A Family Vacation Can Start with Band-Aids and Paper Towels.

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Have you ever dreamed of ways your kids could pay for themselves? I don’t mean sending them out to work. I’m thinking there must be a way for parents to benefit from all the expenses kids can cost us. american_express_gold_rewards_double_family_travel_rewardsPut a Band-Aid on your child’s doll; receive a dollar. Buy a new box of crayons to replace the ones that have magically disappeared; receive a dollar. Grab another piece of paper towel to clean up the spilled milk, water, syrup, ketchup, paint, you name it; receive a dollar.

The new American Express Gold Rewards Card may not give you a dollar for using up Band-aids or paper towels, but it will reward you for making those everyday purchases.

To see just how rewarding the Gold Rewards Card can be, they’ve asked me to put it to the test with my own family. Along with the initial welcome bonus of 15,000 rewards points that all new cardmembers can receive, enough for a short-haul flight, American Express topped up my card with another 50,000 points so I could start experiencing the benefits right away. I’ll be using my Gold Rewards Card from now until the end of the year, letting you know how it works, how to use your card wisely to get the most points and ultimately enjoying the rewards.

To receive the welcome bonus on the Gold Rewards Card, you need to spend at least $500 within the first three months of owning your card. With a family of five, two trips to the grocery store was all it took.

The rewards on the Gold Rewards Card are the points you earn on all of your purchases; 1 reward point for each $1 you spend. But if you plan your purchase destinations, you can double your rewards (2 points for every $1 you spend) as they offer double points on eligible travel, gas, grocery and drugstore purchases. As stand-alone grocery stores are one of those places you can earn double reward points, my two visits to Metro to get the welcome bonus earned me my 15,000 welcome points plus 1,000 points for my $500 purchase. I can see how with grocery shopping alone I’ll be racking up points towards rewards for my family. Add to that the double rewards I can earn when buying gas for my vehicle, stocking up on toothpaste at the drugstore, even buying meat at our butcher for the weekend BBQ.

American Express makes it easy to start earning rewards with your family purchases. Along with the welcome bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards points, American Express won’t charge you the $150 annual fee for the first year you have your card.

So go ahead kids, treat your doll’s booboos and clean-up all those spills; you’re helping us earn points towards a night on the town, a new set of luggage or maybe, if you make enough spills, your next family vacation.


For more information on the American Express Gold Rewards Card or to apply for your own, visit their site at www.amex.ca.

This post has been sponsored by American Express Canada to promote their new American Express Gold Rewards Card.

Sharing is Caring!

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