of life. Life is a battle where you would have to fight against your rivals which may be your weaknesses, fears, and much more, to emerge victorious.


This name may seem familiar to you. Yes, it is one of the famous name choices for girls worldwide. Emily means a whole lot of things like “rival,” “eager,” and “laborious .”Emily itself has a touch of sexiness and smartness. Yet, if you’d want to break it further, the names Em and Milly would be a good choice for a nickname.

  • EMMA

Emma seems as pretty as Emily. It has its roots in Germany and means “universe” and “whole .”Your cute princess is your entire universe. She will remain the apple of your eye forever. Are you an avid reader of Jane Austen’s novels? Then Emma would undoubtedly cross your mind while choosing a name for your girl.


If you are looking for an out-of-the-box classy name for your girl, why not consider Freya? Freya is appealing, sensual, and subtle. It has a Scandinavian origin, derived from the name Freyja, meaning “noble lady.” Freyja was the mythical goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The name has an unusual charm to it and is even easy to spell and pronounce. So what are you waiting for?


A name is your identity; it is what people associate you with. Parents would obviously want their daughters to have a name that reflects their beauty, charm, enigma, and brilliance.

Sometimes a name is just a name. Sometimes, it’s just that bit of magic you need to make others stand up and take notice. With these sexy girl names, your girl will always sparkle bright wherever she goes.

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