35 Naughty Sexy Things To Do For Your Husband

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Do you sometimes find yourself a bit shy when it comes to your sexual desires for your husband? Do the words ‘How can I get my husband to want me sexually right now’ sometimes cross your mind? Marriage is blissful, erotic, and fun. But, it can also be challenging when responsibilities, stress, and other things can sometimes get in the way. He may not be able to express his desire for you, and sometimes you too may feel like he doesn’t want to be with you. 

Our lives are so fast-paced and stressful these days. Most of us find ourselves either constantly worrying about work or feeling anxiety about life in general. Amidst this rollercoaster of emotions, we can often end up neglecting our partners or not reminding them of how much we desire them.

Men, in particular, are quite bad when it comes to expressing themselves, which is why the job often falls on the woman to make the first move in this department, but not everyone is comfortable doing so.

First of all, relax. The truth is, your husband being distant can simply be due to work and other goings-on and has nothing to do with how attracted he is to you. It is to tap that desire yourself when it comes to these things. Sometimes, it’s up to you to get his engine revved up — which should be the case because marriage is all about giving and taking. And when you take the reign, it can definitely turn him on even more. 

Here’s the next good news: Getting him in the mood sexually when you want to get down with him is actually easy. There are myriads of sexy things to do with your husband that will drive him wild. Of course, there are things that will make him so overcome by desire for you that he will want to take you right then and there. 

Awaken your husband’s sexual desires by showing him that you are deeply craving sexual intimacy with him. Let him know that you want to offer pleasure to him and be satisfied by him. With these naughty, sexy things to do for your husband, your sex life will get a whole lot hotter, wilder, and more hot and heavy.

Naughty Sexy Things You Can do For Your Husband

Naughty Sexy Things You Can do for Your Husband

Get the sexy party started with these 35 sexy things to do for your husband that will definitely heat things up and fill him with desire for you. 

1. Don Sexy New Underthings

The first ‘something’ that sounds so simple, but you better believe it’s super effective. Just purchase some sexy new underthings, something lacy, silky, or skimpy. Pick something you think he’ll like — and that you feel very good in! That’s the most important thing. Make sure that what you buy will boost your confidence and make you feel sexy. Because when you are oozing confidence and sexiness, it will turn him on even more. 

Wear your new purchases and let him discover it on you for a sexy little surprise. Want to up the sexiness factor? Ditch the underwear altogether and go commando for an uber-spontaneous and ultra-sexy treat. 

2. Take Sexy Snaps

Take Sexy Snaps

When it comes to sexy things to do for your husband, one thing to drive him wild and immediately bring sex into his mind is to send him some very sexy snaps of yourself. 

You can don some sexy lingerie, or be in various states of undress, or even skip the clothing and stick to your underwear or nothing at all. Strike the right pose, take some snaps, hit send. And trust me, he is probably already counting the minutes till he can see you and take you in his arms. 

Another fun, sexy little photoshoot you can do is to take sexy snaps together. Having fun, intimate photos of you two together can be a super hot reminder for him; of everything you can do together. 

3. Send Flirty Messages

This should go without saying, ladies: Get your flirt on! Among sexy things to do for your husband, flirty messages are always on the list. Consider this — husbands are said to be thinking about getting intimate on an average of every 9 seconds; so capitalize on that. Send him flirtatious messages throughout the day to increase the flames of desire! An unexpected sexy line or juicy text popping up from you is a very sexy thing to do for your man, especially when he least expects one. 

Play around by alternating subtle yet very suggestive texts and some that are as dirty and naughty as absolutely possible. This will get him anticipating all the moves you are planning to unleash on him. And even if he’s not in the mood, those messages from you will definitely get him there. 

4. Greet Him Sexily

Greet Him Sexily

After a long, hard day at the office, having your husband arrive home to a very sexy greeting will certainly go a long way! Greet your man at the door with a full-body hug or a deep, lingering kiss. Meet him when he gets home with a long, provocative gaze that communicates everything you want to do to him without saying a single word. 

Dress up in something sexy and unexpected, so he’ll feast his eyes on an alluring sight. He’ll be so glad he’s home — and he’ll show you his appreciation in naughty ways. 

5. Spoil Him With a Surprise Overnight Date

A spontaneous, quick escape can be a very romantic and utterly sexy thing to do. Surprise your man by treating him to an overnight date so the two of you can have the night completely to yourselves. 

Think about it: Just you and him, no distractions, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And a just time to focus on each other. How lovely does that sound? I bet you it will be a great chance to reconnect and enjoy being intimate with each other.

6. Be His Sexy Masseuse

Be His Sexy Masseuse

A good massage can be very relaxing and sensual. A good massage from you in sexy lingerie? That will definitely blow his mind in the best way possible. Turn your bedroom into a spa-like atmosphere by dimming the lights, burning some scented candles, and playing some romantic tunes.

 Use hot oils and give him sexy, soothing massages all over. Give him a rub down that he won’t forget, and release the tension from his body. He will soon become ready and eager to devour you sexually in ways you will never forget. 

7. Switch Things up with your Appearance

Of course, when you are at home, you want to be as comfortable as possible. That usually means wearing clothes that are loose-fitting. Loungewear that’s very nice to relax in, which your man finds cute when you wear, is an ultimate option. And, once in a while, there’s no harm in switching things up when it comes to your appearance. 

Slip into a little number that accentuates each and every curve of your body and places the spotlight on your assets. Spritz on some yummy perfume and gloss up those lips. You can also change the way your hair is styled, by taking off that ponytail and letting your hair loose in sexy waves or gathering it all up in a sexy updo that shows off your neck. 

You can likewise choose to maybe strut in some heels for an evening or wear a button-down polo of his and nothing else. And when going to bed, why not invest in a lacy or satiny lingerie that you can wear instead of your usual cotton PJs? 

Men are very visual creatures, so your man will definitely appreciate it when you switch things up with the way you look. It will certainly work like a charm in heating things up. 

8. Prioritize your Hygiene

Prioritize your Hygiene

It may seem like a no-brainer, maintaining your hygiene and something that everyone should really just do. But it’s actually also very important when it comes to keeping the sexiness levels top-notch.

Your husband is always around you, and he is the one who always sees you. And a big part of marriage is to have a healthy sex life – and your husband constantly desires you. So you should make sure that you’re taking care of yourself so that you are always ready to be physically intimate with him. 

So, the simple things that matter:

  • Smelling good.
  • Always donning clean clothes.
  • Looking clean and fresh.
  • Keeping things clean down there.

Looking hygienic to your man will only make him desire you even more. 

9. Use Food to up the Ante

You know how they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? That is very, very true, and it’s the knowledge that will serve you well in bed. And that sexy thing you can do for your husband is to feed him delicious food. 

A lavish, scrumptious meal after a long day will make him happy; and make you even more attractive in his eyes. Good food is a great way to lighten his mood. And when you are eating, why not consume the meal in a sensual way? That will totally grab his attention! 

Keep in mind that food shouldn’t just be limited to the dining table — bring it to the bedroom and use it in your sexy times! Grab a few fancy bowls and fill them with snacks like cheese, nuts, chocolates, and candy. And don’t forget the whipped cream and chocolate sauce! You can lather the cream or pour the chocolate sauce all over his body… and then lick it all off. Mmm-mmm. 

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10. Partake of a Little Porn 

Partake of a Little Porn

Porn isn’t like how it was in the old days when it was so hard to find and seemed taboo to watch — particularly for women. Nowadays, porn can be a part of having a healthy sexual appetite and a good sex life. It’s also so much easier to find, and a woman who enjoys watching porn is a woman who is confident and enjoys sex. There are even porn videos specifically made for female enjoyment!

With all the porn available online, why not curate a collection of porn videos based on what your husband likes and what you like as well? Make a playlist of videos that you and he can watch together! This will make him even hotter for you because he is watching with you.

 You can even tell him what moves and scenes you want to try out with him too. The whole experience can make you both more adventurous in bed — and you’ll have a lot of sexy fun trying new things out. 

11. Plan a Sexy Shower Surprise

Sex in the shower — there’s just something so sensual and steamy about having encounters while dripping wet and lathered up in soap, with the steam and heat enveloping you both. Men love having sex in the shower. So it’s time to deviate from your usual sexual encounters in the bedroom and take things to the shower!

Heat things up by surprising him while he’s in the bath. Slip in wearing just a thin white shirt and nothing else. Let your body get drenched in the water, shirt clinging in all the right places, and kiss him slowly and tantalizingly. 

Lather soap all over him, letting your hand graze and rub all his hot spots. Surprise shower sex can be one of the hottest sexy things to do for your husband, and he will want to take you right then and there. 

12. Play Sexy Games

Play Sexy Games

Who says games are just for kids? Games can be incredibly sexy and a surefire way to get temperatures rising. There are a lot of games that can heat things up between you and your man, and you can use them to enhance your sexual enjoyment. Here are a few sexy games you can play together to get the sexy party started:

  • Strip Poker

This one’s pretty much a sexy-times staple. Grab a pack of cards and engage in a little card game. The one rule you both must strictly follow is that every time you lose a round, you lose an article of clothing. And if you want to make things hotter, make it a condition that you have to strip in a sensual way! As a bonus, be sure to wear some totally hot undies that you know will make him go crazy!

  • Dirty Truth or Dare

This one is a hot way to get to know more about each other with dirty fun and having some dare. Dirty truth or dare is like the classic game but with a sexy twist. So, get involved in some intimate questions and sexually-provocative dares. 

  • Naked Twister – Think About it

You and your husband, both naked, locked in some pretty interesting positions. You’ll get closer to each other – literally! 

And being in such close proximity to each other’s naked bodies is almost a surefire guarantee that you won’t be playing the game for long. Pretty soon, you’ll be trying out those sexy entanglements in bed!

13. Fulfill a Fantasy

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of life for any adult with a healthy appetite for sex. The reality is we all probably have a sexual fantasy of one kind or another. So why not find out what your husband’s ultimate sexual fantasies are — and try to make them a reality? 

Is a certain scenario the star of his sexy dreams? Has he always wanted to have sex in a particular location? Has he been longing to try something different? 

Whether it’s a sexy doctor fantasy, a teacher-student fantasy, a cop-arresting-him fantasy, whatever it may be, take things out of your comfort zone. Embrace a little role play, and make the scenario come true, full-on! 

It’s a super hot way to bring change into your sex life and freshen things up in the bedroom (or wherever you choose to do the deed). You can even begin the fantasy through text messages in the day, leading up to the grand, uber-sexy finale when you see each other at night.

14. Engage in Phone Sex

Engage in Phone Sex

Are you longing to get intimate with your man, but at the moment, you can’t see him have your way with him? Or are you in a situation where you are physically apart right now, but you want to keep things sexy? Now is the time to take the dirty deeds to the phone!

With phone sex, you are the only one touching your own body (and he’s the only one touching his), but believe us when we say it can be every bit as hot and intimate. It is a very different experience from the traditional way. 

You’ll be telling each other what you want to do to the other, describing every steamy detail while playing with yourself and knowing that he is doing the same. It’s among the sexy things to do for your husband that will up your level of intimacy and also make him super hot for you. 

15. Let your Body Tell him your Desires

Let your Body Tell him your Desires

Actions speak louder than words, they say. And your body language can definitely communicate a lot about your sexuality and your desire for him. So, allow your body to speak of that burning desire for your man. 

Give him a sensual, full-body-contact embrace that lingers a little too long. Establish sexy eye contact, or kiss him with a deep, fiery passion that leaves him reeling and wanting more. Let your hand casually and unexpectedly graze in all the right spots in his body. Play with your hair when you know he’s looking, run your tongue down his neck or bite his ears. All of these things will get the temperature rising, and it will totally make your husband desire you.

16. Try New Positions

When it comes to sexy things to do for your husband, trying out new positions is something he will most definitely welcome. It’s also one of the easiest things you can do to spice up your romance and make your sexual encounters even more unforgettable. Is there a certain sex position that your man has been wanting to try, or one you may have been curious about? Try it together! 

If you are on the hunt for more ideas or tips, the internet is your friend. Grab your laptop and browse together. That will turn you both on already — and then once you’re both hot and bothered, take things to the bedroom and try the positions you just saw, and both liked!

17. Try a Toy

Sex toys can be quite intimidating for some people, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing a world of pleasure that bringing sex toys into the mix can bring. Stop missing out on the fun and gift yourself and your partner with toys made for pleasure. 

Not only will a sex toy be incredible when you play with it, but also incredibly tantalize him when you let him watch you using the toy. Plus, there are other toys that you can also use together to enhance the sexy, sexy times you have together. So surprise him with a fun little purchase or two, and he will go absolutely wild. 

18. Shower Him with Affection

Shower Him with Affection

Let’s tell you a little secret. There may be times when your man does not initiate physical intimacy with you because he may not feel desirable enough in your eyes. But we all know you have the hots for him – and you should also make sure that he always knows that, too. 

Show him continuously just how desirable he is to you and how absolutely irresistible you find him. Give him sexy little kisses, cuddle him whenever possible, and verbally shower him with compliments. All these will boost his self-esteem and make him feel that he is desirable, which in turn will make him more confident to make sexy moves on you. 

19. Make a Sexy Playlist Together

Music is something that affects the mood. And a melodious tune can definitely play a major part in getting things hot and heavy. So, as you think of sexy things to do for your husband, a super cool and super effective one you can do is to create a sexy playlist together. 

You and your man can each come up with what you feel are the sexiest songs for you or songs that get you in the mood for some sexy hanky-panky. Compile the tracks in a playlist for the two of you. This sexy times playlist can be used when you are getting down and dirty with each other — or you can play it when you want to start up some sexy shenanigans. 

You can even play this playlist randomly throughout the day just to let him know that you are having sexy thoughts about him — and get him to have sexy thoughts about you, too. 

20. Tease, Tease, Tease

Tease, Tease, Tease

Don’t believe what they say — it’s not always bad to be a tease! In fact, being a tease can be a very, very good and sexy thing, especially when you want to heat things up with your man. 

Teasing him can be an incredibly tantalizing and irresistible way to make him desire you so much that he feels he may explode. And from all that sexual longing can translate to some explosive sexual encounters. 

Lightly and intentionally touch him in his hot spots, lean forward so he can have a great view of your décolletage. Let your hair brush his shoulder. This will rev up his engine for sure. 

Tease him further in the bedroom, by taking away one or two senses, like tying his hands up, blindfolding him, or making him wear earplugs while you have your way with him. This will make things even more erotic for your man. 

21. Talk Dirty to Him

If you are thinking up sexy things to do for your husband, one thing that you must try is to talk dirty to him. This can be a little uncomfortable to you at first if you’re not used to engaging in a bit of dirty talk. But once you’ve tried it out and are in the zone, it will come more naturally to you. You’ll have fun playing around with it. 

Talking dirty to him in bed will certainly spice things up and turn him on even more. It will also encourage you to let go of your inhibitions and freely explore and enjoy. 

Talking dirty doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom either. You can do it throughout the day, such as whispering naughty things to him as you pass him by or calling him up to engage in a little dirty talk. This will make him hot for you, and you will reap the benefits when you have some alone time together. 

22. Have a Quickie

Have a Quickie

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term, a quickie means having sex that is short-lasting, fast, and quick, as the term implies. While that doesn’t sound very desirable immediately off the bat, it can actually be quite hot and titillating in the right circumstances. 

A quickie is something you and your husband can engage in when you have very little time, but you can absolutely overcome each other for desire. It can also be something sexy and risqué that you can do somewhere you know might be discovered, but you just simply have to get it on. 

Quickies are also a sexy and effective way to relieve stress, which has many positive effects on health. Quickies can also help you both sleep better and allow your confidence to be boosted. Truly, a quickie is sometimes just what you need — and it is among the sexy things you can do for your husband!

23. Get it on in New Locations

It’s indeed one of the creative ways to increase excitement in your sexual encounters. Take the sexing to a place that you’ve never got it on before (try to keep it within legal boundaries!). If you or your man have a few locales on your sex bucket list, it’s time to explore! And you can also add more to the list and make it a priority to work through that list. 

Bonus points too for places where you can get caught at any moment — that can make things even more thrilling and naughty, which just makes it even hotter. Call your man and tell him to meet you at a place where it may be risqué to do it, and then do it! The possibility of being caught can be a major turn-on, and the sex will be even more intense and heightened. 

24. Make Noise

Making sounds while you do the deed can heighten sensations and make sex even more pleasurable. It can guide your partner into being more in tune with what’s happening and be more in the moment. And those sexy moans and cries of pleasure are definitely major turn-ons for your man. 

If you are not one to usually be noisy in bed, try some soft sighs and heavy breathing and let it escalate from there. If you already make some pleasure-filled sounds while having sex, up the ante by being a little louder or more uninhibited with your sex noises. Making sounds during sexy times will lead to more untamed and wild encounters. 

25. Take Sexual Initiative

Take Sexual Initiative

Are you the type of person who usually waits for your husband to initiate sex? While this is okay in of itself, it shouldn’t always be him making the first move. It can get boring for your husband to always be the one to take the initiative and seduce you into being intimate with him. Though he may not say it, he will definitely appreciate you taking the reign once in a while and taking matters of seduction into your own hands.

If you initiate things and be the one to seduce him into getting intimate; we guarantee that this will get him so aroused and attracted to you. Also, you shouldn’t have to keep all that sexual desire hidden until he tries to tap into it. Let it flow freely; let him feel it. 

Wear that desire proudly around him and take sexual initiative. When it comes to sexy things to do for your husband, this is one of the sexiest ways for you to become even more irresistible to him.

The most essential thing to remember is that you shouldn’t keep your sexual desires locked deep inside. Do not shy away from expressing those desires to your husband. It’s only natural and healthy to want your man. These sexy things to do for your husband will strengthen your sexual connection and your bond as a couple. Ensure that both of you satisfy your sexual needs and enjoy your sex life to the fullest!

26. Spooning

Spooning might sound cute, yes, but it can be an incredibly sexy thing to try in bed, especially because it often leads to naughtier things.

27. Undress Him

Undress him. Take his clothes off slowly and admire him while doing so. It’s bound to make him want you more.

28. Sweat Together

Sweat Together

Do a workout together. Make it intense and heavy so that you’re both sweating simultaneously. Seeing you gasping for breath and sweating gloriously after the workout is what is bound to turn your husband on.

29. Touch Him While He Watches Something

If your husband is watching something on TV, sit next to him and touch him playfully till you start getting closer and more purposeful with your hands.

30. Cook Naked

Picture this: Your husband returns home and sees you in the kitchen. The twist is that you’re wearing nothing but an apron. If this doesn’t make him want you badly, we don’t know what will.

31. Make a Meal Together

Make a Meal Together

Cooking can be an incredibly sexy activity when done together. The thought of rubbing whipped cream on your husband’s lips or having him lick the syrup off your face is enough to get you tingly.

32. Take Control

Men love it when women take charge in the bedroom. Dominate him and witness him skyrocket to the moon.

33. Express Your Wishes

Your husband wants to hear what you want to do in bed, so fulfill his wish. Tell him everything you dream of and want badly, and have him do those things to you.

34. Roleplay

Roleplaying is superbly hot, and when done with your husband, it can be immensely thrilling. Play different characters and let various scenarios pan out, leading to the best climax.

35. Sext Him

Sext Him

Sexy and naughty texts from your partner always make you smile, don’t they? Craft one for your husband and tell him what you are daydreaming about doing to him tonight.

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Romantic Things to Do For Your Husband

We all need a little romance in our lives. When you have been married for a while, it’s easy for the romance to fade into the background. However, there are some ways in which you can rekindle it and feel the same way you did when you first started going out with your partner.

Husbands, too, appreciate romantic gestures, which is why there are some sweet, romantic things you can do for your husband that he will surely like:

1. Ask Him Out on a Date

Gone are when men were expected to ask a woman for a date. These days, women take the initiative. If you do this and surprise your husband by asking him out for date night, he will be taken aback in the best way possible.

2. Compliment And Appreciate Him

Men love to be appreciated, much like anyone else. Tell him he looks good, compliment him on the shirt he is wearing or about how good he smells, and appreciate him for all the good work he does. Believe us when we say that your words will brighten up his entire week.

3. Watch a Romantic Movie With Him

Watch a Romantic Movie With Him

There is nothing like sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and watching a romantic movie with your partner. You can either pick something he loves or choose a movie that you two have liked forever, just for the sake of nostalgia.

4. Flirt With Him And Be Touchy

Who said you should stop flirting with your husband or partner once you’re married? A little bit of flirtatiousness here and there is a great ingredient to keep the romance blooming.

Flirt with your husband, show him how much you still want him, and don’t shy away from getting touchy.

5. Make Him Breakfast

There are very few sights that a man enjoys more than seeing his loving wife bring him breakfast in bed. After all, a happy belly fills the day with productivity and keeps your husband smiling and grateful all day long.

6. Leave Him a Love Note

Leave Him a Love Note

Love notes used to be huge once upon a time. Why not bring that romantic gesture back, right? You can leave them for your husband in his wallet, tiffin, or even inside his work briefcase.

7. Send Him Naughty Texts

Imagine your husband getting a naughty text from you in the middle of the day. It’s sure to make him smile and dream about the night he’s about to share with you.

It becomes doubly better if he’s having an awful workday because a dirty message from you is just what he needs at that moment to feel better.

8. Make Him a Collage of Old Photographs

Photographs are so special, especially for two people who have shared a life for years. Make a collage of the best memories you have made with your husband and see how happy it makes him.

9. Plan a Trip or Getaway

Plan a Trip or Getaway

Perhaps there is a country your husband has been wanting to visit since forever or a weekend getaway you two have been planning for a long time. How about you sort out the details and surprise him by arranging a trip for the two of you?

It can be like a second honeymoon!

10. Wear a Dress He Likes

Is there a dress of yours that your husband loves to see you in? Wear it for him and wait for him by the door so that you’re the first thing he sees after a long, tiring day at work.

11. Pamper Him

Make him feel loved, acknowledged, and seen. Pamper him with all the love, warmth, and affection you have for him.

12. Get Him Tickets to a Game

Get Him Tickets to a Game

If your husband loves cricket, football, basketball, or any other sport, get his tickets to a match. To make it even better, accompany him to the game.

13. Turn Up The Spice in The Bedroom

Make your sex life with your husband spicier. Try new positions, fulfill fantasies, including toys and tools, and show every bit of your desire to him.

14. Dance With Him

Two people in love don’t need a reason to dance together. Just put some music on and stretch your hand out to dance with your hubby, and keep dancing till you’re both giddy with joy.

15. Create a ‘Reasons I Love You’ Jar

Create a ‘Reasons I Love You’ Jar

Take a jar and cut some pieces of paper to make chits. On each chit, write down a reason why you love your husband. Present this jar to him, for it will be one of the sweetest gifts he has ever received.

16. Visit His Hometown With Him

Your husband’s hometown is a place where he has several memories. So, why not make a plan to visit his hometown with him? Give him a chance to relive his childhood days and show you all the spots he loved and visited back in the day.

17. Make a Bucket List With Him

It would help if you had several plans in your head and numerous things you wish to do with your husband in this lifetime. Create a bucket list and write down all those things, whether related to travel, starting a family, or anything else.

18. Give Him a Massage

Give Him a Massage

Once your husband returns from work, let him lie on the bed or sit on the couch. As he does this, please give him a nice massage that helps him relax and de-stress.

19. Build a Fort

Forts were something we built as kids. Go ahead and concoct the magic of such forts as an adult, too, when attempting to do something romantic for your husband. You can watch movies with him inside the fort or have a cute little sleepover.

20. Visit a Bar Together

Visit a Bar Together

Having drinks with your partner has a charm of its own. It allows you to laugh together and have a blast. Take your husband to his favorite bar, order the drinks he likes, and enjoy a wild night with him.


Your husband works throughout the week, and so do you. In between life and work, it’s vital to take out a little time for each other and relive the days of passion you had experienced when you first started going out, and fortunately, there are many ways to do so.

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