Getting to the Front Of The Line: Roger Waters – The Wall

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I love listening to music but my husband lives it. He’s a die-hard audiophile, believing that if you can’t hear the music live, vinyl is the next best thing (see his company Sonic Artistry if you don’t believe me).


We don’t get out to see musicians as often as we would like, but when we do, we want the best seats. But there are only so many good seats at most venues and it can be a challenge to be the first to secure them. Have I ever told you about the hours we spent online trying to get tickets to the Led Zeppelin concert in London? That’s why we belong to clubs like The Vault (White Stripes) and Ten Club (Pearl Jam), giving us advanced access to the best seats or special discounts for up-coming shows.

It seems American Express offers a similar service.

We’ve been using our American Express Gold Rewards Card to increase our family travel options through everyday purchases. That was benefit enough to try the card but then I discovered the Front Of The Line service that is also included, offering features like:

  • Advanced Ticket Access. Similar to the other clubs I mentioned, I get access to tickets before they’re made available to the general public, giving me first pick on the seats I want.
  • Current Offering E-Newsletter. I can sign-up to receive emails on up-coming special events and pre-sale dates so I won’t miss anything, especially since pre-sale dates tend to be short.
  • Reserved Ticket Access. For some events, if I purchase tickets during the public sale period, I can get access to a special block of reserved seats just for Cardmembers.
  • Access to Special Experiences. These are events open exclusively to Cardmembers. Talk about a perk.
  • Preferred Seating at US Entertainment Venues. Some US shows (we have been known to travel across the border to see a show) may offer preferred seating to Canadian Cardmembers.

Plus, there are no additional fees to use the Front Of The Line feature, beyond just purchasing my tickets using my American Express card.

I discovered this just in time for the impending Roger Waters: The Wall Live tour next summer (May 28 to June 26, 2012). My husband is a huge fan; The Wall was one of his first albums. He’s seen Pink Floyd in concert but after Roger Waters left the band. So you can imagine how thrilled he would be to attend the Roger Water’s performance. And as an American Express Cardmember, I have access to tickets through the Front Of The Line pre-sale on now, from Wednesday, November 9 (10 a.m.) until Friday, November 11, 2011 (5 p.m.).

Feeling lucky? Visit American Express Canada on Facebook to participate in Front Of The Line Fridays. By entering you could win a complementary pair of tickets to some of the hottest concerts and theatre productions across cities in Canada, including the Roger Waters: The Wall Live tour. If you are an American Express Cardmember already, you have the chance to win not 1 but 2 pairs of tickets. Giveaways will happen twice a month until December 23, 2011.

For all the wonderful little things my husband does for me, I’m thrilled that I’m able to give him something special in return. Thanks to my American Express Gold Rewards card and the Front Of The Line program, Christmas has come early in our home.

This post is not sponsored but the American Express Canada Front Of The Line team did help me secure a pair of tickets to Roger Waters.

Sharing is Caring!