14 Experience Gifts for Kids That They’ll Love

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If you are like me, you feel that every time you buy your kids a toy it gets shoved under their bed or buried in the closet, never to be played with again. That is why I have switched from giving my kids actual toys to gifting them an experience. Giving gifts that aren’t toys is really amazing

Experience gifts for kids are such a great way to celebrate them. We have done so many fun things with our kids and have made great memories doing them.

Trust me when I say you will like buying an experience gift for your kid instead of a toy that costs lots of money that hardly gets played with. 

Here are some great suggestions of experienced gifts for kids you can consider gifting to your kid! 

Experience Gifts for Kids

Weekend Away

Weekend Away with Kids

Most kids love being able to stay away in a hotel. Search for your closest Extended Stay Hotel and book a weekend away as a family or just you and your child. These hotels are great because they are spacious and just like a mini apartment.

The hotel has spacious suites that are fully equipped with kitchens. You will have access to free wifi and they have a great flexible cancelation policy. Give the gift of a weekend away and plan some fun outings in the area where you choose to stay. 

Concert Tickets


Just think how excited your child will be to open on their birthday tickets to see their favorite band or singer perform at a concert coming to your town at a later date. It is ok if the date is a bit in the future; it will help keep the excitement of the gift they just received. 

Trip to the Zoo

Trip to the Zoo

Turn their birthday into a little day trip. What kid doesn’t love seeing lions, tigers and bears up close and personal?

Splurge on this trip to the zoo and do things you typically wouldn’t pay for like the ice creams and a gift from the souvenir shop. Make the trip special by letting the birthday kid pick which exhibits to visit and in which order. 

Water park Season Pass 

Water park Season Pass

Depending on if they have a birthday in the warmer months, you may consider giving them a season pass to the local water park. This can be a gift that keeps giving all summer long.

Maybe wrap the pass up with a new pair of goggles and a fun beach towel. This gift is perfect because it can be used multiple times and lots of memories can be shared each visit. 

Magazine Subscription

Kids Magazine

Amazon has some fantastic deals on magazine subscriptions for kids. Think of what their interests are and search for subscriptions that are in their interest. I have ordered National Geographic for Kids for my child’s birthday, and it was a hit.

They loved each month getting a new magazine. It was the gift that they requested again and this mama didn’t mind buying because it was educational and they actually read it! 

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer camp can be pricey so consider giving them a week at their favorite summer camp for their birthday. Sign them up early and surprise them on their birthday. Now they have something to look forward to this summer. 

Subscription Box

Subscription Box

There are plenty to choose from. The options are endless depending on your child’s interest. There are science, art, reading, clothing, and many more subscription boxes out there.

You will find the perfect subscription box that can be delivered monthly or as frequently as you like.

Just go ahead and sign up so you have the first box already delivered and wrapped for them to open on their birthday. Then explain that they will receive more throughout the year. 

New Instrument


Has your child been asking to play the piano, trumpet, or drums? Now is the time to splurge and surprise them. Buying a new instrument will be so exciting. Add on a few months of lessons and you may have just inspired a lifelong passion. Just don’t forget to order yourself some earplugs! 

One-On-One Outing

experience gifts for kids

Kids love attention and especially some one on one time with a parent. Mark the whole day off and let it be their day with you. Get a sitter for the other kids and have a day with just you and your child.

Let them choose where to eat and what they want to do. You can suggest some options like putt putt, horseback riding, trip to an amusement park. Just let them know their budget if you feel their request may be extreme.

Sports Game Tickets

experience gifts for kids

If it’s baseball, football, soccer, or figure skating your child loves, research and find their favorite team or skater coming close by and buy tickets to the event. 

This is a great family activity and they will love watching their favorite team in person and eating a tasty stadium treat  

Game Night

experience gifts for kids

Having a family game night is something that doesn’t cost a lot of money and can be a lot of fun. Purchase the birthday kid a new game they have been wanting and set up a fun treat bar and let the games begin! Remember to let the birthday kid pick the game and even be the first one to have their turn. 

Live Shows

experience gifts for kids

These shows are the perfect length for the younger kids who can’t sit through an entire musical. See if Disney on Ice, Paw Patrol Live, or Sesame Street Live is traveling to a venue near you. Your preschooler will love seeing their favorite character comes to life. 

Teach Kids Something New

experience gifts for kids

Lessons or classes for something your kids are interested in are always a great gift to give as an experience gift. Some ideas for classes:

● Cake decorating classes

● Art classes

● Baking lessons

● Sewing lesson

● Surging lesson

● Singing lesson

● Science lesson

● Archery lesson

● HOrseback riding lesson

● Pitching lesson

Train Ride

experience gifts for kids

Just imagine how fun a train ride would be for your train lover. Book a train ride up the coast or to a new city on a commuter rail. Maybe plan a rain route that has a stop at a fun restaurant or children’s museum. 

No matter what experience you choose for your kid it will be an amazing opportunity to spend more time together as a family and have fewer toys to throw in the closet.

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