29 Names That Mean Light or White for Boys & Girls

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Light is a symbol of divinity, spirituality, joy, and brightness. In many cultures, light is also a way to celebrate festivities and a sign of hope and promise!

Babies bring much happiness, a promise of new beginnings, and most of all, good vibes! Giggles and gurgles will soon fill your home as your little ray of sunshine appears.

As expecting parents, your little angel is about to illuminate your life in the most unexpected ways. So, why not let your baby shine bright with a beautiful name that means “light” or “white?”

With all this positive energy, choosing a name should not be difficult. To help you, we have compiled a treasure trove of names that will brighten your day!

Girls Names that Mean Light or White

Girls Names that Mean Light or White

Here are some cheerful names that mean light or white for your little princess.

  • Alina

Meaning: Alina is a pleasant name for little girls, meaning “light.” It also means “independent and strong-willed.”

This surely is a free-spirited name that will suit an ambitious child. If your baby is a natural-born leader, then this name may be just right for her!

Origin: The name Alina is of European origin.

  • Aurora

Meaning: Did you know that the Auroras are a natural display of multi-colored light in the Earth’s sky? The name Aurora means “dawn.”

What a magnificent name for your little one! Let the beauty of the Northern lights inspire you – pick this name for your baby.

Origin: Aurora was the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology. The name Aurora is of Latin origin.

  • Bianca

Meaning: Bianca is a lovely name for girls that means “white.”

Origin: A pure name for modern-day parents, the name Bianca is of Italian origin. It is related to the name Blanche, of French origin, which also means “white.”

  • Chiara

Meaning: An elegant name for daddy’s little girl, Chiara means bright and is pronounced “key-ah-ra.”

Your baby girl deserves a sweet name to suit her personality. Why not pick this happy name, meaning ”bright” for her? It truly is a gorgeous name for your little delight!

Origin: Chiara is an eloquent name of Italian origin.

  • Elaine

Meaning: The name Elaine means “light” and surely is a graceful name for your tiny beam of light!

Origin: This pretty name is of Old English origin and is the anglicized version of the Greek name Helen.

  • Ellen

Meaning: Ellen is a delightful-sounding name that means “light.” It’s a perfect pick for a gracious daughter. It is also a variant of the name Eleanor, derived from the name Helen.

Origin: This name is popular in many countries, including England, Holland, Spain, Germany, and Greece.

  • Fiona

Meaning: Fiona is a popular girl’s name that means “light” and “fair.” It is an excellent choice for little girls who inspire and bring cheer and positivity into your new chapter of life.

This cute little girl’s name was made popular by Princess Fiona in the animated children’s movie Shrek.

Beneath her green appearance, Fiona is a beautiful princess with a pure heart of gold and a shining personality!

Origin: The name Fiona is of Gaelic origins and is common in Ireland and Scotland. It may originate from the masculine Gaelic name, Fionn, meaning “white” or “fair-haired.”

  • Guinevere

Meaning: This exquisite name may at first appear to be daunting to pronounce with its unique spelling. However, don’t be alarmed – it’s easier to say than you think!

Pronounced, Gwin-a-veer, this elegant name means ”fair lady.” Known as the White Enchantress or Lady in White in Celtic mythology, Guinevere was also King Arthur’s wife.

If you have a little queen on your hands, then do consider picking this refined name for her. This chic name has topped the charts of many baby girl names, too.

Origin: Guinevere was the name of King Arthur’s wife and queen. She was an opportunistic traitor in some stories but almost always a noble and virtuous lady. This noble name can also be written as Guenevere or Guenever.

  • Jennifer

Meaning: Jennifer is an adorable, sweet girl’s name meaning “fair one” or “white wave.” The word white in the English language symbolizes peace, purity, and light.

Origin: Jennifer is a very common 20th and 21st-century name for girls. Pick this classic name for your angel – she certainly will bring much joy and light!

  • Lucy

Meaning: This short name meaning “light,” is an excellent choice for a baby girl.

Is your little girl almost always full of positive energy and good cheer? If you answered yes, then what better name than Lucy?

Origin: Lucy is an effervescent, sparkling name related to the Latin names Lucinda and Lucius.

  • Phoebe

Meaning: A delightful girl’s name, and one of my personal favorites, Phoebe is as cute as little girl’s names get! Associated with the word “light,” it means “bright” and “shining.”

In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan that had not only the power of prophecy but also was the daughter of the sky and the Earth.

Perhaps this magical baby’s name is the perfect pick for your new addition?

Origin: The name Phoebe is the feminine version of the masculine name Phoebus. He was an epithet of Apollo, and his name meant “bright” and “shining,” too.

  • Roxanne

Meaning: The name Roxanne means “bright,” “sun,” “sunlight,” “sun God,” and “day.” If you are looking for names that mean “light” or “white,” then this one will most surely catch your eye!

This girl’s name has a sparkle to it which certainly lifts the spirit! Children bring an indescribable joy to the world and are as innocent as the day and all things white.

The name was popularised by the famous song, Roxanne, sung by the band, The Police. If your foot is tapping away, I think you may have found your daughter’s name.

Pick this name if you have a daughter who brings light and positivity to your day!

Origin: Roxanne is the anglicized version of the Greek name Roxana, which derives from the Persian name, Roshanak.

  • Whitney

Meaning: An Old English name, Whitney, means “from the white island.”

Whitney certainly is an original name for new baby girls. It conjures up images of all that is white, bright, and light, such as glinting seas, foamy waves, and white beaches, of course!

Whitney, a well-known American singer, and actress made this chic name famous.

Origin: The name Whitney is a habitational name of Old English origin.

  • Zia

Meaning: Zia is an unusual and unique name for a girl! This is good news if you’re looking for a name for your baby that is a little different and not found in every classroom.

The name Zia means “light” and can also be spelled, Zya.

Origin: This exceptional name is of Arabic origin.

Boys Names that Mean Light or White

Boys Names that Mean Light or White

Now that you have seen our collection of light names for little girl’s take a peek at our list of boy’s names below, which mean “white.” You may just find a radiant name for your little one!

  • Aalok

Meaning: Aalok charming name for a little man about to meet his amazing parents! This unique name means “light,” “brightness,” or “enlightenment.” It can also get spelled Alok.

Origin: Aalok is an Indian given name meaning “light of divinity.”

  • Albus

Meaning: Albus is unusual if a little magical boy’s name that means “white.” It conjures up images of a man with a big, white beard – do you know him? Yes – Albus Dumbledore!

If you feel this name is representative of your baby boy’s personality and fair nature, it’s the perfect pick! The color, “white,” is seen to be innocent and pure, but also as wise and valiant.

What better inspiration for a newborn baby boy?

Origin: Albus was a popular Latin surname in Ancient Roman times.

  • Anwar

Meaning: Anwar – this noble name is a unisex option that means “luminous” or “a collection of lights.”

I can’t think of a better name for you to pick for your newborn son! Many cultures celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby with a festival of light.

Origin: The name Anwar is of Arabic origin.

  • Apollo

Meaning: Apollo is an unconventional boy’s name and a newcomer to the scene of popular baby boy names.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo is the Greek God of the sun, light, and poetry, among other things, who lives on Mount Olympus.

You can see how this name has links to all things light. It also has a variety of meanings including, “God of oracles,” “healing,” “sunlight,” and many more.

The name was most recently popularized by the famous boxer Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies starring Sylvester Stallone.

Origin: The name Apollo is of Greek and Roman origin.

  • Aydin

Meaning: Aydin is a firm favorite for a little boy! It can get spelled a number of ways, including Ajdin, Aiden, Ayden or, Aydin. This popular 21st-century name means “enlightened” and “bright.”

Origin: The name Aydin is of Turkish origin, while the version spelled Aiden is of Irish origin.

  • Callum

Meaning: Callum is a strong name popular all over Europe. Meaning “dove,” it definitely has links to the color white.

It is a popular name amongst those who are Christian as the dove symbolizes the holy spirit, purity, and peace. What better name than Callum for your little ray of light?

Origin: The name Callum originates from Scotland. It is also a frequent visitor on top lists of names for little boys.

  • Finley

Meaning: Finley is a cute name that means “light” or “bright hero” for little boys that is also unique and trendy.

The name Finley is also the Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Fionnlagh. It is composed of two elements, Finn, meaning “ white” and “fair,” and laoch, meaning “warrior” or “hero.”

This classic name is well-suited to a fair-haired boy with a strong and willful nature. Is your little boy the hero of your story? Then why not pick Finley for him?

Origin: The name Finley is of Scottish origin and a popular name choice in the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • Gavin

Meaning: Gavin is a solid name for your little treasure. It is said to mean “Godsend” or “white hawk.”

Sir Gawain was a noble knight, nephew of King Arthur, and member of the Knights of the Round table. How about picking this name for your little warrior?

Origin: The name Gavin is a modern variation of the medieval name Gawain and is of Scottish origin.

  • Kiran

Meaning: Meaning “a ray of light,” this famous name is perfect for your newborn arrival if you are looking for names that mean “light.” !

Origin: Kiran is an Indian given name. However, the name Kieran is of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “char,” “cinder,” and “charcoal.”

  • Lesedi

Meaning: This endearing boy’s name is an African name that means “light” in the Sotho culture.

My son has a good friend named Lesedi – he is a bundle of energy and fun! If you are looking for a name with a difference, do consider Lesedi for your little boy.

Origin: Lesedi is a unique African name of Sotho origin.

  • Lior

Meaning: The name Lior means “my light.” Alternative spellings include Leeor, Leor, and Lyor.

Babies bring a warm and pure light into the world. Why not pick this fitting name to guide your little boy on his path and reflect his personality?

Origin: Lior is of Jewish origin.

  • Manar

Meaning: If you are on the hunt for an original name for your little boy, then do consider picking Manar. This unusual name means “the lighthouse.”

Lighthouses are known for their bright light that guides ships to safety and away from the rocks at night. They are symbols of hope, safety, caring, and warmth.

What better name for a son who will do all this and more when he arrives in your life?

Origin: This pleasant-sounding name is from the Arabic culture.

  • Uriel

Meaning: This biblical name is a spiritual one that means, “God is my Light.” Uriel can also get spelled Oriel or Auriel.

If you are looking for a name that represents your faith and means “light,” then Uriel would be a perfect pick. Uriel is also an archangel in the Christian and Hebrew religions.

Origin: This steadfast name has its roots in the Christian and Orthodox Russian religions.

  • Whittaker

Meaning: This boy’s name has a lovely ring to it and means “white acre.” Doesn’t it sound perfect for your little boy – especially if he has a fighting spirit!

Most recently, Great Britain’s Ben Whittaker, an amateur boxer who debuted in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, has brought the name to the light.

Origin: A classic name, which is of English origin.

  • Zohar

Meaning: Zohar is a popular boy’s name that means “radiance.” The new man in your life will light up your life as he enters your family, so why not give him this fitting name?

Origin: The name Zohar is of Hebrew origin.


As you wait for the arrival of your cute little munchkin, you may be pondering many names and wondering if you will ever find the perfect name for him?

It is entirely natural to feel uncertain. However, you need not feel lost – you have already taken the first step to finding the perfect name for your precious baby.

These baby names meaning “light” or “white” are positive and happy! What greater inspiration for a beautiful baby?

Bonus – no matter what name you pick, your baby is sure to bring you loads of laughter, sunshine, and beautiful memories!

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