32 Vintage Baby Names That Never Go Out of Style

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If you’re reading this article, it means you have either learned that you are pregnant or have already welcomed your tiny baby into this world, right?

And for that, a BIG congratulations!

Carrying a baby for months and giving birth after many physical and emotional changes is magic. It’s a blessing. At least, I would like to think about it that way.

So, choosing a suitable name for your baby is very important. After all, a name is something your kid will carry on for their entire life, and that is something they will be known to people.

This makes the whole thing more complicated, right?

But that doesn’t have to be the case, as I’m here to help you.

Now, different parents have different requirements for naming their babies. While some like to choose a trendy name, others prefer classic or vintage names that never go out of style.

If you fall under the latter category, keep reading.

Here I have come up with some amazing vintage baby names for boys and girls who have passed the test of time.

They sound beautiful, attractive, and timeless, perfect for your little one. So, you must scroll through this list and choose one for your little sunshine.

The Best Vintage Baby Names of All Time

I have a soft corner for all things vintage. They remind me of how beautiful the past was. And they have that timeless vibe in them that makes them so precious.

The same goes for names. Names can be timeless too. The more vintage, the better.

Trendy names are also great, but what I don’t like about them is that they are very common. When your kid goes to school, chances are there will be one or more kids of the same name.

But that is not the case with vintage names. In most cases, your kid will be the only one carrying a vintage name in their class or school. And that is what I like the most about classic names.

You will find both boys’ and girls’ names and gender-neutral names in separate sections of the article.

What are you waiting for?

Jump to the section you are looking for and choose the best vintage name for your kiddo.

Vintage Baby Names For Boys

Vintage Baby Names For Boys

Have you given birth to a baby boy? Do you want to give him an old-fashioned name with an awesome meaning?

Then this section is for you!

The following are some names that have remained popular throughout the ages. Choose the one that you think will fit your son the best.

  • Jasper

If you want originality and panache, you can choose the name Jasper for your baby boy. It is a name that has stood the test of time and is one of the best names a parent can think of for their son.

Do you know Jasper John, the artist?

He is the one who has contributed to making this name famous. It can also be an alternate name to Jayden, Jacob, and Joshua.

  • Leo

Leo is one of my favorite vintage names, to be honest. It is short, cute, and has that unmissable charm you may want in a name.

Leo translates to a lion. So, if you want your son to grow up fierce like a lion, you can opt for this name.

Also, it can work as a nickname for Leonardo.

  • John

We are bound to find the character of Uncle John somewhere or the other, whether it be in a story or our own family.

This classic name remains ever popular. It was during the 1940s when this name started to become famous, and still, people are going for it.

The meaning of the name John is Grace or mercy of the Lord.

  • Mabel

This old-fashioned name sounds much like Amabel. This name was at the peak of its popularity during the Middle Ages.

It’s a short name that sounds classy. Also, you can go for this name if you want your little one to be loved by everyone, as it means lovable.

  • Desmond

Do you like rare names? How about the name Desmond?

It has its roots in the Irish language and has got loads of variations. So, if you love to have options, you can choose Desmond for your prince. The options include Dezi, Dez, Desi, Des, and more.

Now, when it comes to meaning, it translates to “one from South Munster.”

  • Emmett

Parents have loved this vintage name Emmett for ages. And it has not lost its charm a single bit.

Coming to its origin there are three of them, Hebrew, German, and English. The same can be said for its meaning. While some say it means universal, others say it translates to hard workers. And then some people say Emmett means truth.

It was a popular choice as a boy’s name back in the day. It was used as a last name then. But later, it made its place as a first name.

  • Eloise

As parents, we always want our kids to be healthy and happy, right?

The name Eloise conveys the same image. It has its roots in English and French language and means healthy.

  • Silas

If you want your son to grow up close to nature, you can opt for the name Silas. It has been on the list of popular names for a long time now.

Silas translates to a man of the forest. It has its roots in the Latin and English origins.

Now, do you like the names that celebs have given their kids?

If your answer is “yes,” Silas can be a good option, as it is the name of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s son.

  • Miles

Do you want to go for a vintage name that sounds new and trendy?


Miles is the name for you!

It has been on the list of the most popular names since its existence and continues to be a favorite among parents who like classy names.

It has its roots in English and means merciful. Also, some say that it means soldier.

  • Theodore

I had a very complicated pregnancy. There were several occasions during my pregnancy when my baby had zero chances of survival. But then, with God’s blessings, she is now with us, happy and healthy. So, I regard my miracle baby as a gift from God.

If you, too, think your baby is a gift from God, opt for this name for your baby. 

It has its roots in the Greek origin. You can choose nicknames such as Teddy or Theo.

  • Oliver

This name has existed for ages and still retains its charm among parents. It translates to “descendant of the ancestor.” When it comes to its origin, the name Oliver has many, including French and English.

The French version of this name is Olivier.

  • Henry

I had a teacher in school named Henry. He was a favorite among students because of his friendly behavior.

If you want your little boy to grow up as a leader or be the boss wherever he goes, you can choose the name Henry for him.

It’s a good option for a name with roots in German meaning a house ruler. It also has some French roots and is said to be taken from the name Henri.

  • William

Now, who doesn’t know about William Shakespeare?

Do you want your son to be a great writer like him? Or do you want him to be the protector of people? Then, William can be a good choice for a name.

It has its roots in English and holds the meaning of a resolute protector.

Vintage Baby Names For Girls

Vintage Baby Names For Girls

Most girls are their daddy’s princesses. Are you blessed with a baby girl and looking for a classic name to suit her personality?

In this section, I have compiled a list of some of the most gorgeous names that will fit your little one well.

All you have to do is decide which is the most gorgeous for your little princess. Read on.

  • Frances

There is something about France that I find to be very romantic. And the name Frances got its name from there.

It is a popular name for baby girls that is classy with an old-school charm. It holds the meaning of “from France.” Also, some say that it means “free man.”

Frances has its roots in the Latin language. The male version of this name is Francis. And if you are to choose a nickname, it can be Franny or Fran.

  • Alice

I have always been a reader. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books from my childhood days. I remember sitting with this book, reading it, and imagining myself in the land of wonders.

Of course, you can see it as a movie now.

So, the name Alice is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the red queen, white rabbits, and more.

Also, Alice can be a good name option if you want your little sunshine to be kind and noble when she grows up.

It has its roots in German origin and can be an alternative for Adelaide.

  • Charlotte

If you like reading, you might have encountered this vintage name multiple times in many novels and dramas. After all, Charlotte was a hot-favorite name among authors.

It has its roots in the French language and seems like the name of some posh women. The male counterpart of this name is Charles.

  • Adeline

Do you like it when you are spoilt for choice?

Then Adeline is the name for you! This name oozes elegance and class. If you like your kid to have characteristics such as noble and kind, Adeline can be a good option.

It carries the meaning of nobility and noble. If you choose this as your baby’s first name, Adele can be her nickname.

Some other variations of this name are Adelin, Alina, Ada, Adalene, and so many more!

  • Rose

Do you like names that are flowery or carry the name of a flower, literally?

Then you will like the name Rose for your little one. It’s a classic name. I can already feel the fragrance.

  • Barbara

Do you want your little one to be jolly and full of spirit who can brighten the lives of people close to her?

You can choose the name Barbara for her.

This name holds the meaning of a wild or foreign woman.

  • Grace

Can you find a parent who doesn’t want their girl to be graceful?

I bet you can’t.

Grace is such a beautiful name. It has its roots in the Latin language and means the grace of God.

If you want other variations, you can choose Grayse or Grayce. Or you can even choose Gray as her nickname.

  • Daisy

Are you fond of flowery names? If so, how about the name Daisy?

I liked it the moment I heard it. Such cuteness this name has!

It can suit your flower-like baby girl a lot. It originates in English and means day’s eye, mainly because the flower daisy opens its petals when it’s time for the sun to rise.

  • Eleanor

The name Eleanor screams pretty!

This vintage name for girls has been around the block for quite some time. When it comes to its origin, there are many, and one of them is English.

It’s a variation of the name Ellen and Helen, both of which are equally sweet. It holds the meaning of other Aenor.

  • Sophia

Whenever I hear the name Sophia, I get the vibe of some educated high-class woman. Do you want your girl to be the same when she grows up?

You can name her Sophia. This name has its roots in the Greek language and means wisdom. This name has always been among the most popular names. 

Of course, you can go for other variations, such as Fia, Fifi, and Sophie.

  • Penelope

This old-school name has all the popularity it needs – all thanks to the very popular and beautiful actress Penelope Cruise.

Also, if you are into history and reading, Penelope was Odysseus’ wife in Homer’s Odyssey.

  • Esme

Have you watched the famous Twilight movie series?

 The lead characters in the movie series, Bella and Edward, have a baby who they named Renesmee, a combination of the names Rene and Esme.

The name Esme has multiple origins. Also, different people have different opinions when it comes to its meanings.

Some say it is taken from the Spanish name Esmeralda, some say it is taken from an Old French verb that translates to “to esteem,” and others say it means beloved.

No matter which origin and meaning you want to go with, all are amazing.

Gender-Neutral Vintage Baby Names

Gender-Neutral Vintage Baby Names

Gone are the days when parents would stick to gender-specific names for their girls and boys. Now they have become more liberal than ever. And so, giving kids a name that doesn’t specify gender has become normal.

Keeping that in mind, I have added this section.

The following are the names that will suit both your son and your daughter, as they are unisex.

Read on.

  • James

Looking at the novels and dramas written during the 1950s, you will see that many of the characters were named James. It was at its peak popularity then.

It was a name for boys back then. But now, it has become gender-neutral. If you like this name, you can use it for your baby girl.

James can be a nickname for the first name Jimmy.

  • Jude

Did you know that Judah was the name of one of the apostles mentioned in the Bible?

Jude can be a short form of that name. It has its origin in the Hebrew language and holds the meaning of praise.

If you are religious and want your little one to be praised by everyone for their good deeds and character, you can opt for this name.

  • Michael

There was a time when this name was all the vogue. But this name still has not lost its charm after all these years and continues to be many parents’ favorite when it comes to naming their kids.

This vintage name comes with the meaning of “who is god.”

Originating in Hebrew, Michael was used mostly by boys at the beginning. But people now commonly use its feminine variations, such as Michelle, Michaela, or Mila, for girls.

  • Noah

If you are a peace-loving family and want your baby to have the same characteristic, you can choose the name Noah for your boy or girl.

This name is extremely popular, and the chances are that you can associate it with the image of an ark.

This Hebrew-originated name holds the meaning of “peaceful.”

  • Asher

It’s such a sexy name!

The name Asher has a stylish vibe and seems like the name of someone super stylish. If you want a baby who is always happy and brings happiness to the lives of the people they surround, this can be a good name.

Asher has its mention in the Bible and originated in the Hebrew language.

  • Everett

As parents, one of our greatest concerns is who will care for our kids and love them as we do when we are no longer there.

We want them to be brave and strong to care for themselves and surround themselves with caring and loving people.

And that leads us to the name Everett. It originated in Old English and meant strong boar and brave.

Of course, some people say that Everett has its roots in German.

  • Ezra

I like names that are short and classy. Ezra is one such name.

Apart from being short, it is super cute and has roots in Hebrew. You can find its mention in the Bible, which holds the meaning of a helper.

You can either pronounce it as Eee-zra or Ez-rah.

Some other variations of this name are Ezrah and Esra.

Do you know what’s the best part of this name? It can be used for both girls and boys.


Choosing the right name for your kid is a challenging feat. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind, such as the origin, meaning, tone, and the list goes on and on.

I have made the whole process easy by providing you with a list of vintage baby names.

Now that you can read the names, how many have you shortlisted? Are they good?

Tell me in the comments!

Sharing is Caring!

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