Celebrating Consonant Skincare’s Expansion

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I am a big fan of Canadian brand Consonant Skincare and their collection of natural products, from their multitasking DHE Mask to their new baby line and everything in between. So you can imagine my excitement about the opening of their second store location in downtown Toronto in the P.A.T.H underground. To celebrate our Junior Style Blogger and myself attending the media opening.

Consonant Skincare’s flagship store is located at Yonge and Eglinton and even though it is on the subway line it just seems so north of the city to me (two subway rides). The new location is right downtown beneath the Richmond Adelaide centre. The store is small with the varied collection of products flanking you on the open and airy walls but I think that adds to the friendly and personal appeal they’ve already established at their flagship shop.

Consonant Skincare Store Launch Part12

Of course my favourite feature has to be the branch-like lighting that adds to the natural feel without being overbearing.

Consonant Skincare Store Launch Lighting

Along with the new shop opening, Consonant Skincare introduced a few new product updates:

Organic Body Wash – The product isn’t new but the scents are. Consonant’s philosophy has always been “What goes on your body goes in your body” meaning the addition of extras to add a pretty scent to their products was never a big priority. It’s true, for my favourite Organic Foaming Face Wash (a morning routine staple) I’m not looking for a pleasant scent. I’m looking for something good for my body that actually works. Of course as founder Bill Baker points out, body wash is more of a luxury item and scent can play a factor. The two update scents are subtle and lovely. Scent 001 is more has more of a citrus aroma versus Scent 002 with its peppermint smell. Of course you can still enjoy their Pure Unscented product too and all three are 100% natural and formulated to be sulphate free. Excited to try this product.

Consonant Skincare Store Launch Natural Body Washes

Gym & Travel Size – Big things come in small packages and that is true about the Consonant Skincare gym and travel size versions of all their products, including their fabulous natural sunscreen (a favourite for our Junior Style Blogger). Now you can bring your favourite products from home on the road and leave more space in your luggage for shopping.

Consonant Skincare Store Launch Travel Size

Gym & Travel Bag – Consonant Skincare makes it even easier to travel with their new mini products using their super cute travel bag made with organic cotton. You can even get your bag monogrammed. I might just have to plan an overnight escape just so I can bring my travel tote.

Consonant Skincare Store Launch Travel Size2

The new location is an easy spot for downtowners to stock-up on their favourite natural skincare products from Consonant. They have little “try me” sample containers so you can discover a new product that I’m sure you’ll love. Their flagship store is still the spot to go to for workshops or the freeze clinic, something I’m looking forward to trying as I prepare my skin for sunnier weather.

If you can’t make it into either of Consonant Skincare’s Toronto locations, you can certainly shop their whole collection online. Have a specific skincare question or concern, reach out to their Regimen Coach.

Congratulations to the whole Consonant Skincare team on the new store location. I look forward to maintaining my collection at this shop.

Sharing is Caring!

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