40 Elegant Baby Names: Exquisite and Sophisticated Names for Your Little One

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Have you become parents lately and looking for a name that will suit your baby girl or boy?

Well, you have come to the right place!

No matter how easy it sounds, choosing a name for your little sunshine is always challenging. It takes a lot of time and patience.

After all, there are so many things that you need to take care of when it comes to a name.

Some parents want the names to start with a particular letter, some want the names to have a specific origin, and some want the names to carry a specific meaning.

And when you look at all these things and finally select a name, someone from your family might not like it. That’s what happened when I chose a name for my baby girl!

As a fellow parent, I know how it is, so I don’t want to make things difficult for you. And for that, I have compiled a list of the most elegant baby names for your little bundle of joy.

You don’t have to go anywhere else. Just go through this list while you put your baby to sleep. And you will be left with the most enchanting names.

The Best Elegant Baby Names of All Time

So, you like elegant names and are looking for the best one for your little one, right?

Well, elegant names never go out of fashion – thanks to their soothing vibe!

To simplify the name-searching process, I have made separate sections so you can skip to right what you want.

Are you ready for the names?

Read on.

Elegant Baby Names for Girls

Elegant Baby Names for Girls

They say parents who are blessed with a baby girl are lucky. As a parent to a little princess myself, I do believe that they fill your life with love, happiness, and abundance.

Now, girls and elegance go hand in hand. And looking for a name for your baby girl that means elegance is natural.

The following are the best elegant baby names for girls that you may come across!

  • Adara

If you’re looking for a name that has an elegant tone to it, Adara is the name for you.

 This unique name has its roots in the Hebrew language.

I have noticed that names with Hebrew roots have a certain earthy tone to them. And Adara is one such name. The word Adara stands for noble.

  • Beatrix

I’m a traveler by heart. My month is never complete if I don’t go on a tour, no matter how short of a duration it is for.

If you are someone like me and would like to name your kid something with a similar meaning, you can choose the name Beatrix.

With Late Roman roots, it holds the meaning of a voyager or traveler.

A famous personality with this name is Beatrix Potter. She is known for writing children’s books.

  • Cassandra

This name oozes elegance and charm! It sounds like the name of a girl who belongs to a high-class family.

Originating in the Greek and Latin languages, Cassandra translates to “to shine.” It makes it a perfect name for your baby girl if you want her to do good in life and shine in whatever profession she chooses.

Cassandra has mythological roots. According to Greek mythology, Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy.

  • Diana

This name needs no introduction – all thanks to Diana, the late Princess of Wales. She is well-known for her beauty, good work, and untimely death.

This name has its roots in the Indo-European culture.

According to Ancient Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the moon, the countryside, and hunters.

It holds the meaning of divine, heavenly, and sky.

  • Edith

Edith is a name that sounds somewhat like Judith to me. It’s, in fact, a variation of that name. It has its origin in the English language and is preferred by parents who are into unique names.

This name reached the peak of its popularity during the Anglo-Saxon period in Europe. A lot of people from the royalty used to carry this name.

It holds the meaning of rich. A cute nickname that will go with the name is Eddie.

  • Faustine

My daughter is two-years-old. I consider her lucky for us, looking at the joy and prosperity she brought into our life.

If you consider your little one lucky and want to give her a name that stands for it, Faustine is the name for you.

Originating in the French language, Faustine holds the meaning of auspicious.

  • Gwendolen

Welsh names have a certain weight to them. And Gwendolen is one such name.

With Welsh roots, it sounds like the name of a serious and calm girl. It holds the meaning of a white ring.

A famous personality with this name is the Queen of Britons. To take back her crown, Gwendolen fought against her husband in a battle, won it, and took back the riches he took from her through their marriage.

  • Hypatia

There is something about Greek names that I find to be sexy, just like their gods! Hypatia is one such name that has a mysterious tone to it.

With ancient Greek roots, Hypatia translates to supreme.

Did you know that Hypatia was Alexandria’s legendary mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer?

  • Isha

It’s such a cute name! Originating in the Sanskrit language, Isha means master and the Lord.

This name also has its roots in Hebrew and means A Woman.

If you like feminine names, Isha is the name for you.

  • Katherine

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of my favorite actresses, and Katherine is a variant of that name. Originating in the English language, the word Katherine means pure.

While some say it came from the word Hekaterine in the Greek language, meaning “each of the two,” others say it’s taken from the Greek word Aikia, which translates to torture.

  • Lucasta

If you are into literature, you might have heard Lucasta several times.

This name was first created by poet Richard Lovelace in the year 1649. He used this name for the love of his life. Her real name was Lucy Sacheverel.

This name carries the meaning of pure light.

  • Maeve

I find the name Maeve to be dreamy. It has a sense of charm and elegance that you can’t ignore.

It has its roots in the Irish language, where most names have a story behind them. The Word Maeve means “intoxicating.”

It’s pronounced as MAYV. Some other variations of this name are Medb, Mave, and Meabh.

  • Miranda

Have you read the play The Tempest, written by Shakespeare?

Then the chances are that you already know the name Miranda. Although Miranda was a famous character in the play, the name became popular only in the 20th century.

It can be a great name for your baby girl if you want her to be loved and admired by people. It carries the meaning of admirable and wonderful.

  • Odette

Odette has its roots in the French language. It sounds super cool and has a posh vibe to it.

Do you want your little sunshine to have a lot of money when she grows up?

Then Odette would be the perfect name for her. It carries the meaning of fortune or wealth.

  • Pandora

Almost all of us have heard the story of Pandora’s box in our childhood, right? And so, we are pretty familiar with this name.

But in case you are unaware, according to Greek mythology, the first mortal woman was Pandora. She was given a jar by the gods and was told not to open it. That jar contained all the evils of humanity. But she didn’t listen to the gods, opened the jar, and unleashed all the evil.

Pandora translates to “all giving.”

  • Rosamund

Germany is a beautiful country. But did you know that names from Germany are elegant too?

Rosamund is a name with Germanic roots. Rosamund Pike was a famous actress who grabbed the Golden Globe award for Best Actress for portraying the character of Marla Grayson in the movie-I Care a Lot.

Rosamund holds the meaning of horse protection.

Elegant Baby Names for Boys

Elegant Baby Names for Boys

Many parents of boy babies look for manly names with a certain strong vibe to them. But if you like elegant names for your son, I have just what you are looking for.

In this section, I have listed the most charming and calming names you can give your baby boy.

Are you ready to explore?

  • Alasdair

Do you want your son to be a people person who will always help whoever is in need?

Then the name Alasdair would be a great name for him. Also, if you like the popular and overused name Alexander but want to go with it, you can choose Alasdair. The latter is a variant of that name.

Originating in the Scottish language, the word Alasdair means defender of humanity.

  • Baldwin

It’s an old-school and classy name.

With its roots in the French and German languages, Baldwin can be a good name for your little one if you want him to be courageous and trustworthy.

Baldwin holds the meaning of a bold and brave friend.

  • Cielo

The name Cielo has such a charming vibe to it.

If you like lyrical and soft names, you will like this name. Although this name is not much used in the USA, it is common in Italy.

It can be an excellent name for your son if you want to honor your Italian heritage through his name. It holds the beautiful meaning of the sky.

  • David

This classic name never loses its charm, no matter how old. This name can be an excellent fit for your little one if you are into vintage names.

It’s a common name not only in the USA but worldwide. A famous personality with this name is David Beckham, an English footballer.

Also, according to mythology, he was the king of Israel.

  • Edmund

The name Edmund has a regal vibe to it. This name has been carried by many saints and kings in the past.

You can give this name to your son if you want him to be the protector of people, someone who is wealthy.

It holds the meaning of a wealthy protector.

  • Frederick

Do you want your kiddo to have the traits of a peace-loving person? Do you want him to be calm?

Frederick is the name for you.

This name has a posh vibe to it. Originating from the English name, Frederick translates to a peaceful ruler.

  • Gregory

If you like old-school yet charming names, you can go for the name Gregory for your baby boy.

This name is common, although it is old. After all, who can ignore the classic vibe it has, right?

Gregory holds the meaning of alert and watchful.

  • Henry

If you want your son to grow up all-powerful and courageous, you can name him Henry.

And if you are a fan of the Superman movies, you got all the more reasons to choose this name for your son – all thanks to Henry Cavill, the one to play the character of Superman.

It sounds like the name of a handsome hunk. It carries the meaning of an estate ruler.

  • Ian

This name is very close to my heart, as I’m a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries series. If you are also a fan of this series, you will know why I’m saying this.

One of the main characters in that series, named Damon Salvatore, is played by the very hot and oh-so-dashing Ian Somerhalder.

This name has Scottish roots and means “God is gracious.”

  • Julian

Such elegant the name Julian is! Also, it’s carried by some famous personalities, including Julian Alvarez, an Argentine footballer.

It sounds like the name of a sunny and happy guy. If you want your son’s name to have such a vibe, you can go for this name.

The word Julian mean “youthful.”

  • Leonardo

Did you watch the famous movie Titanic?

The lead male character was played by the very talented and one of my favorite actors, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The word Leonardo means brave as a lion or lion-hearted. This name has a romantic vibe and sounds like some arts guy’s name.

  • Maximillian

This is a bit of a long name. but the meaning it carries has made it a favorite of parents. It has a royal vibe to it and sounds like the name of someone who is well-cultured.

If you want to give this name to your baby boy, Max would be a good fit as a nickname.

It holds the meaning of the greatest.

  • Orlando

This name reminds me of the very handsome actor Orlando Bloom! My liking for him deepened after watching him in The Lord of the Rings.

And did you notice the hidden charm in the name Orlando?

The word Orlando means a famous land.

  • Philip

Vintage names have their own class that cannot be matched with modern names, no matter how popular they are. Agree?

Philip is one of those names. It sounds like the name of some price who may come to woo you on a white horse!

The king of Macedonia carried this name. Philip translates to a lover of horses.

  • Randolph

Randolph is an elegant name for your baby boy. It will fit him greatly if you want him to grow up all strong.

You can choose the spelling Randolf too. It holds the meaning of a strong warrior.

  • Sebastian

It’s a classic name that is liked by parents all over the world. It sounds like the name of a hero from a romantic movie.

 A famous personality with this name is Sebastian Maniscalco. He is an American comedian.

Sebastian translates to “a person from the ancient city of Sebasta.”

  • Tennyson

This name reminds me of the famous English poet Alfred Tennyson who has given us so many masterpieces in literature, including Ulysses and In Memoriam.

You may already know about him if you are into literature. Go for this name if you like names with a huge reputation.

Tennyson translates to the “son of Dennis.”

Gender-Neutral Elegant Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Elegant Baby Names

Gender-neutral names are in the vogue right now. Parents like those names as they don’t need to limit their search according to gender.

If you like unisex names, too, this section is for you.

Here I have listed some of the best gender-neutral names for your kiddo. Scroll down to know more.

  • Beau

Some parents like short names, as they usually sound trendy and modern. Do you fall into that category?

Then Beau is the name you need to shortlist!

This short and super cool name has its roots in the French language. It holds the meaning of beautiful or handsome.

  • Carol

Do you like festivities? Or is your baby born during Christmas?

Then the beautiful name Carol would be a great pick for them, regardless of gender. It sounds soothing to your soul and has a feel-good vibe to it.

With roots in the English language, Carol translates to a joyful song.

  • Esme

Do you want your little bundle of joy to be loved and adored by everyone around them? How about the name Esme?

It’s a super elegant name with a musical tone that can fit both your son and daughter perfectly.

It has its roots in the Old French language and holds the meaning of “loved.”

  • Evelyn

Evelyn comes with a calming effect. It kind of soothes you whenever you pronounce it.

Also, this will be a great name for your baby if you want them to be attractive.

Originating in the German language, Evelyn means “desired.”

When it comes to its pronunciation, you can do that in multiple ways. While some prefer it as EV-ah-lin, others like to go with Eh-va-leen.

  • Meredith

If you are fond of names that sound pretty and elegant, Meredith is the name for you. It is a cool name with an old vibe to it.

It will suit your baby boy or girl great if you want them to be someone people would look up to when they grow up.

Meredith translates to a great lord. Also, some say that it means sea lord.

  • Marvel

In the world of comics and superhero movies, Marvel is a hugely popular name. Even I’m a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU.

Some of their famous superheroes are Spiderman and Superman. If you’re a die-hard fan of Marvel movies, you can choose this name for your daughter or son.

And did I tell you how amazing of a meaning this name carries?

Well, Marvel means miracle. Give this name to your little one if you consider them a miracle.

  • Peyton

Are you into unique names? Do you want your kid to carry a name that no one in their class with carry? How about the name Peyton?

It’s a unisex name that comes with a vintage charm. And it is rare not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world.

Peyton translates to a fighting man’s estate.


Did you like the elegant baby names that I have listed here? How many of them did you shortlist?

Remember to tell me in the comments! Also, let me know if you want me to add more names to this list.

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