Tips on How to Burp a Newborn Baby

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Congrats you are a new mom! You have researched all the breastfeeding tips and the best bottles to use for formula feedings and now you are wondering what else do I need to know! One of the most important things to know is how to burp a baby correctly. We will walk you through the correct way to burp your baby, tips on how to burp your newborn, as well as FAQs so that you feel confident when it comes to burping your baby. 

How to burp a baby

There are three common ways to burp a baby: on your shoulder, laying on your lap face down, and sitting up. Sometimes your baby will react differently to all three of these. Sometimes one will work while another will not. 

On your shoulder

how to burp a baby

On your shoulder is probably the most common burping position, especially in newborns. Lay your baby up on your shoulder with their stomach facing you. Place a hand under their bottom and then with the other hand rub or gently pat their back. 

With this method, I like to alternate between rubbing and patting to try and release the air. 

Face Down

how to burp a baby

For the face down on your lap method, I like to lay my baby on a burp cloth across my lap with their body facing down. You will turn their head to the side and hold on to your baby with one of your hands at all times. With the other hand rub and pat your baby to see if they will burp. Be sure to use a burp cloth in case they spit up, you will not want that all over your clothes. 

Sitting Up

how to burp a baby

In the sitting up method, you will want to put your baby in the sitting position on your lap. You will then lean them forward a bit while supporting them with one hand on their head and chest. With the other hand, you will rub or pat the air bubbles out. 

Tips for burping your baby

  • Burping your baby can get a little messy, so be sure to always have a burp rag on hand. 
  • We want to be gentle with our babies but sometimes they need a firmer pat to release the air that is stuck. 
  • Your baby’s stomach is located on the left side of their body, so while you are burping spend more time rubbing and patting that side. 
  • Be sure to stop in the middle of feedings if your baby starts to whine and get cranky. This could be caused by a gas bubble. Always do mid feeding burps. 

Burping Your Baby FAQs

Lots of moms and dads have questions when it comes to burping their newborn. Here is a list of common questions and the answers. 

What happens if my baby doesn’t burp?

Moms and Dads might be a little anxious if they are attempting to burp their baby and they are not burping. So, what do you do if this happens? First of all, stay calm because it is okay. 

As your baby grows they learn to eat without swallowing as much air as they once did causing them to not have to burp as much as when they were smaller. 

Can I put my baby to bed without burping them?

The last thing a parent wants to do is wake a sleeping baby to try and burp them after a feeding, but it is best to try and burp them at least for a couple of minutes. You want to make sure to try and get out any of those air bubbled that could be stuck in there prior to laying them down to sleep. 

The good news is that your newborn will probably drift right back to sleep even after being burped. 

How do I burp a sleeping baby?

Babies love to fall asleep while eating. If this happens you will still want to burp them to realize that air. If your baby is sleeping try using the over-the-shoulder method and gently prop them up there. 

Softly and gently rub and pat the bubbles away. Once you have buried your baby for a few minutes place them in their bed to sleep. 

Is there a certain number of times I should burp my baby?

It is recommended that you take breaks during feedings to stop and burp your baby. This will help to ensure your baby is full at the end of the feeding rather than full because of gas and an air bubble. 

The AAP suggests that breastfed babies burp when you switch sides and then at the end of their feedings. 

If your baby is bottle fed, try burping your baby every 2-3 ounces, and then once your baby is done eating. 

Is there a way to tell if my baby needs to burp?

Babies can sense when they need to burp and there are signs we can pick up on to know this as well. If you find your baby being extra wiggly, moving, pulling away, or making noises of discomfort, these are all good signs that your baby needs to burp. 

If this happens, stop the feeding and take a few minutes to get them to burp, and then begin the feeding again. 

Do you burp a Baby that is 1 day old?

As a new mom, you might be wondering your baby needs to be burped from the very beginning. Burping your baby is a very good habit to get into starting at the first feeding. Your new baby for the first few days will be drinking colostrum if breastfed so this will not cause a ton of air as they drink, but you will still want to take a few minutes of getting in the habit of burping your baby. 

Will my baby burp on their own?

Did you know that babies that burp on their own tend to be less gassy? Let your baby try to burp on their own for a minute or two to try and release that air. If after a minute or two they are unable to, then burp them. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know on how to burp a newborn baby! What questions do you have? Share them in the comments!

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