30 Entertaining Bowling Jokes and Puns for All Ages

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Is your child worried about their first day of school? Or is your wife stressed out about something that’s going on at work? Regardless of a person’s age, there is something that always works to cheer them up. Silly jokes and puns, of course! What is it, you ask?

These jokes become even more fun and unique when they are based on a theme. Among the many themed jokes to go for, sports-themed ones can be hilarious, especially if you choose something that your family is fond of, such as bowling.

Bowling is a sport people across all age groups can enjoy, whether a 10-year-old child or a 50-year-old dad. In fact, it’s a great sport to play as a family, too. Just take your family to the arcade and engage in several bowling rounds to enjoy quality family time.

Jokes and puFpunns centered around bowling can indeed make people roll over with laughter. Do you want us to help you out in selecting the best ones? Fret not, for we’ve got you the most amazing collection of hilarious bowling jokes and puns.

Bowling Jokes Everyone Will Enjoy

Not all kinds of jokes are ones you can crack in front of everyone. With some themes, you have to consider the age of those in the group or whether they will find the theme funny.

However, bowling is the universally loved sport that it is, serves as a theme around which you can build jokes that everyone will enjoy. So, why not get into it, right?

Funny Bowling Jokes

Funny Bowling Jokes

Let’s see some funny bowling jokes for you to crack and make those around you laugh:

What did one bowler say to the other after ending their streak?

They said, “Sorry to burst your double.”

Why was the talented bowler overjoyed after a record-breaking round?

Because he was aware that he had successfully curved his name into the stone.

Why did the judges opt for an external opinion about the bowling game?

Because they were hoping to get a fresh spare of eyes.

When the apocalypse began, what did the bowler say as words of prayer?

He said, “May God save our bowls.”

What is the point of difference between a lousy bowler and a puppy?

The puppy stops whining eventually.

What was written on the t-shirt of the bowling champion?

It read ‘Lean, mean, bowling machine.’

What kind of sport does an alley cat enjoy?


What is the common point between a guest at Thanksgiving and a bowler?

They both want a turkey.

Why did the bowler lose his focus during the match?

Because he had just heard a piece of earth-scattering news.

What is the cost of a bowling game?

Ten pinnies.

What did the romantic pin say to her lover?

She said, “Let’s never split.”

When does a bowler put on armor?

When they play knight games.

What is the name given to a bowling team that gets plenty of strikes?


Which is the bowler who puts on the biggest shoes?

The one who has the biggest feet.

Why is a football player not allowed to be in a bowling alley?

Because once they get a strike, they spike the ball.

  • Last year, he got a job at the bowling alley. He only worked there for a short time, though, as he was only tenpin.

Entertaining Bowling Puns

Entertaining Bowling Puns

Is anyone up for some bowling puns? We’ve got a bunch of humorous ones for you:

What did one friend say to another?

He said, “I was about to crack a really bad bowling pun, but I thought I’d spare you.”

What did the husband say to his wife after returning home?

He said, “I wanted to go bowling, but the pins were on strike.”

Why was the banana not a fun person to play with at the bowling alley?

Because whenever he lost a round, the banana split.

What advice did the balling pins get to hear from the bowling ball after feeling overused?

It said to them, “Go on a strike.”

Why was the bowler good at talking to international clients?

Because he was bowlingual.

Why can you not trust the employees working at the bowling alley?

Because they’re always going on strikes.

Why did people feel hot at the bowling alley?

Because it didn’t have any fans.

Why was the bowling alley totally silent?

So that everyone could hear a pin drop.

Upon seeing the cops approach, what did the thug pins end up doing?

They scattered.

Why was the girl so good at bowling?

Because it was in her flush and blood.

When is a bowler similar to that of a baseball player?

When they sit on the bench.

What was the excuse given by the bowler when they were accused of cheating?

They said, “I was framed.”

How did the bowling pins react after they heard a hilarious joke?

They all fell down laughing.

  • They waited hours for the bowling alley to open up, after which they finally got the ball rolling.

Why Bowling is Entertaining For People of All Ages

Why Bowling is Entertaining For People of All Ages

There are many sports or activities that we indulge in during our leisure time. However, very few options exist that are pleasant and enjoyable for people of all ages, and bowling is one such activity.

Here are some reasons why bowling serves as an entertaining choice no matter what your age is:

1. Affordable

Playing a sport is not always an inexpensive affair. With bowling, however, that issue can be dismissed because you don’t have to spend a penny on equipment, uniforms, or memberships.

Some bowling alleys even offer coupons, group discounts, and discount codes for senior members, students, and kids. Therefore, it’s affordable to gift your kids or your partner a great evening if you’re planning a unique date.

2. Convenient And Accessible

Bowling as a sport is very convenient and accessible. Most places worldwide have bowling areas where you can go at any given time without requiring prior practice or training. They’re available individually in gaming areas or even inside malls, boosting their accessibility.

2. Inclusive

The sport is highly inclusive. It is not limited to a certain age or gender and doesn’t have any prerequisites one needs to confine to to participate.

3. Improves Confidence And Social Skills

The bowling alley is a good place to meet people and interact with friends, helping improve one’s social skills.

You can socialize with your colleagues, too, in such circumstances while also having a fun time. Since the sport requires patience and dedication, it also improves confidence and boosts physical abilities.

4. Wonderful For Kids

Kids are exposed to technology all the time, whether for studies or at home.

Taking them bowling helps them escape their phones and laptops and engage in the real world, aiding them in making friends and being surrounded by their family members.


Isn’t it delightful to know that a sport exists which can not only be enjoyed by everyone around the world but also makes for some entertaining bits for joy and laughter?

Which bowling joke made you laugh the most? Which pun got you thinking? Let us know in the comments below.

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